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Although it is today mostly known as a Volkswagen subsidiary, the Czech Republic’s Skoda is one of the oldest operating automakers in the world. And it all started a few days before Christmas when two Vaclavs decided to make some bicycles.

The “simply clever” brand was founded on December 21, 1895 by Vaclav Laurin and Vaclav Klement. Laurin was a mechanic and Klement was a bookseller, and both had a passion for cycling.

The plan was to offer a high quality bicycle at a reasonable price and together produced bicycles powered by feet or hands, in the early days. If you’re bicycle nerd, you might be more familiar with the SLAVIA brand under which they sold their first bikes.

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By 1899, they had moved on to motorcycles. Their first, the SLAVIA A and B models, had engines installed lower in the frame than the competition to improve stability. In fact, their low engine placement became the international standard and helped the company into a period of rapid growth.

With that success, they went racing and would win a number of important races, including a 1905 Dourdan, near Paris. It was considered the unofficial motorcycle world championship and led to great acclaim for the Czech brand.

It would turn out to be a big year for them, as 1905 is also the year the company produced its first automobile. The Laurin & Klement Voiturette A was light and maneuverable and was powered by a 1.0-liter two-cylinder engine. It helped the car travel at speeds of up to 40 km/h (25 mph).

Only a year later, Laurin & Klement were offering a range of two- and four-cylinder engine powered cars. In 1907, L&K produced its first 8-cylinder, the Type FF. By this time, it had become the biggest manufacturer in the Austro-Hungarian empire, which ought to give you a sense of just how old the company really is.

The name Skoda came in 1925, when L&K partnered with Pilsen’s Skoda, an engineering group. Together, they formed SKODA AUTO and it was only at this point that the company’s factory switched over to assembly-line manufacturing.

That meant that Skoda could produce the Popular, the Rapid, the Favorit, and the Superb. That allowed it to grow into the biggest Czech manufacturer by 1936 – which doesn’t sound like a huge accomplishment today, but when you consider that the Czech auto industry was big enough for Germans to steal one of its designs and make it into the Volkswagen, it becomes a bigger deal.

After the war, Skoda was nationalized. Under Soviet rule, it produced the Octavia and Felicia and production continued to grow. By 1975, its success in rallying earned it the nickname the Porsche of the East.

By 1991, the Berlin Wall had fallen and the growing Volkswagen set its eyes on Skoda, making the fourth brand in its empire. The purchase meant more money and improved quality, but less engineering independence.

Today, the brand sells in more than 100 markets worldwide and aims to make its cars simply clever with fun accessories, like a headrest to help passengers sleep more comfortably.

Toyota日前發表了一款結合旗下皮卡與SUV車型、具有露營功能的概念拖車—TRD Sport Trailer。

在這個公路旅行持續發燒的現今,「露營」已經擁有截然不同的意義。然而,Toyota為了打造一具能讓旅人們不管在野外、樹林、溪邊都可以輕鬆愉快地享受每個夜晚的好夥伴,便將旗下的皮卡與SUV結合,打造了這台露營拖車TRD Sport Trailer。

拖曳式的露營車並不是一件新鮮事,在皮卡上過夜更是許多露營迷早早就在做的事,但這台由Toyota與Cripwerx Engineering共同打造的TRD Sport Trailer,最大的亮點在於它有一座能遠程操控的升降平台!

TRD Sport Trailer以擁有空間優勢的Tacoma皮卡作為基底進行改造,搭載交叉式的升降台,可將車內上方的底板升高至數米,此外Toyota也提供一具配有遮陽棚與釣魚竿架的的Yakima四人帳篷。


此外,TRD Sport Trailer配有Optima Yellow Top電池的馬達、15與16加倫的雙儲水廂,可提供廁所、熱水器、淋浴等盥洗設備。

燈具設計上除選用LED燈外,另配上了Yakima SunBelt的燈條,若想要在黑夜裡看星星,換上光源調低的燈條,既不會被光源照得看不見星空,又可以確保你腳下的安全。腳下踩的則是TRD Pro 17吋的輪圈與General Grabber X3的輪胎,車色方面也保留了Tacoma的水泥灰。

雖然目前TRD Sport Trailer仍是一台概念車,確切的銷售資訊仍未明,但Toyota表示,能夠隨心所欲的將露營設備掛上自己的車後,一定會讓不少旅人們滿意。


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日本市場中,都會小車相當受歡迎,而 Toyota 與 Daihatsu 共同研發的 A-Segment 小車 Passo 即將迎來大改款,預計明年 10 月登場,甚至將成為新一代全球戰略車型,取代原本的 Aygo 在歐洲市場販售。

日媒透露,Toyota 都會小車 Passo 即將大改款,並釋出外觀預想圖。

根據日媒《最新自動車情報》掌握的消息,新一代 Passo 依然是由 Toyota 與 Daihatsu 共同研發,採用最新的 DNGA 模組化平台打造,具備更輕的車重,並加入新的動力技術,燃油效率預期提升 40% 之多,同時搭載最新的 Smart Assist IV 駕駛輔助系統。

現行版本 Passo 的外型較為可愛,不過大改款後預計變得較為前衛。

這套新的 Smart Assist IV 駕駛輔助系統,具備全速域 ACC 主動車距維持、前方碰撞輔助、車道偏離警示、車道維持、遠光燈輔助、交通號誌偵測等功能。

由於新一代 Passo 有望取代原本的 Aygo 在歐洲市場販售,目前偏向日本消費者口味的外觀設計,大改款後會變得更為前衛、時髦,從日媒釋出的預想圖來看,整體身形更強調運動氣息,車頭採用新的頭燈組配上侵略性十足的前保桿。

新一代 Passo 有望取代歐洲市場的 Aygo,成為新全球戰略車。

日媒推測,全新 Passo 在日本仍會採用小排氣三缸引擎,不過到歐洲市場後,預計會延續前輩 Sirion X4 的腳步,首次導入 GT 運動規格,搭載 1.0 直列三缸渦輪增壓引擎,最大輸出達 110 匹馬力與 20 公斤米扭力。