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Everyone reading this site must have had the conversation at some point: what would be in your dream garage if you ever won the lottery. We guess, though, that few have ever thought about what keeping that garage would cost.

Fortunately, Harry Metcalfe is here to tell us how much keeping a garage full of classics really costs. And in a year like 2020, it’s actually almost reasonable.

Tallying up all the servicing he’s done in 2020, Metcalfe quotes us a total of £1,800 ($2,400) for all his cars, and another £1,000 ($1,350) for his bikes. Once you add the £7,700 ($10,350) in insurance, which allows him and three other people to drive any and all of his vehicles, he figures it cost him £10,500 ($14,000) to run his 35-vehicle garage the past year.

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Considering the fact that he has a Lamborghini Countach, a Lancia Fulvia Zagato, and a couple of Jags, among other less-than-reliable fare, that’s a surprisingly low price.

However, it must be noted that Metcalf’s number includes no major projects and servicing for only a handful of the cars. In 2019, for example, his Lamborghini Espada cost him £30,000 ($40,350) in engine restoration alone.

So, in Metcalfe’s case, his 35-vehicle garage is expensive, but perhaps not quite ruinously so. You’re living on a knife’s edge, though, any single repair could end up costing tens of thousands of pounds.

The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E has started to land in the hands of customers in the United States and journalists had the opportunity to check it out.

In this video from Jason at Engineering Explained, we find out about 10 of the EV’s intriguing features. Not everyone will like them, but they do all influence the overall experience of the Mach-E to varying degrees.

One of the cool features that the YouTuber is a big fan of is the keypad located on the B-pillar that allows owners to get inside without the need for a key or their smartphone. Ford first introduced a keypad like this back in 1980 and it remains just as handy today as it was four decades ago. Speaking of the B-pillars, they also house illuminated buttons that are used to open the doors. A small grab handle has also been neatly incorporated just below the button.

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Another interesting feature of the Mustang Mach-E is its frunk that includes a drain plug, meaning you can load it up with all kinds of stuff without worrying if something spills out – you can just drain it and, if it gets dirty, you can also rinse it out.

Anyone who buys a Mach-E will also get access to a smartphone application that allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle, start it up, and open up the trunk. The app also displays tire pressures.

Those in the market for a Ford Mustang Mach-E can pick one up from $42,985 before EV tax incentives. The entry-level Standard Range RWD variant has a 75.7 kWh battery and has been rated by the EPA at 230 miles (370 km) of range over the combined cycle.


General Motors is on a roll and the North American powerhouse plans to supercharge its electrified ambitions by spending upwards of $27 billion to develop thirty new global EVs by 2025. One of these new debuts will be a Chevrolet-branded pickup truck similar in size to the recently-revealed GMC Hummer.

Whilst its name has yet to be confirmed, our very own Michael Gauthier got the low-down from GM’s recent investor conference which displayed a glimpse of the unrevealed, full-size truck behind GM chief EV officer Travis Hester. Keen to see what it looks like? Well, let’s shed some light and investigate further before the truck’s official debut.

Aggressive Appearances 

While some rivals have embraced a radical approach with their upcoming EV pickups, Chevrolet has struck an eye-catching blend of traditional truck mixed with a hint of Corvette DNA. The front facia has body-coloured contouring in place of a conventional grille and a lattice-like lower section with black plastic cladding. A unique lighting arrangement features split-level headlamps: the main beams are positioned low, whilst the LED daylight running lamps are mounted high up.

Illustrations Copyright Carscoops.com / Josh Byrnes

The profile reveals tense sheet metal sculpting with flared fenders and many subtle creases. The deep sills and angled rear pillars are reminiscent of those on the new Hummer EV, and unlike the Silverado, there is no separation between the bed and the cabin.

Under The Skin

For the interior, expect utilitarian practicality, quality materials and immersive digital displays for the instrument cluster and infotainment touchscreen. The latter will feature Google’s voice assistant, navigation and app ecosystem, ditching the current in-car setup found in many other GM vehicles. Super Cruise will help take the stress out of commuting, with hands-free driving and automatic lane changing available on compatible roads.

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GM’s BT1 800-volt electric vehicle architecture will provide a stiff platform with optimized weight distribution and a low center of gravity. It also forms the basis for future Chevrolet, GMC-Hummer and Cadillac electric SUVs and trucks, and like the new Hummer, an SUV variant will debut at a later date.

‘Ultium’ Performance

GM’s ultra-flexible Ultium EV architecture will offer performance that will leave today’s trucks for dead. If GMC’s Hummer EV3X is anything to go by, we could potentially see 800 horsepower/9,500 lb-ft of torque, three electric motors and all-wheel-drive for a 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) time in as little as 4 seconds.

Of course, those figures would be for a range-topping version; regular models will make do with a single motor/rear-wheel-drive setup or dual-motor/all-wheel-drive and an estimated driving range of 300 miles (~483 km) to a full charge. The high-density battery pack will have 350 DC kW fast-charging capability, and future improvements will yield 450 miles (~724 km) of charge.

Electrified Rivals & Reveal

Rivals include the upcoming electric Ford F-150, Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T and Lordstown Endurance. Nikola’s Badger EV pickup was also to be a competitor; however, General Motors have abandoned their original deal with Nikola, and the Badger’s road to reality has evaporated.

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GM teased the electric Chevrolet pickup alongside the upcoming electric GMC Hummer SUV at an online event last November

GM’s Factory ZERO plant (formerly known as Detroit-Hamtramck) for dedicated EVs will handle production, which has now been brought forward by 11 months as part of the company’s zero-emissions strategy. While GM avoided sharing details on the timeline, we’re told that production has been moved up from 2025 with an unveiling possibly as early as 2022, so watch this space!

Would you consider this truck over more traditional ICE offerings? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Note: The illustration was made by CarScoops’ artist Josh Byrnes and while based on a prototype that was partially teased, it is in no way related to or endorsed by Chevrolet

Last year, GM teased an assortment of Electric Vehicles as well as their third-generation, modular global EV platform
According to GM, the new EV platform is “flexible enough to build a wide range of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, cars and commercial vehicles with outstanding design, performance, packaging, range and affordability”