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There are few things more disheartening than parking your car outside and returning to find it damaged – or, as is the case with this Porsche Panamera in Stockholm, Sweden, with its wheels missing.

Images shared to Facebook through the GTBoard page show the car sitting in a parking lot on what appears to be two separate days, lacking wheels.

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In the first image, the expensive sedan can be seen resting on its brake rotors. Whoever stole the wheels must have been in quite a hurry as the lug nuts were left behind. Interestingly, the Panamera is sitting in what looks to be a private car park that includes a barbed wire fence. Considering that it’s not hard to find expensive cars in Stockholm that aren’t parked behind barbed wire and are, in theory, easier targets, means that the thief must, for whatever reason, have really wanted those rims.

The second series of images appear to have been taken at a different time, as evidenced by the different cars in the background. Additionally, the Panamera is no longer sitting directly on its brake rotors but rather two wooden pallets, probably a temporary solution on the part of the owner as they attempted to source some replacement wheels.

In all likelihood, the individual or individuals that stole the wheels sold them for a quick buck, meaning that tracking them down could prove impossible.

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Back in 2010 a company called Xenatec started building a coupe version of the Maybach. The coachbuilders took the back doors off the luxury car and created the Xenatec Maybach 57S Coupe.

The results are pretty stunning, but despite plans to build 200 of them, only eight (or possibly six, depending on who you ask) were ever made. This one, chassis number 004, was purchased by, but never delivered to, then Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, whose regime was toppled in 2011.

As a result of those unforeseen changes, this model has just 2,300 km (1,430 miles) on the odometer, which the seller, the Netherlands’ Auto Leitner, claims makes it the lowest mileage example out there.

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The condition, naturally, is also pretty good. Finished in beige and white inside and out, it is presented in A1 condition, which is hardly surprising, and it features a 6.0-liter V12 producing 612 hp. According to reviews of the car at the time, that was enough to propel this 2.7-tonne car very briskly without any trouble at all.

Gaddafi seems to have ticked every option box. The back seats have a fridge and a phone, there’s a CD and a DVD disc changer and a heated steering wheel. Not really sure how cold it gets in Libya, but it doesn’t hurt to have it anyways.

Xenatec was asking 675,000 Euros in 2011, a healthy amount more than the Maybach 57S sedan. But there will be a pretty solid profit for whoever owns this one now because Auto Leitner posts this car’s price as 961,950 Euros ($1.16 million USD at today’s exchange rates).

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2021年1月國產乘用車銷售排行排名品牌車款掛牌數排名品牌車款掛牌數1ToyotaCorolla Cross619513HondaHR-V5992ToyotaCorolla Altis214414LuxgenURX4573ToyotaYaris174315NissanX-Trail4454HondaCR-V160616MitsubishiOutlander3455FordKuga153617NissanTiida2676FordFocus145018LuxgenU61847ToyotaVios128619HondaFit1688NissanKicks124820HyundaiTucson1639NissanSentra117421LuxgenM713810ToyotaSienta99822MitsubishiLancer11311MitsubishiColt Plus74923HyundaiElantra7312HyundaiVenue69424NissanLivina37台灣市場總掛牌數:51,179輛/國產乘用車總掛牌數:23,846輛

Corolla Corss再創銷售新高,Sienta回歸近千輛水平

國產車之所以能夠拉開與進口車之間的差距,背後最大功臣莫過於Toyota旗下Corolla Corss車系。繼去年11月繳出5,319輛掛牌數後,Corolla Corss再度將銷售紀錄推向新高,上個月掛牌數突破6千輛大關達到驚人的6,195輛,熱銷程度遠遠超越排行第2的自家房車兄弟Corolla Altis,與RAV4聯手更締造將近1萬輛掛牌數,分別穩居國產與進口最暢銷SUV。

Corolla Corss再度將銷售紀錄推向新高,上個月掛牌數突破6千輛大關達到驚人的6,195輛。






Focus Active助攻成功,但Focus候車期被迫延長

為了豐富產品陣容,福特六和在今年1月推出跨界設定的Focus Active,雖然一上市即接獲超過1,500張訂單,但無奈受限於全球車用晶片供應短缺,目前僅交出439輛,而國產Focus車系含四門、五門車型的總掛牌數為1,450輛,算下來Focus Active的銷售比例已經占了3成之多,僅次於以ST-Line / ST-Line Lommel為首的五門掀背車型。

Focus Active一上市即接獲超過1,500張訂單,上個月則交出439輛掛牌數。

不過在車用晶片供應短缺的情況下,未來Focus車系包括國產與進口ST車型的候車期恐會被迫延長,因此想要入主的消費者,福特六和建議及早確認新車訂單,以利生產排程規劃及新車優先交車排序。同時福特六和也表示,凡是今年2月28日前下訂Focus或Focus Active的車主,如果從訂單簽署完成日至領牌日之間的候車期逾三個月,將於交車後提供6年原廠保固,以感謝車主的的耐心等待。






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