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The Tug of War test seems to be gaining traction of late, especially since the Cybertruck vs. F-150 video sparked a debate on how equally matched the two were. And while the jury may be out on whether these displays of power are actually relevant in anyone’s decision process, they make for good entertainment.

This time around, CarWow pits three heavy-hitters of the off-road world against each other, with somewhat surprising results. First up in the elimination-style format is the latest and greatest from Land Rover, the Defender, which goes up against the Jeep Wrangler.

The Defender featured has a 2.0-liter Ingenium diesel engine with 240 hp and 430Nm of torque. The Wrangler has a turbocharged petrol engine, which raises the power stakes to 270 hp, but less torque, at 400Nm. Compared to the Defender, though, the Wrangler has two lockable differentials (front and rear), as opposed to the Land Rover’s electronically-controlled center-diff.

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While viewers may expect to see a strong showing from the tech-laden British SUV, the Wrangler trounces it at the first attempt. The Defender puts up a slightly stronger fight in round two thanks to Matt Watson selecting the Mud & Ruts terrain response mode instead of leaving it in Auto. But even that’s not enough to stop the impressive display of might by the Jeep.

Next up is the Mercedes-Benz G350. With a significantly larger engine that has six cylinders and displaces 2.9 liters, the G-Wagen has 286 hp and 600 Nm of torque at its disposal. Predictably, the Mercedes wins this round, even managing to pull the Wrangler clean off the grass. What also worked in the G350’s favor was that it sports three individual differentials — front, center, and rear.

雖說是新年式更新,但改變幅度可不小,直接換上台灣 Nissan 家族最新世代變速箱,能帶來動能、節能與表現,除此之外,另針對內裝配備進行升級,新年式 Tiida 要再戰 Ford Focus、Toyota Corolla Sport 這些中型掀背車對手。

新年式 Tiida 直接在動力做升級,換上第 5 代 X-CVT 變速箱。

首先改變幅度最大換上代號 DX-K1 CVT 變速箱,這具 CVT 變速箱搭載在新一代 Sentra 與 Kicks 身上,並進行齒輪比、帶輪剛性提升、耐用度等提升,讓整體傳輸效率變得更好,其中能源局油耗表示,新年式 Tiida 平均油耗達到 16.1km/L 之譜,成績相當優秀。

1.6 升 NA 引擎與新世代變速箱做配合,筆者先前已在 Sentra 進行體驗,不論在起步加速或是高速巡航下,變速箱邏輯變化相當聰慧,帶來愜意且輕快的加速反應,相信能為新年式 Tiida 加分不少。

內裝配備換上系統處理流暢的新式多媒體主機,且因應現在安全趨勢,提供盲點偵測、RCTA 後方來車警示等作選配。

台灣市場取消渦輪動力,提供三款車型編成,統一搭載 1.6 升 NA 引擎為主,其 65.9~75.5 萬元價格帶,針對目前市場熱門 Ford Focus 而來。內裝配備從中階款開始,換上 X-Media III Lite 7 吋主機,跟上潮流,支援 Apple CarPlay 與 Android Auto 連結。

內裝配備換上系統處理流暢的新式多媒體主機,且因應現在安全趨勢,提供盲點偵測、RCTA 後方來車警示等作選配。



Even if you’re not an avid follower of Formula One, you’ll have likely seen or heard about the horrific crash at last year’s Bahrain Grand Prix. Romain Grosjean, driving for the Haas F1 Team, hit the barriers head-on at 138 mph (221 km/h), ripping the car in two and triggering a fireball not seen in F1 for decades. The crash was a shock to all, and Grosjean — who escaped with burns to his hands — was forced to sit out the final two races of the season.

Although his F1 career had its ups and downs, pre-inferno, there was no doubt he’d find a seat in another series away from F1. But after such a horrific crash, you wouldn’t blame him for perhaps wanting to take up a more sedate lifestyle. Stamp collecting, perhaps. But it turns out Romain isn’t ready to hang up his fireproof racing gloves just yet — granted, he’ll be needing a new set.

In 2021, Grosjean will race for Dale Coyne Racing in the NTT IndyCar Series. However, the Bahrain crash hasn’t gone without changing Grosjean’s approach. The Frenchman will compete on IndyCar’s street and road courses, but won’t be tackling the oval circuits any time soon.



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“For a moment, I thought I was dead, in Bahrain,” explained Romain on Twitch. “Being a father of three kids, I need to be sensible in my decisions, in my choices in the future, and at the minute I don’t feel comfortable to race ovals — at least the speedways.”

IndyCar’s last fatality occurred in 2015 at the Pocono Raceway, claiming ex-F1 racer Justin Wilson’s life. Four years earlier, two-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon was killed at the Las Vegas Speedway in a high-speed crash that saw his car fly into the catch fence.

However, Indycar has made advances in driver safety since, and in 2020 saw the introduction of an alternative to F1’s “Halo“: the Aeroscreen. Regardless, it’ll be good to see Grosjean join the series, furthering his career, and maintaining a drive on his terms.

Team owner Dale Coyne said in a press release: “We’ve been talking to Romain for some time now, even before his accident at Bahrain. He has shown interest in the IndyCar series for the past several months, and we’re very happy that he has chosen to pursue his career with us and are excited to welcome a driver with his pedigree.”

Grojean’s first race is scheduled to take place on the 18th of April at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.