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With a number of cars leaving the US market this year, many people might be disappointed to see some of their favorite vehicles ride off into the sunset. The silver lining is that there will be plenty of new ones to look forward to in the next 12 months, but it still begs the question: which cars being discontinued for 2021 will you miss the most?

This list is in no particular order, but of the many cars leaving the market, the following are what we think are eight of the most notable ones.

1. Mercedes-AMG GT R

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The AMG GT R, whose demise was confirmed a few days ago, was one of the best sports cars on the market. With its raucous 4.0-liter biturbo V8, the top-of-the-line AMG was a blast to drive, but also livable if you were willing to put up with its track-focused suspension. However, we can’t be too disappointed with its discontinuation, as Mercedes also has the Black Series and plans to fill the GT R-shaped void in their lineup by buffing up the other GT models a bit.

2. Chevrolet Impala

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While certainly not the most exciting car on this list, the Chevy Impala undoubtedly has the longest history, stretching back 62 years and only taking a break from production twice, between 1985 and 1994, and 1996 to 2000. Having earned its reputation as an everyman’s large sedan, the Impala has fallen victim to the ever-growing crossover and SUV craze. Despite the nameplate’s history, in a market with such a proclivity for these high-riding vehicles, large sedans are making increasingly less sense. As a result, Chevy is discontinuing the Impala for 2021.

3. Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 / GT350R

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Despite a glorious flat-plane crank V8 and great handling, the GT350 and GT350R are being discontinued to make room for the upcoming Mach 1. The latter was met with a less-than-perfect reception upon its reveal, with many saying it’s not a true Mach 1 and that it doesn’t differentiate itself enough from the GT. While we’re sad to see the GT350/R go, Ford has not stopped trying to reassure us that the Mach 1 will be a suitable replacement.

4. Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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With the 4C Coupe having been discontinued in 2018, the convertible now follows suit. The 4C has always excelled in the “simplify, then add lightness” philosophy of Lotus founder Colin Chapman and while it’s no Lotus, the 4C Spider definitely embodies that philosophy, going so far as to not even include power steering. The car only produced 237 hp from its 1.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, but it also only weighed 2,487 lbs. This not only allowed it to handle very well, but also be pretty quick in a straight line, all thanks to that low power-to-weight ratio. Unfortunately, it seems most people found the $67,150 price tag to be a little too steep for the featherweight Alfa and it will be discontinued for 2021.

5. BMW i8

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With its futuristic styling, the i8 stood out not just from every other BMW, but most other cars on the road. While we will miss its unique looks and all the attention they garnered, we can understand why it is being discontinued, as it didn’t really have the walk to back up the talk. Its hybrid powertrain made only 369 hp and didn’t quite deliver the performance to match the i8’s exotic appearance, leaving many potential buyers wondering why they shouldn’t just buy something that performs better for the same price.

6. Honda Civic Coupe

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While the sedan and hatchback remain, the coupe variant of the Civic will be gone for the next generation. Being a staple of the cheap, fun performance car world, the Civic coupe and its Si variant remain fondly in the memories of many. Cheap enough to be a first car, and fun enough to be a fourth, the Civic coupe’s appeal has spread across many demographics over its lifetime. That being said, we can understand why a front-wheel-drive coupe such as the Civic is being discontinued as the segment is no longer popular.

7. Lexus GS

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While the Lexus GS wasn’t too exciting, it did a very good job at what it was designed to do: be a comfortable, spacious luxury car. However, what we will really miss is the GS’ performance version, the GS F. The last of what many consider to be a traditional sport sedan, the GS F held on to its naturally aspirated V8 while its competitors turned to forced induction. Even though it made less power than its German rivals, Lexus dared to do something different from the norm. They understood that it’s not always about outright performance; sometimes it’s about the overall experience of driving the car, and in that, the GS shone. Axed to make room for the smaller and better-selling ES, the GS will likely be missed by many, and definitely by those who had the pleasure of sampling the F model.

8. Honda Fit

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The Honda Fit was actually quite the little car. Very practical and spacious for its size, the Fit often surprised people, even its owners, about what could fit (no pun intended) inside the small hatchback. In addition, while not often talked about, it was actually a spritely little car, being able to handle pretty well due its low curb weight of about 2600 lbs. Despite everything good about it, the Fit will be discontinued for 2021 due to slow sales, and we’re sad to see it go.

What other models have been discontinued?

In addition to these eight, as listed by J.D. Power, there are many other cars being discontinued for 2021 in the United States. These include the Acura RLX, Aston Martin Rapide, Bentley Mulsanne, BMW M8, Buick Regal, Cadillac CT6, Chevrolet Sonic, Dodge Grand Caravan and Journey, Fiat 124 and 500L, Ferrari GTC4Lusso, Ford F-150 Raptor and Fusion, Honda Civic Si, Hyundai Elantra GT, Jaguar XF Sportbrake and XE, Kia Optima, Lincoln Continental and MKZ, Mercedes-Benz SL and SLC, and the Toyota Yaris.

It should also be noted that some of these aforementioned vehicles are being discontinued only because a successor is on the cards. Such is the case with the Ford Raptor, Honda Civic Si, Kia Optima (albeit under a different name), and Mercedes-Benz SL.

台灣福特確定會在 1 月 8 日,正式發表 Focus Active 跨界休旅車,有著比 Focus 較高的車高,對手明顯就是鎖定 Corolla Cross。近期國外 Youtube 頻道《km77》,則是選擇加長版 Focus Active Sportbreak 跨界旅行車來進行麋鹿測試。

跨界旅行車設定的 Ford Focus Active Sportbreak,進行麋鹿測試,最好成績停在時速 75 公里。

Focus Active 是以 Focus 為基礎所打造,離地高度為 150mm,比 Focus 的 120mm 更高,另外具備黑色輪拱、車頂行李架等訴求。Ford 也找來先前幫 Focus 代言的林依晨代言 Focus Acitve。

相較於 Focus Active,旅行車設定的 Focus Active Sportbreak,因為是旅行車,所以車尾較長,但同樣都是擁有離地較高的訴求,能具備基本的輕度越野能力,不過由於離地較高,對於進行麋鹿測試,是一項不小的考驗。

在《km77》測試下,Focus Active Sportbreak 的麋鹿測試最好成績為時速 75 公里。再上去的時速 76 公里測試下,第一個過彎就已經明顯失控,導致根本無法再進去第二個彎;時速 77 公里時同樣也是如此,在第一個入彎時,更直接撞掉一個三角錐,並且也無法進入第二個彎道。

台灣準備在下週,舉辦 Focus Active 發表會,同樣具備離地高的優勢。


Ford Focus Active Sportbreak 麋鹿測試影片



露營車的選擇有百百種,透過搭配露營拖車的方式,更適合多數想露營,但又不想買一大台露營車出遊的族群。Toyota 針對露營族群,就推出了一款露營拖車,這不只是一台拖車,更有帳篷、冰箱、瓦斯爐等滿滿的露營配備。

以拖車為基礎,TRD Sport Trailer 打造出終極露營拖車。

Toyota 露營拖車 TRD-Sport Trailer 相片集(function(){var album_arr = {};album_arr.no = '1915';album_arr.path = '/Upload/auto/bphoto/thumb/2020/12/31/';album_arr.photos = [['24524','20201231-24524-1.jpg'],['24525','20201231-24525-2.jpg'],['24526','20201231-24526-3.jpg'],['24527','20201231-24527-4.jpg'],['24528','20201231-24528-5.jpg'],['24529','20201231-24529-6.jpg'],['24530','20201231-24530-7.jpg'],['24531','20201231-24531-8.jpg']];album_show(album_arr);})();

這一款 TRD Sport Trailer 露營拖車,是由 Toyota 與 Cripwerx Engineering 合作,Toyota 更稱呼它為「終極露營裝備」,透過這個拖車,可以將露營所需的設備,從拖車延伸出去,其中最大亮點,就是有一組升降台,可升高到數公尺,剛性極佳,搭配 4 人帳篷,就能在平台上過夜休息,彷彿就像是在二樓露營一樣的感受。




露營在外,當然也免不了淋浴以及有使用洗手間的需求,TRD Sport Trailer 也提供簡易淋浴間及廁所,讓你可以維持乾淨狀態。

目前這款 TRD Sport Trailer 露營拖車,是以用來搭配 Toyota 旗下的 Tacoma 皮卡車,不過仍是概念狀態,因此價格方面都尚無資訊。

TRD Sport Trailer 是搭配 Toyota 旗下的 Tacoma 皮卡車。這款車台灣目前並無販售。