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頑皮龍D12 Suzuki Carry 遙控車用真車漆噴、車牌、行車證、違泊告票唔少得!(開啟CC字幕)|拍車男


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傳得沸沸揚揚新一代 Toyota Land Cruiser 測試車終於被捕捉到,證實即將迎來最新大改款,初登場的新一代 Land Cruiser 雖然還屬重度偽裝狀態,但以目前旗下產品技術安排,預計將換上 TNGA 底盤作為改款重點之一,預計最快明年 4 月初亮相。

台灣於 12 月 21 日才進行 Land Cruiser Prado 動力規格換新,殊不知同屬家族的新一代 Land Cruiser 蹤跡已被國外媒體首度捕捉到。現行產品週期超過 10 年的 Land Cruiser,預計明年即將推出大改款,屆時換上 TNGA 底盤將是重點之一,能讓車室空間與操控剛性得到提升。


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新一代 Land Cruiser 測試車首度被捕捉到。

僅僅一張車尾照,證實新一代 Land Cruiser 改款消息,雖然外型包裹密不透風,從目前已知資訊推測,將換上 TNGA 模組化平台,車身尺碼將來到 4,970x1,985x1,870mm,長寬都比現行版增加,但車高略為降低,確保更好的越野行駛能力。

軸距預期有所放大,進一步提升車室空間表現,內部預期有 5 人座以及 3 排座椅 8 人座的配置,內裝鋪陳方面更強調科技感,原本的 8 吋觸控螢幕將升級為 12.3 吋,並加入全套最新主動安全系統。



在一年多前《Nissan》才於美國市場發表了配備有感升級的2020年式《Nissan Murano》,而選在2020年即將告別大家之際,日前《Nissan》又再度帶來了身價微幅上漲的2021年式《Nissan Murano》,究竟這回的新車是多了哪些的好料呢?

2021年式Nissan Murano外觀2021年式Nissan Murano外觀

雖然現行第三代《Nissan Murano》早已於2014年發表,但是在原廠於2018年進行過小改款工程下此次於美國時間2020年12月16日正式發表的2021年式《Nissan Murano》並沒有針對車輛外觀、內裝方面進型明顯更動,而隨著2021年式新車登場而提供的Magnetic Black Pearl、Boulder Gray Pearl、Scarlet Ember Tintcoat三款車色可以說是此次《Nissan Murano》在外觀部份最大的新意。

2021年式Nissan Murano內裝2021年式Nissan Murano內裝2021年式Nissan Murano內裝

另一方面,2021年式《Nissan Murano》也將包含同級距唯一後向自動煞車功能在內的Nissan Safety Shield 360安全科技列為全車系標準配備,這當然也成為新車身價上漲的最大原因,此外原本的SV Premium Package套件在2021年式新車身上也將被Special Edition Package套件取代,提供包括全景天窗、IAVM智慧環景攝影顯示、Prima-Tex材質加熱雙前座椅、20吋Dark Charcoal鋁圈等配備項目。

在美國市場上2021年式《Nissan Murano》依舊將提供包括S、SV、SL以及Platinum在內的四款車型選擇,不過建議售價也隨著配備升級從原本的31,530美金上漲至32,510美金也就是大約91.5萬元新台幣起跳。


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Last month we featured a Honda S2000 that had covered a mere 34 miles and was heading off to auction. However, while old cars that have barely been driven is not something we see every day, once in a while one pops up.

One such car is this 1987 Buick Grand National with just 56 miles on the clock. The car was purchased by a couple who drove it home and parked it. After her husband died, the wife thought about getting it road ready again, but her situation didn’t allow for that. She eventually sold it, and its new owner decided to make it look as good as new.

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Despite almost never driving and still having the original tags on the gas tank, it has a lot of dust on it, some scratches, and generally all kinds of things expected from a car of this age, even one that’s barely been driven. And that’s what Ammo NYC is trying to remove.

Ammo NYC is becoming famous for cleaning impressive or otherwise special cars and this video is good example of why. Although host Larry Kosilla is tempted to just buff the car to showroom condition, he decides to consider what exactly he has in front of him.

In the end, rather than buffing it to be just perfect, Kosilla recognizes that the originality of the car should be considered. The orange peeling, as he calls it, or the texture of the paint, is therefore preserved. Although that might not make it quite as clean and shiny as a modern-day car, it is nevertheless period-correct, which adds to the originality of the car.

Regardless, the improvement is massive and in the end the Grand National looks brand new. The owner even gets it running again, and with remarkably little effort for a 34-year-old car, it looks ready to ride again.

If you’re looking for more historical barn find cleansing, check out Ammo NYC’s detailing of a Bizzarini P538 right below.