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GM is expanding its operations in Canada as it has just completed work on the Canadian Technical Centre (CTC) McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track.

The facility was opened near GM’s Oshawa plant, about 40 miles away from Toronto. The four-lane, oval-shaped track will allow the automaker to test advanced technology and vehicle software for endless miles if it so chooses. Speeds in the four lanes range from 60 km/h to 100 km/h (about 40 to 60 mph).

The 55-acre test site is just the latest wing of GM’s Canadian Technical Center, joining campuses in Markham, Ontario and its Kapuskasing Proving Grounds in northern Ontario.

“Canada has become the ideal place for GM to expand its engineering work for the future – and the opening of the CTC McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track will take that work even further,” said Scott Bell, GM Canada president. “We’re excited for the next big step forward in advanced technology development and testing – right here in Oshawa.”

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The opening follows the company’s announcement that it will build Brightdrop EV600 electric delivery vans in Ontario at the automaker’s Ingersoll plant, which also makes the Chevrolet Equinox.

The test track’s name, meanwhile, is a reference to GM Canada’s history. Samuel McLaughlin, who founded the McLaughlin Motor Car Company in 1907, would go on to partner with American William C. Durant and become a GM board member in 1910.

The C$170 million ($133 million USD) McLaughlin Advanced Technology Track will help GM achieve its vision of a self-driven, all-electric, and highly connected future, the company said in a statement.

Although the track is now open, you may have to put those ceremonial scissors away for a while because COVID restrictions mean GM is holding off on an official ceremony until later this spring.

將歐洲視為主戰場的跨界休旅 Qashqai,海外迎來最新第三代,嶄新內外觀設計與新平台,加上與賓士合作趨勢的小排氣渦輪引擎,重點 e-Power 油電技術均入列,新 Nissan Qashqai 可是比大哥 X-Trail 擁有更多賣點。

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Qashqai 被視為 X-Trail 跨界版,是品牌於歐洲市場相當重要的戰力。

由於新一代 X-Trail 歐日規尚未發表,目前僅有 2.5 升 NA 美規版,隨著老弟新一代 Qashqai 正式發表,其實也就暗示接下來大改款 X-Trail 歐日規格,當然歐日規的技術將與台灣市場動向相關。

新一代 Qashqai 外觀設計相當動感,尤其外觀神韻燈組處設計令人深刻。

來到第三代的 Qashqai,流線車身線條帶來令人印象深刻的跑格感,包含鈑件、燈處均經過重新設計,雖然外觀仍承襲不少新 X-Trail 風格,但應用在小一號的 Qashqai 身上,其散發出比 X-Trail 更強烈的運動感。

底盤採用全新 CMF-C 平台可大幅減重 60kg,大幅採用高強度輕量化鋼材,讓新一代 Qashqai 強度增加 40%,並透過底盤懸吊專屬調校,在操駕感受與穩定性比起就是帶來得更理想。

隨著新一代 Qashqai 發表,帶來 e-Power 引擎,不意外接下來歐日規 X-Trail 將引用。

動力是矚目焦點,首先擁有 1.3 升渦輪引擎,這具引擎是 Renault 和 Daimler 合作共享,同時是 M.Benz A-Class 等小車軍主要動力來源,結合 12V 輕油電,依照版本等級不同,有 136、154hp 兩種輸出。

e-Power 為焦點的焦點,這關係到接下來 Nissan 在全球抑或台灣市場動力編成,不同於過去 1.3 升排氣量設定,換上新世代 1.5 升汽油引擎結合 e-Power 電氣化技術,約能繳出 188hp 最大馬力。

這具引擎運作相當近似於純電技術,在節能性相當驚人,原廠表示還納入 Leaf 電動車的 e-pedal 油門煞車整合控制系統,能透過系統作動,實現高功率的電能回充。


座艙幾乎與 X-Trail 相同,兩位引領接下來 Nissan 家族新世代數位座艙,有多媒體螢幕結合全數位儀錶為一大亮點,至於在安全趨勢上,新 Qashqai 搭載 ProPilot Assist 駕駛輔助系統,實現高端的自動駕駛輔助科技。



The Ford Ranger Tradie has launched in Australia, joining the XL Special Edition, XLS Sport, XLT FX4 Max and Wildtrak X in the pickup truck’s range.

Based on the Ranger XL 4×4 Double Cab Pick-Up, it features several factory-fitted accessories, such as an LED light bar, black nudge bar, black side steps, tow bar, protective bedliner and unique 16-inch black alloy wheels.

Customers can get it in Arctic White to complement the dark exterior accents, or in True Red, Meteor Grey, Aluminum Silver, Blue Lightning and Shadow Black.

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The SYNC 3 infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen display, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and remote vehicle access via the dedicated app that allows owners to check the status, start the engine, lock or unlock the doors, and pre-heat or pre-cool the cabin by using their smartphones, are standard.

The Ranger XL Tradie is powered by a 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel. The engine is coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive and produces 147 kW (200 PS / 197 HP) and 470 Nm (347 lb-ft) of torque.

“Our 3.2-liter five-cylinder turbodiesel is proven in the marketplace and customers love the engine’s refinement, combined with its durable, workhorse nature”, said Ford Australia and New Zealand CEO, Andrew Birkic.

Ford is offering the XL Tradie Edition for a limited time, with a recommended retail price of AU$52,190, equaling to US$40,428 at today’s exchange rates. It is accompanied by a 5-year / unlimited kilometer warranty, and has 12-month / 15,000-km (9,321-mile) service intervals, with the A and B log-book services being set at a maximum of AU$299 (US$231) per service for the first 4 years / 60,000 km (37,282 miles).

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