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Spy photographers have snapped the facelifted Jeep Compass on numerous occasions and now the company has released the first teaser images ahead of its debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show.

Looking instantly recognizable, the facelifted model has a revised grille and restyled headlights with daytime running lights now located up top.

Bigger changes occur below as the 2022 Compass adopts a redesigned front bumper with a larger central intake. We can also see new fog lights and a sportier lower opening.

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While the teaser images don’t show the rear end, undisguised pictures surfaced earlier this month. However, there isn’t much to see as there doesn’t appear to be any changes.

The same can’t be said about the interior as the facelifted Compass will adopt an all-new infotainment system with a metallic frame. Beneath the free-standing display is new switchgear and restyled air vents which feature a landscape orientation. The teasers also reveal a new dashboard with metallic accents and upholstered surfaces.

Little else is known about the model at this point, but the Chinese-spec Compass should be virtually identical to the North American variant. However, we won’t know for sure until the US-spec model is introduced later this year or in early 2021.

Regardless, engine options could carryover and include a 2.4-liter four-cylinder that produces 180 hp (134 kW / 182 PS) and 175 lb-ft (237 Nm) of torque. Europeans, on the other hand, can expect an assortment of options including a plug-in hybrid with a 11.4 kWh battery pack which enables it to travel approximately 31 miles (50 km) on electricity alone.

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The former vice president of the United Auto Workers union has been sentenced to 30 months in prison for receiving kickbacks.

Joseph Ashton, who is also a former General Motors board member, pleaded guilty in December 2019 for steering a near-$4 million watch contract to a friend and then using them to get a $250,000 kickback. Ashton’s friend set up a company to bid on the watch contract. A total of 58,000 watches with ‘UAW’ and ‘GM’ on their face were manufactured but never distributed.

Prosecutors in the case were seeking a 34-month prison term for Ashton, while his attorney requested a sentence of house arrest and a substantial fine. U.S. District Court Judge Bernard Friedman decided to send a message by sentencing Ashton to 30 months in prison.

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“There’s way too many victims, the whole union, the whole trust situation, and we have to send a message,” Friedman said. “We have to let people know that the criminal justice system is not a system that’s only for people on the streets selling drugs and things of that nature, but it’s a system where people get punished for things that they do that are bad things.”

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ashton’s prison term won’t start until June 2021. He has already paid back the $250,000.

The Detroit Free Press notes that the 72-year-old was visibly upset after learning of his punishment.

“Your honor, I cannot tell you how ashamed and remorseful that I am for what I’ve done,” he said. “Damage that I’ve caused to my family, friends and particularly the UAW is so hard on me to bear. I betrayed the trust that my union members had in me for over 50 years and for that I am genuinely sorry.”

就如同「STO」車名縮寫所代表的「Super Trofeo Omologata」原意,Lamborghini品牌最新發表的Huracán STO最強街道版小牛,其實就已經幾乎是一款可合法上路的道路版賽車了!另外,原廠也特別表示,堪稱最強街道版小牛的 Huracán STO,當然也少不了來自Huracán Super Trofeo EVO、Huracán GT3 EVO兩款自家賽車的大量競技基因!

其動力配置雖仍大致延續源自Huracan Performante兄弟的5.2升V10(90度夾角)汽油雙噴油(IDS+MPI)自然進氣引擎,並擁有LDF雙離合器7速自手排變速系統與後輪驅動的搭配組合,但Huracán STO的最大輸出已有大幅優化升級、達到640hp/8000rpm最大馬力與57.6kgm/6500rpm最大扭力的動力規格!而受惠於大量採用超過75%碳纖維材質的車身鈑件,Huracán STO不僅擁有1339kg(乾燥重量)的輕量化車重(前擋玻璃不僅比Huracan Performante降低重量達20%,整體車重更輕量達43kg),馬力重量比更已達到2.09kg/hp的絕佳表現!同時也具備相當優異的前41:後59車身前後配重比例。

在性能數據方面,原廠所公布的0~100km/h加速僅需3.0秒、0~200km/h也僅需9.0秒,極速更理所當然來到300俱樂部門檻、擁有310km/h的優異表現!至於對超跑來說同樣極為重要的煞停性能,Huracán STO的100~0km/h僅需短短30米,甚至是提高至兩倍速度的200~0km/h,也只需要110米而已!另外,特別值得一提的是,即便Huracán STO具備如此強悍的動力性能,卻依然能夠符合歐盟6期EURO 6的LEV 3排放環保標準!

原廠名為「cofango」(也就是cofano引擎蓋+parafango葉子板),相當獨特的可前掀式樣車頭,則透過靈感啟發自Miura、Sesto Elemento等車型,整合前保桿/進氣壩、頭燈與俗稱的引擎蓋位置、前葉子板…等處的一體式鈑件車頭設計,更能兼具輕量與快速保修等優點。搭配比CCB更強悍的CCM-R碳纖陶瓷煞車系統,與絕佳的全車空力設計(車頭的NACA導氣口、格柵狀設計中置引擎蓋與直立式鯊魚鰭、3段可調式大型擾流尾翼…等),不僅提升整體空力效率達37%,甚至還比Huracan Performante的車身下壓力增加達53%以上!大幅提升高速穩定性。

原廠也特別為Huracán STO的ANIMA駕駛系統,導入STO、Trofeo、Pioggia的3種全新模式選項!簡單來說,系統預設的STO模式就是兼顧一般道路動態操駕的最均衡模式,LVDI(Lamborghini Veicolo Dinamica Integrata)車輛動態整合系統,也針對各路況與懸吊設定進行最佳化處理,並可將ESC系統完全關閉。Trofeo模式則是俗稱的賽道模式,LVDI車輛動態整合系統也將設定,調整為追求賽道圈速的最熱血性能化輸出需求。至於Pioggia就是雨天濕地模式,LVDI車輛動態整合系統將會自動最佳化車輛的抓地力與循跡表現,設法兼顧性能與循跡需求。

最新發表的Lamborghini Huracán STO,歐陸當地未稅售價大約為24.94萬歐元,大約折合台幣845.5萬元起。


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