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GM released their Super Bowl commercial earlier this week and it features Will Ferrell teaming up to take on Norway and their love affair with electric vehicles.

Dubbed “No Way, Norway,” the clip is designed to promote GM’s plan to introduce 30 electric vehicles by 2025. As a result, it features the upcoming Cadillac Lyriq and GMC Hummer EV.

While reaction to the ad has been mixed, it garnered plenty of attention in Norway thanks to the #NoWayNorway hashtag on Twitter. This prompted Audi and Ford Norge to respond with videos of their own.

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As you can see in Audi’s clip, a man is driving an e-tron crossover and says “Norway is the best country in the universe.”  He then asks, “How can you hate this?” while driving in a remote snow covered forest.

The driver eventually stops after finding a broken globe in the middle of the road.  This is a direct reference to the one Ferrell punches and gets stuck on his hand in GM’s Super Bowl commercial. The man picks it up and dramatically says, “You want to punch us in the face? You want to do this to us? To me? To the world? We’re trying to save the world.”

The clip ends with a tagline reading “Don’t hate. Imitate.” It then points out Norway is the world’s leading electric vehicle country and the Audi e-tron was the best-selling new vehicle there last year.

For their part, Ford Norge responded to GM’s earlier Super Bowl teaser where Ferrell makes a prank phone call and orders five million pizzas with anchovies while joking that Olaf has a coupon.

Ford responded by saying “Sorry buddy” – a possible reference to Ferrell’s portrayal of Buddy the Elf – “When you finally get to Norway, your pineapple pizza will be here for you – we’ll save you a bite!” The tweet was accompanied by a video of Mustang Mach-Es delivering Domino’s pizza across the country.

#NoWayNorway?? Sorry buddy, when you finally get to Norway, your pineapple pizza will be here for you – we`ll save you a bite! 💙Norway https://t.co/m3qUV1n6em pic.twitter.com/B4qeDKnUvX

— Ford Motor Norge (@Ford_Norge) February 4, 2021

Save the manuals is taking on a whole new meaning at Jeep as the company is recalling 42,887 Wranglers and Gladiators with six-speed sticks.

According to a Safety Recall Report, some 2018-2021 Wranglers and 2020-2021 Gladiators equipped with manual transmissions “may experience overheating of the clutch intermediate pressure plate” which could cause them to fail.

The company went on to explain the overheating is caused by friction and this can result in the pressure plate rapidly fracturing. If this occurs, it can cause “cracks or holes in the transmission case allowing heated debris to be expelled.” Should this debris come into contact with combustible materials, a fire could result.

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This isn’t just theoretical as FCA opened their investigation in October after a Gladiator at the Toledo North Assembly Complex caught on fire. As part of their investigation, FCA examined two other vehicles that experienced a “transmission related fire event.” The company also dug through their records and found “approximately seven customer assistance records, six warranty claims, and one field report potentially related to this issue.”

To resolve the problem, Jeep is recalling the affected vehicles to add software that will reduce engine torque capability when clutch assembly temperatures rise to a level that may damage the inner pressure plate. While the company said “there is no defective part” involved in the recall, they will reimburse owners who have already paid to fix issues related to the problem.

Owners will be contacted next month and the company noted that drivers may smell a burnt clutch odor prior to pressure plate failure. If this occurs, you might want to pull over and let things cool off.

H/T to Car & Driver

先前BMW官網透過更新車款資訊,提前揭露2021年式全車系將調整車型、配備及售價,其中原本僅規劃xDrive40i車型的X7,將追加性能導向的X7 M50i,預售價從655萬元起跳,而原本由M50d擔綱MPA車型 (M Performance Automobile)的X5,隨著原廠宣布M50d停產,BMW總代理也確定將導入X5 M50i來填補MPA車型空缺,連同X7 M50i都預計今年第2季在國內正式發表。

如同目前仍在銷售陣容的X6 M50i,未來將加入的X5 M50i及X7 M50i,同樣搭載代號N63B44T3的4.4升V8雙渦輪汽油引擎,在原廠的精心調校之下最大輸出可達到530匹、76.5公斤米,相較於M50d所搭載的3.0升直六四渦輪增壓柴油引擎,最大扭力僅小輸1公斤米,最大馬力反倒大幅增加130匹。

X5 M50i及X7 M50i同樣搭載代號N63B44T3的4.4升V8雙渦輪汽油引擎,在原廠的精心調校之下最大輸出可達到530匹、76.5公斤米。

根據原廠公布的加速數據,X5 M50i的0-100km/h加速可於4.3秒完成,比起X5 M50d的5.2秒足足縮短了0.9秒,極速則是一樣被限制在250km/h;而尺碼更大的X7 M50i,在8速運動化Steptronic手自排變速箱、xDrive智慧型可變四輪傳動系統的驅動下,0-100km/h加速仍可於4.7秒完成,極速被限制在250km/h,算是該級距性能表現中最出色的一款。

X7 M50i在8速運動化Steptronic手自排變速箱、xDrive智慧型可變四輪傳動系統的驅動下,0-100km/h加速仍可於4.7秒完成。

此外,為了與一般車型區隔,X5 M50i跟X7 M50i一樣都會在水箱護罩、後視鏡外殼、後保桿尾飾管等處加入專屬的鈰灰色塗裝,前後保桿也都會有更加霸氣的專屬空力設計,並增加M款運動化排氣系統、M款輪圈、M款煞車套件等專屬配備。

X5 M50iX5 M50iX7 M50iX7 M50i

比較特別的是,X7 M50i並未配備M款跑車化電子懸吊系統,而是繼續採用前後軸自動水平氣壓式懸吊系統,同時車內將改為第二排為獨立雙座設定的6人座配置,並將原本需選配的智慧雷射頭燈 (含Glare-free光型變化功能)、Sky Lounge全景式電動玻璃天窗、M款多功能真皮方向盤、M款雙前座跑車座椅、M款縫線安全帶列為標準配備,但內含20支揚聲器、總輸出功率達1,508瓦Bowes & Wilkins鑽石級高傳真音響系統 (20支揚聲器、最大總輸出1508瓦),以及內含雙10.2吋觸控螢幕的Professional後座影音系統,依然需要額外加價選配。

X7 M50i將改為第二排為獨立雙座設定的6人座配置。


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