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At this year’s CES, taking place between January 11 and 14 exclusively in digital form, BMW is celebrating 20 years of iDrive by announcing a brand new chapter as far as in-car displays and driver-vehicle interaction.

The carmaker even released a teaser video that literally has the latest iDrive system (on the BMW iX) teasing the first-generation one, found on the 2001 E65 7-Series. It’s a cute clip, albeit a bit silly.

BMW has always done well for itself as far as pioneering new mass production tech. In 2004, it became the first car company to present a Head-Up Display unit projecting information onto the windshield in the driver’s direct line of sight. Then, in 2025, it premiered the Gesture Control.

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This latest iDrive iteration is said to bridge the gap between analogue and digital, as seen on the fully-electric iX crossover.

In BMW’s own words, this “heralds another paradigm shift, as the number of available functions in a car and their complexity continue along a constant upward curve.”

Also, thanks to the digital intelligence and optimized sensors, BMW cars now have access to even more information than the driver, in some situations. One example is how the latest iDrive system can receive and display hazard warnings from other BMW vehicles, while also making predictions regarding the availability of parking spaces at a destination.

“The next-generation BMW iDrive is set up to utilize the potential of an intelligently connected vehicle more extensively than ever and so make the mobility experience even safer, even more comfortable and convenient, and even richer in variety.”

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On December 17th, the FBI raided Ducati North America’s Mountain View, California offices. While the FBI would not comment as to the specific reason for the raid, a post from the Bay Area Riders Forum as well as sources that spoke with Asphalt & Rubber said that agents were searching for tax documents and other paperwork.

According to some eyewitnesses who spoke to Roadracing World, around 30 armed FBI agents conducted the search. Allegedly only two employees were on site at the start of the raid, with one coming in near the end, as per Bay Area Riders Forum moderator Shawn Keane.

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In addition, while the FBI has not confirmed if they raided any other sites, according to some of Asphalt & Rubber‘s own sources, several high-level Ducati North America employees’ homes were also searched, and that the nature of the search is possibly related to a financial crime investigation.

The FBI released a statement to both Roadracing World and Asphalt & Rubber, confirming when they were at Ducati North America’s offices, but declined to provide details for the raid.

“I can confirm that FBI San Francisco was at that location on December 17, 2020, to conduct court-authorized law enforcement activity,” FBI spokesperson Katherine Zackel wrote. “As of today’s date, no public records are available. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, I cannot comment further at this time.”

Ducati Marketing Director Phil Read said in an e-mail to Roadracing World: “It is Ducati North America’s practice to cooperate fully with inquiries from government agencies. As part of that cooperation, Ducati North America does not comment on those inquiries.”

Audi A1 30 TFSI

儘管去年十月份,Audi執行長Markus Duesmann受訪時表示,我們雖然推出了純電動車款,但燃油車仍具有未來。他認為,燃油車要退出市場還需要一段時間,還提到了柴油引擎是內燃機中迄今為止效率最高的。最近他在受訪時再次提到了Audi的電動化計畫,他表示預計在15年內旗下車款將全面電動化,但在這項計畫中獨漏了A1。

Markus Duesmann表示,品牌電動化計劃已經開始,預計到2021年底,我們將推出5款電動車。分別是目前已經發表的e-tron和e-tron Sportback、即將在2月發表的e-tron GT運動型四門房車,並預計在今年春季推出Audi Q4 e-tron與Q4 e-tron Sportback。Audi的遠程目標是在2035年將旗下車款全部電動化。

VAG集團正積極將旗下品牌電動化,在2019年9月發表首款以MEB模組化電動車底盤為基礎開發的電動車ID.3,旗下Seat與Skoda也接著推出採用該平台打造的El-Born以及Enyaq;在都會型小車方面則推出了MEB Entry模組化底盤,對應的車款為e-Up!、Mii Electric以及Citigo-e iV等。對!就是獨漏的AUDI A1。可能是原廠對於高級品牌定位的堅持,放棄了集團的MEB模組化電動車底盤,這恐怕讓A1這款小型車沒了後繼車款。


而Audi即將推出的電動車將依照車款的不同,共有有四種電動車底盤對應,他們分別是e-tron用的MLB evo底盤、e-tron GT與Porsche Taycan所採用的J1 Performance platform、Q4 e-tron用的則是MEB Modular Electrification Toolkit底盤,以及Premium Platform Electric(PPE)電動車底盤,據傳Porsche純電動的Macna就是由PPE底盤打造。就目前態勢可觀察出,Audi在底盤的選擇上與Porsche共享,且在Audi Q4 e-tron之下就沒有電動化車款了。

若之後Audi A1真的被送上了斷頭台,那MINI Cooper SE就少了位競爭對手,而這個空缺可能就由VAG集團旗下的Volkswagen ID.1來填補。而中國市場上專屬的Audi Q2L e-tron是採用MQB底盤打造,由一汽-大眾佛山工廠生產。

Audi Q2L e-tron為中國市場獨享的車款,採用MQB底盤打造。

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