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近期 Volkswagen 積極規劃電動車 ID 車系,繼 ID.3、ID.4 等車之後,外媒《Carbuzz》指出,接下來原廠還打算推出一款全新 ID 車款,也就是 2019 年發表的 ID Roomzz 概念車的量產版本,定位是三排座椅的跨界 SUV。

Volkswagen 即將推出全新休旅,具備三排座椅七人座配置。

針對這款 ID Roomzz 概念車的量產版,目前預計車身尺碼將和概念車看齊,車長 4,930mm、車寬 1,903mm、車高 1,675mm,軸距則為 2,965mm,採用大型 SUV 車格設定,將具備五人座以及七人座等配置。


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動力配置上,預計採用 55kWh 和 83kWh 兩種電池規格,續航力分別為 350 公里以及 480 公里。至於概念車上讓人印象深刻的對開式旋轉車門設計,則不會出現在量產版本中,預期會採用傳統車門或是側邊滑門的方式。

預計採用 55kWh 和 83kWh 兩種電池規格,續航力分別為 350 公里以及 480 公里。

目前 Volkswagen 規劃 ID Roomzz 概念車的量產版,會優先在中國市場販售,而品牌首席執行長 Ralf Brandstatter 表示,未來這款電動休旅有可能會登陸其他市場,不過目前尚在研究討論階段,還無法確定是否成為全球戰略車款。

針對電動車,Volkswagen 整個集團都在全力開發,包括自家的 ID 車系、Porsche Taycan、Audi e-tron、Skoda Enyaq iV 等,目標是在 2050 年實現碳中和,也就是平衡二氧化碳排放與清除,並預計 2028 年之前推出至少 70 輛電動汽車。



A key lobby group in the United States is pushing policymakers to better support the introduction of electric vehicles.

In a report recently published by the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, the group says that the automotive industry is “on the cusp of a transformative moment” and that “substantial, long-term investments in electrification, as well as advanced safety technologies,” is needed.

The Alliance for Automotive Innovation notes that a comprehensive national vision and “strategy rooted in economic, social, environmental, and cultural realities,” is required if the U.S. is to remain a leader in the development and adoption of electric vehicles. It adds that China has already established dominance in the EV race with its battery supply chain and manufacturing prowess. Europe is also developing its own supply chains while Japan has made a commitment to supporting technology advancements with fuel cells.

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“The auto industry has long been an economic engine for the nation, and it is poised to remain the bedrock of U.S. innovation and manufacturing for decades to come,” the lobby group said. “Realizing this potential, however, requires collaboration, cooperation, and creativity among all stakeholders. This is an opportunity to open our minds to new possibilities and work together to take a fresh, comprehensive look at what it will take to realize a shared vision of a cleaner, safer, smarter future.”

As CNBC notes, President-elect Joe Biden strongly supports electric vehicles and has already promised $400 million in public investment in clean energy that includes battery technologies and EVs. He also wants to establish 500,000 new EV charging outlets across the country by the end of 2030, a significant increase on the current 29,000 charging outlets available.

The alliance has also suggested support to incentivize investments in research and development, as well as manufacturing, is necessary.

Looking through AMG’s history, there are many notable cars which are favorites among enthusiasts. Cars such as the E63, C63, and SLS were able to cement their legacy by being able to deliver whatever driving experience you wanted, whether that was luxurious and refined, or powerful and raw. Their ability to do both was what allowed the cars of AMG to become so popular.

One car often overlooked in the world of AMGs, however, is the E55 from the W210 era. When talking about AMGs, and especially the E-Class variants, the W210 is often left out. Here’s why it deserves your attention.

Some background

Debuting in the 1996 model year, with the AMG variant first arriving in 1998, the W210 was a huge departure from the W124 that preceded it. Gone were its hard edges and boxy profile, with Mercedes going for an all new design language with more curves, a sloping roof, and the famous quad headlights. The E55 AMG came with a modified version of the M113 V8 making 349 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque, and did the sprint from 0-60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds. While that might not sound like much by today’s standards, in its time, this 5.4-liter engine was known to be a real powerhouse and allowed the E55 AMG to be a true world-beater, being able to hold its own against the Porsches and Ferraris of its day.

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Why it’s so special

The W210 E55 AMG is arguably the perfect blend of new and old Mercedes and AMG. It is a well-built, dependable car that is considered by many to be one of the last true old school Mercedes, where they were built to be the best that they could be and the price was sorted out later. It has the high-quality look and feel for which Mercedes was known throughout the 80s and 90s. In terms of the styling, it has that classic Mercedes presence — very clean, subdued styling with nice flowing lines and good proportions. There are no aero bits, huge intakes, blackout trim, or colorful brake calipers, just well-thought-out, purposeful design inside and out. The boldest thing on the whole car is the wheels, which sport the iconic monoblock design and fit the overall styling of the car very nicely. The design has aged very well, and most people who see it usually assume it’s a few years newer than it actually is.

Keep it simple

In terms of day-to-day use, the E55 has just enough technology to enhance the driving experience, but not so much that it’s overcomplicated. There’s no torque vectoring, active body control, or seat bolsters that inflate when you’re going into a corner. There’s just a simple, fast car that delivers all the performance you could want, and does so with great composure and elegance. It has all the bells and whistles one could ever need, with none of the gimmicks that can hurt reliability in the long run.

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Great performance

As far as performance is concerned, the E55 AMG is understated yet powerful. It could easily compete with the best sports cars of its day, but you would never think it was capable of doing so because of its reserved appearance. Composed and comfortable when you want it to be, but wild when you push it, the E55 is the best of both worlds. Operation around town is effortless and gear changes are smooth, but put your foot down, blink, and you’re already doing speeds well above the legal limit of most roads, your ears treated to the lovely soundtrack of the naturally aspirated V8.

A true AMG you can afford

Adding to its specialness is the fact that the W210 E55 was the last AMG car built entirely in AMG’s plant in Affalterbach. Contrary to its successors, which only had their engines built there, the E55 was delivered by Mercedes to Affalterbach as a shell; then everything, from the body, to the suspension and drivetrain, to the hand-built 5.4-liter V8, were assembled on-site, giving the car a certain sense of exclusivity that later models just couldn’t claim.

These cars are getting rarer by the day, mostly due to limited production runs and owner neglect. Most people never really thought they would be as special as they are, so even those who cared for their E55 didn’t usually preserve them. The good news is that they’re on the cheaper end now compared to other AMGs, with prices for very nice examples under $20,000, and average ones below $10,000 – but that might not last for long. So if you’re looking for a used car with the performance and amenities of a modern AMG and that old school Mercedes character and charm, the W210 E55 might just be the one for you.

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