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全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬

近日,Mitsubishi針對旗下的戰略小車Mirage進行了年式更新的小改款工程,分別推出了五門掀背車(5D hatchback)與G4轎車(sedan)2款車型,建議售價約為美金14,295起(未含稅),折合新台幣約40萬。

全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬

2021年式Mirage全車系皆採用了家族化Dynamic Shield設計語彙的水箱護罩,搭配重新設計更具運動風格的前後保桿、L型LED尾燈,除了提供新車色鑽石白(White Diamond)之外,掀背車亦有專屬的沙黃色(Sand Yellow)可以選擇。

全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬Mirage G4 sedan全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬Mirage G4 sedan全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬Mirage G4 sedan全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬Mirage G4 hatchback


全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬

坐進車內,2021年式Mirage換上了可支援Apple CarPlay與Android Auto 的7吋中央螢幕;頂級的SE車型則另外加上了碳纖維飾板,並在乘客經常觸摸與使用的區域換上了更柔軟的織布設計。

全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬

此外,2021年式Mirage將提供更具跑感的Carbonite Edition車型,該套件包括了全新設計的水箱護罩、進氣壩、紅色式樣的碳纖維飾板側下擾流等,並提供紅色、黑色、銀色、黃色、白色、酒紅色6個專屬車色可供選擇。

全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬


全美最省油的小車!2021年式《Mitsubishi Mirage / Mirage G4》只要40萬

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage建議售價(未含稅)

車型等級變速箱形式建議售價ES車型5速手排變速14,295CVT無段變速15,595LE車型CVT無段變速箱16,220Carbonite Edition車型CVT無段變速箱16,995SE車型CVT無段變速箱17,445

2021 Mitsubishi Mirage G4建議售價(未含稅)

車型等級變速箱形式建議售價ES車型5速手排變速15,295CVT無段變速16,595LE車型CVT無段變速箱17,220Carbonite Edition車型CVT無段變速箱17,995SE車型CVT無段變速箱18,195


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The new BMW M3 and M4 duo might be a ball to drive, yet many enthusiasts haven’t taken all that well to their styling. Fortunately, there are many alternatives, and one comes in the form of this E92-generation M3.

This is a 2008 model that was first delivered to BMW Northwest in Tacoma, Washington and has passed through the hands of two owners before being acquired by the selling dealer. It has 11,000 miles on the clock and is being auctioned off on Bring A Trailer with service records, factory manuals, a window sticker, clean Carfax report, and a clean Arizona title.

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The exterior is painted in Melbourne Red Metallic and sits on optional 19-inch ‘Style 220’ alloys wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ tires measuring 245/35 at the front and 265/35 at the rear. It also includes Electronic Damper Control as well as cross-drilled brake discs measuring 14.2 inches at the front and 13.8 inches at the rear.

The cabin is clad in black Novillo leather with Sycamore Anthracite accents on the dashboard and door panels. Among the key features are heated and power-adjustable front seats, the Enhanced Premium Sound system with HD radio, navigation, and a powered rear sunshade.

Slotted beneath the hood is a 4.0-liter naturally aspirated S65 V8 with 414 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. While the E92 M3 was available with a six-speed manual, this example has the Getrag seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and a Variable M Differential Lock.


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Last October, the roof of a brand new Tesla Model Y flew off while it was being driven home from the dealership. Now, a Model 3 owner from California reports her passenger-side rear window popping with seemingly no explanation.

The window burst out just minutes after taking delivery, Inderpal Kaur told Inside EVs recently. She said that she was taking her sister for their first ride when the incident occurred. Fortunately, with no backseat passengers, neither was hit by the glass, but both were a little alarmed at what could have happened.

This is not the first report of windows shattering without warning. Reports started emerging early in 2020 of spontaneously breaking windows in Model 3s, and then there was the Model Y roof incident in October.

Video of the incidents captured the windows exploding outwards with seemingly no reason. Although the video is somewhat grainy, the fact that they burst outward, rather than inward, would seem to suggest that the inciting force wasn’t a pebble or other object striking the window from outside.

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Indeed, Tesla has taken it upon itself to fix Kaur’s window. She reports that she opened a service ticket and received a response on January 4 from a person she said was “really helpful.”

“Although no one has actually taken a look at the car yet, they have hypothesized that it was due to a defect in the window along with the elevated cabin pressure of a new Tesla,” Kaur told Inside EVs.

The windows shattering are part of a larger perception issue that Tesla faces with regards to its build quality. Along with the shattering glass, the company has acknowledged that a design defect can cause Model 3s bumpers to fall off in the rain.

Shattering windows aren’t a uniquely Tesla problem, though. In 2017, reports emerged that a number of brands, including Volkswagen, Hyundai and Ford, had problems with defective sunroofs.

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