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Judging by the latest photos of a Corvette in a ditch in Florida, ‘Vette owners are going to have to start driving a little more carefully if they don’t want to steal the Mustang’s reputation.

Naturally, we should make it clear that our first concern is for the occupant(s) of this Corvette and we’re heartened to see that all things considered, the car appears to be relatively intact, so we hope everyone’s OK.

Pictures in a second post from the C8 Corvette Owners Facebook page show front-end damage with a bent front lip and an open frunk. We also imagine that a back end sitting in water like that is less than curative for the mid-engine Corvette.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about how this accident happened. The Facebook post that first shared this picture suggests that it took place in Panama City, Florida, which is on the Gulf coast near Tallahassee.

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Image courtesy of C8 Corvette Owners (And Friends) @ Facebook

Despite looking through press releases issued by the city’s police (as well as its social media posts) and looking for additional info online, we haven’t been able to find anything more about this accident.

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of stories like this. Since August 2019, we’ve reported on 12 C8 crashes. Naturally, any car that provides performance like the Corvette’s to many people is likely to get involved in an accident for a number of reasons, one of them being the driver not being able to reign in such a powerful car, but we can’t help but feel sad every time we see a Corvette (or any car for that matter) crunched up like this.

Customers who are still waiting for their C8 Corvette will no doubt feel pretty sore about seeing one like this, especially one that appears to have the hard-to-get Carbon-Fiber package.

Looks like there is one less C8 in Panama City. Hope they are ok.

Posted by Jon Miller on Thursday, February 11, 2021

The GR Yaris has, thanks to its AWD system and its ability to take on bigger cars, been likened to a mini GT-R – which is very high praise indeed for Toyota’s hot hatch. But Autocar wanted to find out what happens when the two get on the same track.

The weather was cold and the track was wet, meaning that the stiffly sprung GT-R, which also rode on summer tires, probably wouldn’t be able to put all of its power to the ground easily despite its all-wheel drive.

Of course, even on this short track, if the weather had been better or the tires different, the 600 hp GT-R Nismo should have been able to beat the GR Yaris easily. But champs take their opportunities when they come and the featherweight Toyota swung its hardest.

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Making less than half of what the Nissan does, with 257 hp (or a bit more if you believe the stories from the dyno), the GR Yaris lived up to its rallying roots. Thanks to its short wheelbase and lighter weight (at 2,900 lbs it weighs nearly 1,000 lbs less than the GT-R even despite the Nismo’s carbon-fiber) it managed to eke out a win by 0.4 seconds.

Mind you, that’s not to say the GR Yaris was perfect. The extra power of the GT-R Nismo meant it was a bit of a giggle in the rain, whereas the Yaris, for all its performance, was a bit less playful. No matter which way you cut it, though, it’s an impressive result.

新世代Infiniti QX60將捨棄CVT變速箱換上9AT變速箱,官方宣稱目前道路實測已經來到了10萬公里,預計年底發表。圖片來源:Infiniti ,以下同

隨著姊妹車五代Nissan Pathfinder發表後,Infiniti原廠在最近也釋出了當家旗艦休旅QX60的預告圖, 現行初代車款(原廠代號L50)自2012年上市以來也歷經的九個年頭,終於要進入大改款時程了。第二代車款的外觀將採用原廠在去(2020)年發表的QX60 Monograph概念車設計語彙;動力方面,引擎將沿用現行款的3.5升V6引擎(代號VQ35DD),並換上了由德國大廠ZF研發的9速自排變速箱。

Infiniti曾經以運動型豪華轎車Q50與雙門轎跑車Q60聞名,但近期它開始專注於休旅車市場,在推出QX50休旅車與Coupe SUV QX55之後,近期又將重心放在了旗下旗艦休旅QX60上。原廠表示,第二世代的QX60目前已經進行超過十萬公里的道路實測,預計今年底發表,大改款車型將換下由日本JATCO加特可變速箱公司所生產的CVT變速箱,換上德國ZF的9速自排變速箱來滿足市場上的需求;引擎則沿用現行款的VQ35DD引擎,最大輸出功率為295匹/37.3公斤米。


CVT變速箱雖然中低速下省油,結構相較於自排變速箱來的簡單且容易維修,且體積小要放進小車不成問題,但CVT受限於鍊條(或皮帶)強度,承受不起較大的引擎扭力,常常發生鍊條(或皮帶)因為太大的摩擦力而損壞,總不能因為方便維修就讓人一直維修吧?所以耐用程度也是得考慮的點,隨著自排變速箱發展與普及,原本令人詬病的低傳遞效率目前已經達到86~94%的水準,且使用壽命也比CVT來的長久。會換上9AT變速箱另一方面是因為QX60搭載的CVT變速箱在美國的品質不佳,常常被車主們投訴,有多慘呢?從銷量來看最直接,QX60在2019年美國的銷量為4.3萬輛,到了2020年只剩2.3萬輛。姊妹車Nissan Pathfinder這次大改款後也換上了9AT變速箱,可見原廠對這件事相當注重。

大改款的QX60設計語彙將大量產參考QX60 Monograph概念車,延續QX Inspiration概念車的設計語彙。特別一提的是原廠招牌的「閃電型」D柱設計,在概念車上消失了,改成玻璃搭配隱藏式車門把手來呈現,營造出懸浮式車頂的視覺感受,究竟量產車是否會延續概念車的懸浮式車頂設計呢?相當值得期待。

QX60 Monograph concept概念車QX60 Monograph concept概念車概念車採懸浮式車頂設計,有別於旗下現行車款
Tags: Infiniti日本車系七人座休旅Infiniti QX60QX60 Monograph七人座豪華休旅