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Canada’s best kept secret until very recently was the Micra Cup, which pitted lightly modified Micras with amateurs at the wheel against each other on some of the country’s biggest tracks. It was hilarious (hence the title, if you were wondering). With the departure of the Micra from the market, though, it was time to move up to the (relatively) massive, (relatively) powerful, and (relatively) racy-looking Sentra.

The new Nissan Sentra Cup is being pitched as an affordable way to get into some low-stakes racing. Launching in May 2021, the series will run for at least three years. Each car will cost 39,990 Canadian dollars ($31,350 USD).

The arrival of the Sentra Cup does not spell the immediate death of the Micra Cup, though. The two cars will race on the same grid, but in different classes. Which should give you a hint as to how powerful the Sentra race car will be.

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The Nissan Sentra’s muscular 2.0L engine has been pumped up to 149 mighty horsepower and a burly 146 lb-ft of torque thanks to new computer management software. That’s 20% more power than the Micra’s puny 1.8L engine could muster.

The car slows down with four-piston calipers, bigger brakes, stainless steel braided brake lines. Adjustable front anti-roll bars, a racing steering wheel with a quick release hub, and a 2-inch wider track all help drivers get around corners of Canada’s race tracks like Canadian Tire Motorsport Park or Mont Tremblant Raceway.

To keep drivers safe during the inevitable incidents, there’s a 6-point roll cage, a racing seat, a six-point harness, a window net, and an electric fire suppression system, all of which is FIA-homologated.

The interior, meanwhile, has been stripped and it sits on lightweight 18”x9” racing wheels. That, along with the 265/645/18 tires and the stainless steel exhaust, should help keep the car light.

If this all sounds like what you’d get in a real race car, it’s because it is. The car itself was designed with the help of Jean-Francois Dumoulin, who raced in NASCAR.

“The new Sentra with its longer wheelbase, wider track and lower center of gravity looks and feels amazing,” said Dumoulin. “The braking capability is truly awesome – this will really help drivers develop their braking technique. We’ll be able to enjoy hard fought battles on track with this added performance, and we are really excited about all the work that has been done, it’s definitely a leap forward for one-make racing.”

Nissan says that the 2021 race schedule will be announced early next year.

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Honda is recalling a touch over 1.4 million vehicles in the United States in relation to three separate issues.

The first and most comprehensive recall impacts 713,233 2018-2020 Accord and Accord Hybrid and 2019-2020 Insight models. According to Honda, the body control module software has a number of issues that could result in inoperable windshield wipers, broken defrosters, non-functioning rearview cameras and exterior lights that don’t turn on.

While the recall involves a large number of cars, all that is needed to rectify the issue is a simple software update. Honda plans to start sending out recall notices on January 18 and isn’t aware of any injuries or crashes related to the issue.

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The second recall involves Honda Civic Hybrid, 2007-2014 Fit, 2013-2015 Acura ILX, and 2013-2015 Accord models and has been split into two campaigns. The first affects 210,000 Civic Hybrid, Fit, and Acura ILX models that reside in 22 U.S. states where road salt and other contaminants can corrode the driveshafts and cause them to fail. The second involves 220,000 2013-2015 Accords that reside in the same states and use a lubricant on the driveshaft that may damage the protective coating.

Last, but not least, is a recall impacting 268,000 2002-2006 CR-V SUVs. The recall notice reveals that water can get into an open driver’s window and can trigger an electrical short and start a fire. These cars were also recalled in October 2012, but the repairs did not fix the problem.


早期很多車款都採用「對開式車門」或「後開式車門」,時至今日僅Rolls-Royce堅持此一家族設計,並且和「飛行女神」等重要元素同列為勞斯萊斯七大設計靈魂!不過對開車門或後開車門並非勞斯萊斯的專利,因此許多概念車都採用對開車門滿足視覺系,停產的Mini Clubman、BMW i3、Mazda RX-8以及還在生產的Ford Ranger職人版等市售車款也都使用這樣的設計,但是為何多數車廠放棄?這要從「Suicide Door」自殺門說起…












因對開式車門確實具備某種實用性,所以近期發表的Mazda MX-30、Fiat 500電動車都向「對開式車門」致敬!


《HOFELE-Design》將《G-Class》改成勞斯萊斯對開車門《Ultimate HG》開門瞬間通殺!

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