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U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光

鴻海與裕隆於去年合資的電動車研發設計公司—鴻華先進,計畫於下周發表第一代電動車開發工具平台EV Kit,並於2月開放接單、4月交貨,首波除了由裕隆旗下汽車品牌納智捷(Luxgen)將率先採用外,更傳出已收到海外訂單,首批電動車將在4月於裕隆三義廠生產後出貨。

U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光

鴻海與裕隆於去年合資的電動車研發設計公司—鴻華先進,於昨日(1/26)宣布,第一代電動車開發工具平台EV Kit,於4月完成交貨後將率先由納智捷(Luxgen)的U5及S3採用,以開展電動車事業布局。

U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光

此外,原先預計於2月才要開放的接單,已傳出有海外公司下訂,首款由MIH開發的電動車將於4月隨著EV Kit交貨後,一同由裕隆三義廠生產後交付客戶。


U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光

不僅如此,鴻華也正如火如荼的積極開發第二代EV KIT,並將鎖定商用車市場進行平台優化與升級,最快今年10/16第二屆鴻海科技日就能見面了。



U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光傳統汽車產業有三大弱點,開發費用太高、開發週期長、資源不足,使得台灣傳統汽車業若要開發電動車的門檻也就更高。為此,鴻華便打造了「電動車開放平台MIH」,其特色在於擁有「模組化彈性客製」、「輕量一體成型」、「強大的電子電氣架構」、「自動駕駛技術」。透過開放技術規格,以協助各界加入與結盟的汽車廠夥伴們,能以更低的成本、更快的速度共同建構電動車軟硬體的生態系,讓台灣在電動車產業更具競爭力,自去年11月成立至今,短短三個月已結盟近500家廠商。

【什麼是EV KIT?】

U5搶先用!鴻華電動車平台EV Kit4月交貨 首款電動車買家曝光

電動車開發工具平台EV KIT,簡單來說就是提供給MIH聯盟夥伴們所使用的開發套件,採用線控載具(Driveby- wire)技術,讓聯盟夥伴可以快速掌握車輛控制參數,包含如軸距、輪距、離地高度、電池包、底盤懸吊等模組,有效地進行電動車產品開發。


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It’s a common refrain that car colors today are boring. But that is, unfortunately, because they are boring. The good news is that tastes may be changing.

At least that’s what Volkswagen’s Senior Color and Trim Designer, Jung Lim Park, thinks. Although most cars are white, black, or gray, your phone screen and its manufacturer’s desire to prove how good it is might lead to a taste for more colorful cars.

“Color is always shifting, and our color perception is always evolving depending on what we see, what we observe, and what we live with,” said Park. “[Color design] is complicated and a complex theory that depends on the design of the car, type of the car, the size of the car, and also types of trends that project on certain demographics and lifestyles.”

Park states that color trends in cars are still very regional. Whereas the whole fashion world might decide that bright, vivid colors are popular all at once, tastes in car colors vary from market to market.

“Working in the color world, I learned that Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America have very distinct color preferences,” said Park. “For example, Asia Pacific is actually the least colorful [region]… and in Europe, compared to North America, gray has always been more popular than silver, as has been blue.”

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But North America is becoming more enamored of gray. That’s thanks partially, though, to gray’s variability. Silver has a much more limited range than gray, which can be brighter or darker, shinier or more matte, and more besides.

So the desire for a bit of expression is worming its way into the market. On Twitter, brighter colors are being called for. In fact, VW tried to cash in on that with the successful Spektrum program that made every historical Golf color available to the Golf R.

It’s not just Volkswagen, though. When it introduced the Bronco, Ford showed it off in bright yellows and blazing oranges. And that nostalgia may also be helping vivid colors make a comeback.

“The colors found on the original Buses and Beetles are iconic to Volkswagen and continue to be recognized even as the colors are no longer in production,” Park explains. “The bright contemporary yellow on theVolkswagen ID. Buzz concept is a great example of how the original color image could be reinterpreted for the high-tech and it is not available in other places but in Volkswagen.”

But it’s the bright colors found online, on our phone screens, and in the media we consume that are likely to have the biggest impact, argues Park.

“We are all so impacted by our digital life through the pandemic, and the colors you mainly see are [on] your screen more than actual physical objects,” he says. “The future is getting colorful, for sure.”



2021年農曆新年期間,KIA全台各展示中心於除夕當日至年初二(2/11~2/13)春節期間休假,年初三至年初四(2/14- 2/15)營業時間,則調整為上午10:00至下午17:00。年初五(2/16)起,KIA全台各展示中心恢復為正常營運時間。





日期展示中心服務廠小年夜(2/10)全台正常營業全台正常營業除夕(2/11)春節休假,可致電KIA 24小時服務專線0800-868-995三重正常營業初一(2/12)春節休假,可致電KIA 24小時服務專線0800-868-995初二(2/13)初三(2/14)10:00 ~ 17:00初四(2/15)10:00 ~ 17:00桃園、竹北正常營業初五(2/16)全台正常營業桃園、竹北、太平、彰化、三重、 台東正常營業初六(2/17)全台正常營業


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