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The Tesla Model Y lineup is expanding as the company has introduced an entry-level Standard Range variant.

Pricing starts at $41,990 which makes it $8,000 cheaper than the Model Y Long Range. However, there are some pretty significant tradeoffs.

First and foremost, the entry-level Model Y has an EPA-estimated range of 244 miles (393 km) which is 82 miles (132 km) less than the Model Y Long Range. The Model Y Standard Range is also rear-wheel drive, while the rest of the lineup is all-wheel drive.

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Besides giving up traction, performance takes a hit as the dash to 60 mph (96 km/h) requires 5.3 seconds. That’s still pretty good, but the Model Y Long Range can accomplish the same task in 4.8 seconds.

The Model Y Standard Range is currently available to order and deliveries are estimated to take between 2-5 weeks. Its arrival is interesting as Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the Model Y Standard Range was axed as the “range would be unacceptably low (< 250 mile EPA).”

There’s no word on why the company suddenly reversed course, but the arrival of the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Volkswagen ID.4 could explain things. The Mach-E starts at $42,895 while the ID.4 begins at $39,995. Both are eligible for a $7,500 federal tax credit, which makes them significantly cheaper than the Model Y.

In other news, the Model Y can now be equipped with an optional third-row for $3,000. It adds two seats and an Easy Entry system to improve access to the third-row. While there probably isn’t much legroom, third-row passengers will find a USB-C charging port.

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由於受到用車潮流改變,加上久未進行改朝換代動作,讓 Lexus CT 人氣持續下滑,甚至有傳出要面臨停產命運,不過近來終於有新消息傳出,新一代 CT 已在開發中,約在今年 8 月左右問世,將帶來新世代的動力與底盤組合。

豪華入門級距競爭相當激烈,CT 戰略位置重要,今年將推出大改款。

Lexus CT 於 2011 年初登場,雖然在 2013、2017 年曾進行改款動作,但幅度不大,由於全球銷量持續下滑,加上產品新鮮度不夠,台灣市場於去年初進行停售,目前僅剩日本等特定市場繼續提供,致使讓 Lexus CT 停產傳聞不斷。

在近來 Lexus 大砍車系編成情況下,若 CT 再度失守,對上德系其他競品,Lexus 將無入門的掀背車可選,故 CT 戰略地位相當重要。據日媒《car-repo》表示,新一代 Lexus 將於今年 8 月登場,將帶來 UX 身上的 2.0 升油電引擎與 GA-C 底盤平台。

搭載新的 GA-C 底盤平台,尺碼預估為 4,390x1,765x1,400mm、軸距可望增加 100mm 達 2,700mm,擁有更出色的乘坐空間,當然品牌招牌的 Lexus Safety System+ 主動安全防護亦不會少,提供完善的駕駛輔助科技。



HARMAN has used their ExPLORE event to showcase an assortment of technologies ahead of CES.

At the center of the presentation were three distinct ExP concepts, which all reside in a high-tech interior mockup.

As company officials explained, consumers view their car as a ‘third living space’ and don’t want it focused exclusively on transportation. HARMAN embraced this idea and developed concepts which show how vehicles can be fun and entertaining, even when you’re not driving.

ExP Gaming Intense Max

Kicking things off is the Gaming Intense Max concept, which is designed to keep you occupied while you’re waiting in your car. Since research has shown people usually play games on their smartphone during this downtime, HARMAN brought the gaming experience to the car.

When the car is parked and gaming mode is selected, the steering wheel retracts and the widescreen display moves forward to immerse you in the action. At the same time, speakers in the Personal Audio Headrest rotate down to wrap you in a cocoon of sound.

Back seaters haven’t been forgotten as the rear infotainment system rotates to turn into a TV-like display. If that wasn’t interesting enough, echoes and background noise are minimized using ClearChat technology while conversations between front and rear rows are optimized by an In-Car Communication system.

ExP Creator Studio

If you’re a fan of carpool karaoke, the Creator Studio concept should be right up your alley. It repurposes interior microphones and cameras to turn the vehicle into a creative space where you can record and edit videos.

Audio levels are automatically adjusted, while the interior is brightened so you look good for your next viral video. Once you’re done recording, you can use the steering wheel touchscreen to make edits and upload your clip via a 5G connection.

ExP Drive-Live Concert

The third and final concept should appeal to people who have been missing live concerts as a result of the pandemic. Using the aforementioned 5G connection, concerts can be live-streamed and even shown on an external display which pops out of the rear end.

That’s just scratching the surface as the Drive-Live Concert also incorporates a number of interactive features. In particular, users can interact with performers via emoji-like thumbs up and cheers buttons. Fans can also vote for the next song, while looking up lyrics and singer bios.

While some of the concepts are unusual, HARMAN noted autonomous driving technology opens up new possibilities for the future. The company also said everything is relatively realistic and that brings us back to the Personal Audio Headrests.

They’ve been designed to meet safety standards and are now available to automakers for use in future vehicles. There are two different versions and the Personal Audio Headrest Plus is the most interesting as it has “mechanized wings,” which deploy and retract. The wings have been designed not to impair visibility and they house speakers which allow for sound zones and spatial audio.

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