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There’s something magical about cars steeped in racing history, and it doesn’t get more enchanting than this rare 1960 Lotus.

With only 17 of these fiberglass-bodied Lotus 19 Monte Carlos ever made, this mid-engine sports racer would be a rare and desirable beast regardless of its pedigree. But with names such as Graham Hill, Jim Clarke, and Sir Stirling Moss all having taken the wheel of Chassis #953, this time capsule of a car has been cemented as an integral part of motor racing history.

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This particular Lotus has seen success across the globe, including a dominant maiden season in 1961 under British Racing Partnership (BRP), the team owned by Sir Stirling Moss’ father and his former manager. In 1962, #953 won six of the seven races it entered in the UK, with Graham Hill lapping the Snetterton circuit at an average speed of 100 mph — a first for anyone in a sports racing car.

In 1963, it once again took to the track, but crucially it became the last racing car Sir Stirling Moss drove as a professional racing driver. After a test in #953 to determine whether he was comfortable racing after a heavy accident, he decided to hang up his pro racing gloves.

This Lotus 19 continued to compete in various categories until it was retired in 1965. It has since been returned to racing spec following a meticulous restoration and even features a new 240 hp Coventry-Climax engine. Purists need not fret, as every effort has been made to keep it as period-correct as possible. The car features FIA HTP papers, issued after a metallurgical analysis — basically a way to confirm that parts of the original chassis remain today.

This could be just the most significant Lotus you’ve never heard of It ticks all boxes in terms of provenance, as it’s a true “Chapman” Lotus and a bona fide race winner. And now, it awaits a new owner to give it a final post-rebuild shakedown, as it enters the first sale of the year for Silverstone Auctions on the 27th of March.

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打造電動機車是目前機車界顯學,除了性能,價格更是多數人考量的重點。美國電動自行車 Sondors,跨足電動機車,打造一款代步的通勤用電動機車,除了性能表現可以滿足多數人,也試圖以較為親民的價格切入電動機車市場。

Sondors 首款電動機車 Metacycle,有著極速 130 公里的表現。

【這裡看 Sondors Metacycle 相片集】(function(){var album_arr = {};album_arr.no = '1931';album_arr.path = '/Upload/auto/bphoto/thumb/2021/02/08/';album_arr.photos = [['24698','20210208-24698-1.png'],['24699','20210208-24699-2.png'],['24700','20210208-24700-3.png'],['24701','20210208-24701-4.png'],['24702','20210208-24702-6.png'],['24703','20210208-24703-7.png'],['24704','20210208-24704-8.png'],['24705','20210208-24705-9.png']];album_show(album_arr);})();

這款由 Sondors 推出的 Metacycle,以檔車造型來打造,有著鋁製中空造型車身設計,Sondors 稱之為 exo-frame 車架,有別於之前的設計,採用鋁製車身,也讓這款車的車重僅有 200 磅(約 90.8 公斤),比許多 125cc 入門機車還輕巧。Metacycle 燈具照明皆採 LED。

全車的燈具皆為 LED,車尾的尾燈造型很絢麗。

在動力表現上,採輪轂馬達的 Metacycle,有著 8kW 功率,最大峰值可來到 14.5kW,扭矩為 80ft-lbs,最大峰值 130ft-lbs。 

極速可來到時速 130 公里,搭載的 4kW 電池,續航力可達 130 公里,不過官方並未告知該續航力的騎乘時速。避震部分,則採前倒叉後單中置設計,輪胎尺寸為前 110/70R17,後 150/60R17。 

傳統擋車的油箱位置,在 Metacycle 車上則改成手機無線充電座。


儀表板採液晶顯示,在車身的鞍部,也就是傳統燃油機車的油箱孔位置,改成手機無線充電板,還附有透明上蓋,讓騎士便於瀏覽螢幕通知顯示。採用充電式設計,標配家用 110 伏特 AC 充電器,使用 110 伏特充電的情況下,4 小時內就可充飽電,另可選配充電速度更快的 2 級充電器。 

目前 Metacycle 有 3 種車色可選擇,售價從 5,000 美元(約 14 萬元台幣)起,預計今年第四季可以開始交車。



Mazda is bringing the rotary engine back next year, but it’s hard to get excited about its use as a range extender in the MX-30.

The news was a bitter pill to swallow, but we’ve found the antidote in the form of this 1970 Mazda Cosmo Series II, essentially a slightly revised and more powerful version of the Series I that was the Japanese automaker’s first model ever to be fitted with a rotary engine.

Set to be auctioned by Mecum next month, the Cosmo looks as good as it did more than 50 years ago. As can see, the body appears to be great condition as there are no signs of rust or damage. However, it’s not perfect as the car was repainted approximately 20 years ago and some components are clearly showing their age.

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Moving into the cabin, it’s a blast from the past as the unrestored interior features black seats with houndstooth inserts. The driver’s seat is unfortunately ripped, but the interior doesn’t look bad for its age.

It’s also worth noting this particular model has been equipped with factory air conditioning and that’s a rare feature. Furthermore, the odometer shows 35,034 miles (56,382 km) and the car has been equipped with a dealer-installed Hitachi 8-track stereo system featuring Clarion speakers.

Of course, the Comso’s standout feature is its Wankel engine. In the Series II, it displaces 982cc and has an output of 128 hp 995 kW / 130 PS) and 103 lb-ft (140 Nm) of torque. It breaths through a Zenith carburetor and sends power to the rear wheels via a five-speed manual transmission.

There’s no auction estimate, but Mecum notes only 833 Comso Series IIs were built. Approximately six cars were initially imported into the United States, so you’re looking at a rare beast indeed.

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Picture credits: Mecum