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Some say he doesn’t know what stop signs are, and that he’s never met a speed display he didn’t get the high score on. All we know is he looks like he’s putting some effort into drifting the 2020 Toyota Supra.

It’s not that the drift looks bad; in fact, from the outside is looks pretty good. But the cockpit shots in this video from Top Gear, the latest in their STIG DRIFTS series, show that the Stig looks quite busy.

That’s because there’s a lot more chopping at the wheel than you might expect. Maybe that has to do with the ample, but not excessive, 335 hp being generated by the 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six, or perhaps a set of pretty sticky tires that would make the rear end harder to unsettle.

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As you may know, the Supra is largely related to the BMW Z4, even though the two automakers insist that development of each was done separately. In any case, the rear-wheel drive, 3,400 lb sports car can get to 62 mph in just 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 155 mph. Plus, as we reported last year, Auto Sport put in a 7:52.17 lap with the Supra at the Nurburgring, which makes it faster than the M2 Competition and the Z4.

On another note, last week The Stig drifted something completely different (and much more valuable), an Aston Martin DB5, and, as you can see in the following video, he seemed to be smoother in the 50-year-old grand tourer.

Mansory is known for its wild takes on some of the most expensive cars in the world, but their portfolio also includes other products, such as sunglasses, caps, bracelets and money clips.

As of recently, the Mansory catalogue has grown to include a lawnmower too. That’s right, the tuning company has now put its name on a lawnmower, yet this is no ordinary lawnmower as it was inspired by one of the most famous sneaker models out there: the Air Jordan XI.

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Created in partnership with BSTN, a premium sportswear maker from Germany, the grass-cutting vehicle is called the Mansory X BSTN GT XI and features hand-crafted carbon fiber body panels, a metal bar up front, two headlamps on each side of the four-slat grille and an air scoop right above. The tires wear the ‘BSTN’ branding and the famous ‘Air Jordan’ logo is depicted further back.

The design is completed by a rear wing and a piece that looks like an apron. It also has a custom-tailored racing seat, with stitching and carbon fiber, that sports ‘Mansory’ and ‘BSTN’ embossing in the integrated headrest and the ‘Air Jordan’ logo in the seatback.

As this is a one-off creation, probably commissioned by one of their clients, the lawnmower is not for sale on Mansory’s official website. Still, if, for some reason, someone desires a bespoke lawnmower, then they should reach out to the tuner because it is very likely that they will answer the call.

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Toyota旗下Land Cruiser車系在2017年歷經小改款之後,今年8月相繼於歐洲、日本進行年式更新,而國內總代理和泰汽車也於今日 (12/21)透過線上發表方式,正式推出2021年式Land Cruiser Prado。

不同於過去採單一車型規劃,此次導入的新年式Land Cruiser Prado共分成越野玩家版、越野旗艦版兩種等級,售價分別訂在239萬元、278萬元,主要差異則在於越野玩家版少了Crawl Control智慧型越野緩進系統、MTS智慧型越野地形系統、KDSS動態懸吊系統、AVS可變阻尼避震系統與電子氣壓後懸吊等高科技越野配備,但仍保有全時四輪驅動系統附Torsen LSD中央限滑差速器、前雙A臂/後四連桿懸吊系統、Ladder Frame階梯式大樑、MTM智慧型越野顯示幕以及PVM環景影像輔助系統,等同於一樣擁有強悍的越野底子,也不必擔心日後改裝會受限於上述電子系統,比較適合想要保留改裝空間的越野玩家。

新年式 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado車型售價等級越野玩家版越野旗艦版建議售價 239萬元 278萬元

其中配備於越野旗艦版的Crawl Control智慧型越野緩進系統可自動控制動力輸出與液壓煞車系統,讓駕駛者在險惡地形中專注於操控車輛轉向;MTS智慧型越野地形系統則是提供5種地形模式設定,讓駕駛者輕鬆應付容易打滑的路面及惡劣地形。至於全車系標配的MTM智慧型越野顯示幕可利用前方預留影像,結合車身及輪胎指示線構成「底盤透視」功能,讓駕駛掌握車身及輪胎所在位置,影像更可依車身傾斜角度自動旋轉,以掌握車輛狀態。

此外,新年式Land Cruiser Prado一樣延續7人座空間配置,同時全車系標配雙前座電動座椅附冷熱通風功能、智慧型三區恆溫空調,JBL 14具揚聲器立體環繞音效,原本的8吋觸控DVD影音導航主機則是進一步升級成9吋影音導航主機並支援Apple Car Play與Android Auto功能,TSS主動安全防護系統中的PCS預警式防護系統、LDA車道偏離警示系統分別也新增主動煞車輔助功能、車道偏離抑制功能,再搭配原有的ACC主動式車距維持定速系統、AHB智慧型遠光燈自動切換系統、BSM盲點偵測系統、RCTA後方車側警示系統與全車7顆SRS氣囊等。


動力部分,如同歐規與日規版本,新年式Land Cruiser Prado捨棄過去所搭載的4.0升V6自然進氣引擎,換上跟Hilux相同的2.8升四缸柴油渦輪引擎 (需添加尿素),最大輸出一樣從177匹、45.9公斤米提高到204匹、51公斤米,雖然馬力不及4.0升V6自然進氣引擎的278匹,但扭力反而多了11.5公斤米,而且可於1,600轉到2,800轉之間完全釋放,搭配6速手自排變速箱與兩段式加力箱,不僅最大拖曳力可達到3,000公斤,面對著重於扭力輸出的越野地形想必也能更加得心應手。


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