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GM’s OnStar has been keeping drivers and their vehicles safe for nearly 25 years, and now they’re branching off into the insurance business.

Dubbed OnStar Insurance, the new offering promises to leverage the company’s “unique understanding” of GM vehicles to provide a “secure, fair, personalized and easy-to-use digital insurance experience for drivers.”

The insurance will be launched later this year and initially available to GM employees who reside in Arizona. However, it be offered to additional customers and the general public in early 2021.

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While GM is adopting a slow and cautious rollout, the company has big plans for OnStar Insurance in the future. In the next few years, they imagine policyholders who have an accident can be immediately connected to dealers who can provide “speed-of-light damage assessments, estimates and loaner car arraignments.” The ultimate goal is to get you back into your own car as soon as possible.

The company also envisions leveraging OnStar technology to promote safer driving habits. GM said this will include “proactive recommendations” which could potentially earn customers discounts.

This is one of the more interesting aspects about OnStar Insurance as the company can offer personalized plans based on your driving habits and how far you travel. The company alluded to this as they promised to take “biased judgement out of insurance shopping by focusing on factors within the customer’s control: individual vehicle usage and rewarding smart driving habits that benefit road safety.”

In a statement, OnStar Insurance Services President Andrew Rose said “We aim to be an industry leader, offering insurance in an innovative way.” Rose added, “GM customers who have subscribed to OnStar and connected services will be eligible to receive discounts, while also receiving fully-integrated services from OnStar Insurance Services.”


Tesla saw its market value rise by more than $40 billion after S&P Dow Jones Indices confirmed the carmaker’s addition to the S&P 500 Index from December 21.

Tesla’s shares gained 12 percent in value, giving the company a market capitalization of over $440 billion and making it potentially the biggest ever addition to the index.

This also boosted Elon Musk’s wealth by $15 billion to $117.5 billion, according to Bloomberg, putting the Tesla CEO on track to become the world’s third richest person, surpassing Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. It’s estimated that Musk gained $90 billion this year alone.

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Tesla will join companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson in the S&P 500 index. Market analysts said to Reuters that the run in to Tesla’s addition next month may see more speculative buying.

S&P DJI said that the company to be replaced by Tesla in the 500 index will be announced on a later date. The EV maker will join the S&P 500 as one of the 10 most valuable companies in December.

Tesla is expected to reveal the production version of the Cybertruck next month, which, according to Musk will feature “small improvements” over the prototype and will “look better”.

Over the weekend, Musk twitted that he most likely caught a moderate case of COVID-19 after questioning the validity of rapid antigen tests. He was quickly criticized for not knowing that these tests are known to be less accurate than the PCR tests.

簡單來說,在2021年式Quattroporte和Ghibli的全方位小改款中,除了家族化的全新Boomerang旋鏢型LED尾燈設計之外,最重要的變化升級,相信絕對是全新打造的「MIA(Maserati Intelligent Assistant )智能多媒體系統」!

至於最新打造的MIA智能多媒體系統,不僅擁有較過往提升近10倍的解析度,觸控式螢幕尺寸更加大至10.1吋。配合全新UI操作介面與大幅升級的中央處理器,提供更為就手且人性化的操作體驗。而新年式Ghibli及Quattroporte 在GranSport車型,也都導入手機無線充電功能,並支援無線Apple CarPlay及Android Auto!另外,在MIA系統下方,除了原本USB連結插槽,也額外配置較新世代的USB Type-C介面,更能貼近新世代3C產品的使用體驗。


以沙漠疾風為名的Ghibli,一直以來深受國內年輕車主所喜愛!外型設計源自Maserati自家A6 GCS跑車,擁有極流線且動感的車身輪廓。50:50完美黃金比例的前後配重,更形塑出海神特有的力與美形象。

新年式Ghibli Elite,不僅配置比以往還齊備,更推出極具競爭力的378萬元起建議售價。除具備全新LED尾燈、MIA中控系統與新式數位儀錶板,2021年式 Ghibli Elite 同樣採用源自 Ferrari Maranello工廠調校的的3.0升V6雙渦輪增壓引擎,以350hp澎湃動力,造就0-100km/h僅5.5秒的優異性能表現。

至於運動感更濃烈的GranSport車型,則是換上全新設計的水箱護罩格柵,不僅營造出更鮮明的立體感,也提升自身在車系中的識別度。搭配跑車化空力套件、20吋Urano輕合金輪圈、前六/後四活塞煞車卡鉗+打孔通風碟盤、Maserati Skyhook電子阻尼,與ADAS 先進駕駛輔助系統,提供滿滿的熱血跑格與完善的駕駛輔助。


現行第6代車系中最受好評的 Quattroporte Veloce+,動力系統依然搭載源自 Ferrari 的3.0升V6 雙渦輪增壓引擎!不僅將ADAS 先進駕駛輔助系統、智慧型LED矩陣式頭燈組列為標配項目,更有全新LED尾燈、MIA智能多媒體系統、新式數位儀錶板與手機無線充電功能,建議售價則仍維持在原本的598 萬元。

至於另款GranSport車型,標配售價也維持在638萬元!除比照Maserati新年式車型的全方位配備升級,也換上新設計GranSport 專屬水箱護罩格柵,加上全車跑車化空力套件與包覆性更出色的跑車座椅,帶來更趨近於賽道的豐富跑格。

2021年式小改款全車系即將於12月份到港,建議售價分別為Ghibli 378萬起、Quattroporte 598萬起。另外,新車鑑賞採預約制,請致電Maserati全台服務專線:412-8968。更多產品資訊,煩請造訪官方網站:

2021年式Maserati Ghibli : https://bit.ly/MY21GH_PRESS

2021年式Maserati Quattroporte : https://bit.ly/MY21QP_PRESS

2021年式Maserati Levante Elite / GranSport車系摘要 
車型Ghibli EliteGhibli GranSportQuattroporte Veloce+Quattroporte GranSport標準配備建議售價 (NT$)3,780,0004,880,0005,980,0006,380,000引擎規格3.0L V6 雙渦輪增壓 350hp/500Nm3.0L V6 雙渦輪增壓350hp/500Nm3.0L V6 雙渦輪增壓350hp/500Nm3.0L V6 雙渦輪增壓350hp/500Nm懸吊驅動Maserati Skyhook 電子阻尼-●●●前雙A臂、後多連桿●●●●後軸 LSD限滑差速器●●●●照明系統感應式雙氙氣頭燈●---智慧型LED矩陣頭燈-●●●駕駛輔助ACC主動式定速巡航-●●●FCW Plus進階緊急剎車輔助-●●●LKA主動式車道維持輔助-●●●ABSA主動式盲點偵測輔助偵測功能●●●IVC整合式車輛控制系統●●●●影像輔助後方倒車顯影後方倒車顯影360° 環繞影像360° 環繞影像Air Shutter主動式電子擾流--●●外觀配備空力套件標準式樣跑車式樣標準式樣跑車式樣水箱欄柵鍍鉻單柵GranSport式樣鍍鉻單柵GranSport式樣輪圈配置18”20”20”20”內裝配備內裝飾板黑色鋼琴烤漆黑色鋼琴烤漆Radica石楠木黑色鋼琴烤漆手機無線充電-●●●電動天窗●●●●音響系統標準標準Harman / KardonHarman / Kardon座椅形式舒適型跑車型舒適型跑車型經典皮革●●●●頂級皮革-○○○Pieno Fiore天然皮革-○○○Pelletessuta編織皮革-○-○坐姿調整12向電動12向電動12向電動12向電動多功能方向盤式樣標準式樣運動式樣標準式樣運動式樣調整4向電動4向電動4向電動4向電動換檔撥片-鋁質鋁質鋁質


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