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Tesla shares have gone on a wild ride over the past 12 months and according to at least one analyst, the electric automaker’s stock is overpriced.

The company’s shares have increased by over 650 per cent in 2020 and has been boosted by things like minor profits, a stock split, and Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500. As of Tuesday, Tesla shares were trading at $640, giving the company a market cap of over $600 billion, more than the nine largest automakers combined.

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“While Tesla is a great company, Tesla stock has very strong signs of being overpriced,” partner and head of research in Europe at Research Affiliates Vitali Kalesnik said in an interview with CNBC. “When we’re looking at the types of assumptions that we need to justify these valuations, one would need very, very aggressive assumptions. Tesla’s current valuation is in the bubble territory.”

Kalesnik also made mention of the potential electric vehicle being developed by Apple that according to a new report, could launch as early as 2024. News about this latest Apple project saw optimism for Tesla stock tempered while helping to increase the price of Apple shares. There are other car manufacturers that investors also need to consider before jumping on the Tesla bandwagon.

“Tesla does have some advantages in the EV market and many of its competitors admit it,” Kalesnik said. “Having said that, its competitors have significantly larger cap expending. They are putting [together] very aggressive, multibillion-dollar plans to enter into the market. Volkswagen is already producing. Toyota has serious plans, and recently it came out with its advances in the solid-state battery, which is supposed to revolutionize the EV industry.”

Magna International and LG Electronics have announced a joint venture to make various important components for electric vehicles.

The joint venture is tentatively known as LG Magna e-Powertrain will be formed in July next year and be 51 per cent owned by LG and 49 per cent owned by Magna. This company will produce electric motors, inverters, and on-board chargers, aiming to combine them into a single unit, also known as an e-axle system.

According to the companies, the joint venture will use Magna’s strength in electric powertrain systems and its global supply network with LG’s expertise in component development for electric motors and inverters. Reuters reports that the joint venture will be based in Incheon, South Korea but also employ people in the U.S. and China.

The JV will include more than 1,000 employees located at LG locations in all three countries. All that’s needed to finalize the joint venture is LG shareholder approval.

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“This partnership fully aligns with our strategy of being at the forefront of electrification and supporting automakers with a diverse and world-class portfolio,” Magna president and incoming chief executive Swamy Katagiri said in a statement. “By combining our strengths, we expect to gain investment efficiency and speed to market with synergies to achieve more, all while continuing to capitalize on the acceleration of the electrified powertrain market.”

“Manufacturers need to be disruptive to maintain leadership positions in electrification and, through this deal, LG is entering a new phase in its automotive components business, a growth opportunity with enormous potential,” added president of the LG Electronics Vehicle Component Solutions Company, Dr. Kim Jin-yong. “We believe that the combination of our in-house prowess and the experience and extensive history of Magna will transform the EV powertrain space faster than if we proceed alone.”

為了跟上電動化趨勢,全球各大車廠幾乎都開始著手研發電動車,同時也有許多直接從電動車起家的新創車廠加入競爭行列,如來自美國加州、今年11月才創立的Alpha Motor Corporation,日前便發表了他們的首款電動車「Ace」,並表示透過同一套模組化底盤平台,未來幾個月內還會推出更多的新產品,包括房車與跨界車款。

來自美國加州、今年11月才創立的Alpha Motor Corporation,日前發表了他們的首款電動車「Ace」。(圖片來源:Alpha Motor Corporation)

目前已經開放預訂但未公布價格的Ace,設計靈感來自於1960年代的歐洲小跑車,但不管是流線的拱形車頂、方形頭燈與平面化車頭設計都讓人聯想到過去紅極一時的初代Ford Escort,復古的外型設計配上誇張的寬體輪拱及16~18吋輪圈,讓這款車長不過4,180mm的電動小跑車流露出一股獨特的性能味。

不管是流線的拱形車頂、方形頭燈與平面化車頭設計,Ace都讓人聯想到過去被稱之為「雅士」的初代Ford Escort。(圖片來源:Alpha Motor Corporation)

進入Ace的車內則是可以發現裡頭只有兩張座椅,而且跟Tesla Model 3一樣採用極簡設計,把所有功能與行車資訊全都集中在一塊大型中控螢幕內,再搭配唯一設有實體按鍵與旋鈕的三輻式平把方向盤,車內四周包括車門拉把還特別加入仿舊皮革來呼應復古格調。

Ace的內裝跟Tesla Model 3一樣採用極簡設計,把所有功能與行車資訊全都集中在一塊大型中控螢幕內。(圖片來源:Alpha Motor Corporation)

此外,由於Ace將電池平均鋪設在底盤中央,馬達位於後軸用以驅動後輪,因此車頭及後座加起來仍保有近400公升的置物空間,不過Alpha並沒有詳細說明動力系統與電池容量,僅簡單地表示後驅設定的Ace可於6秒完成0-60mph加速 (約96km/h),最大續航里程將可超過250英里 (約402公里),比同樣走復古路線也是後驅設定的Honda e還要出色,但價錢能不能像一般都會用電動車一樣親民,答案恐怕還有待Alpha揭曉。

Ace將電池平均鋪設在底盤中央,馬達位於後軸用以驅動後輪。(圖片來源:Alpha Motor Corporation)

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