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Formula 1 is reportedly speaking with Amazon about the possibility of streaming races in the future.

The sport’s owners, Liberty Media, are exploring new ways to appeal to a younger audience who prefer to stream sports rather than watch them through pay-to-view TV channels or even free-to-air channels.

Speaking with The Financial Times, outgoing Formula 1 chief executive Chase Carey confirmed the sport is talking with Amazon as well as other streaming services.

“We are in substantive discussions [with] Amazon and all the global digital platforms,” Carey said. “They’re [an] incredibly important potential partner and an opportunity for us to expand and grow our business.”

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Amazon already holds the rights to various sports, including the English Premier League and the ATP and WTA tennis tournaments. It has also produced a five-part series on Fernando Alonso, titled ‘Fernando’, that details his two years away from F1. Formula 1 has also partnered with Netflix to produce the ‘Drive to Survive’ docuseries which has so far aired two seasons (in 2018 and 2019) and will soon launch its third season detailing the 2020 championship.

While Liberty Media is speaking with various digital services, RACER reports that the talks with Amazon are the most advanced.

Incoming Formula 1 chief executive Stefano Domenicali acknowledges the need to attract a younger audience to the sport but is cautious of introducing too many changes too quickly at the risk of alienating current fans “who probably are not quite accustomed to watching their major favorite sporting events on a digital platform.”


預計將在明年初於美國上市銷售的全新第7代S-Class,將提供Luxury Line、AMG Line、Executive Line的3種車型級距選擇。其中,S500 4MATIC Luxury Line即已標配氣壓式懸吊(預定引進國內的全新第7代S-Class,全車系也將標配AirMatic氣壓懸吊)、全景式玻璃天窗(引進國內車型入門款選配、其餘標配)、19吋圈胎、LED頭燈組(引進國內車型將標配多光束智慧型LED頭燈)、隱藏式車門把手(引進國內車型同樣列為標配)…等配備。

座艙方面,則搭載12.3吋寬螢幕數位儀表板+12.8吋OLED高畫質中控液晶觸控螢幕(引進國內車型同樣列為標配,且搭載MBUX擴增實境導航功能)、支援無線連結的Android Auto、Apple CarPlay(引進國內車型同樣標配Smartphone Intergration無線智慧型手機整合系統、Qi無線充電座)、環景式內裝照明含64色氛圍燈(引進國內車型同樣標配)、Air Balance香氛套件(引進國內車型僅頂級S500 4Matic L標配,其餘選配)、Burmester 3D環場音響系統(引進國內車型同樣標配)…等,各式豐富的便利性科技配備。而在安全系統上,美國地區上市銷售的全新第7代S-Class全車系,皆已標配相當完整的Driver Assistance Package安全防護系統。

至於即將引進國內的全新S-Class全車系,預計也會將智慧駕駛輔助系統(含Distronic智能定速測距輔助及智能轉向)、主動防撞輔助(含路口車流辨識、行人偵測及車道雍塞防撞輔助)、主動盲點輔助、後方橫向車流警示、主動車道維持輔助、Pre-Safe Plus主動後方安全防護、Pre-Safe主動側撞防護;智能停車輔助含360度環景攝影(主動停車輔助附前後雷達、智能警示輔助含起步限速輔助、後方橫向車流警示)、Pre-Safe主動安全防護、駕駛注意力輔助、全車7具SRS輔助氣囊…等,全面列為標配項目之中。


依目前所知的相關資訊,首波即將引進國內的全新第7代S-Class(車型代號W223),將提供3.0升L6柴油渦輪動力的S350 d(預售價450萬元)、S350 d L長軸版(預售價515萬元),以及3.0升L6汽油直噴渦輪+EQ Boost輕油電動力的S450 4Matic L長軸版(預售價625萬元)、S500 4Matic L長軸版(預售價745萬元),總共4款車型選項。

Mercedes-Benz全新第7代S-Class 國內預售價車型預售價(萬元)動力配置S350 d4503.0升L6柴油渦輪+9G-Tronic 9速手自排+後驅S350 d L長軸版515S450 4Matic L長軸版6253.0升L6汽油直噴渦輪+EQ Boost輕油電+9G-Tronic 9速手自排+四驅S500 4Matic L長軸版745


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The Rivian R1T is one of the most highly-anticipated electric pickups and the company has shown the model’s potential by using it power nearly 20,000 Christmas lights.

With a single power port in the truck’s bed, the R1T turned the Timber Pointe Outdoor Center into a winter wonderland that would make Clark Griswold jealous.

While there’s no word on how long the lights could have stayed on, the RT1 features a 135 kWh battery pack that is slated to provide a range in excess of 300 miles (483 km). Customers can also upgrade to Max battery pack which has a capacity of 180 kWh and increases the range to more than 400 miles (644 km).

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Besides the impressive ranges, the R1T has a four motor all-wheel drive system that will enable the truck to produce up to 754 hp (562 kW / 764 PS) and 826 lb-ft (1,120 Nm) of torque. This should to enable the model to run from 0-60 mph (0-96 km/h) in three seconds, before hitting a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h).

Of course, that’s just part of the story as the R1T has a roomy frunk and an innovate “Gear Tunnel” which sits below the cab and extends across the width of the vehicle. The tunnel provides 12.4 cubic feet (350 liters) of space and is designed to haul long items such as golf bags and snowboards.

The R1T will arrive in June 2021 as a Launch Edition and be followed by more mainstream variants in January of 2022. Pricing starts at $67,500 and the company is currently accepting reservations for $1,000.