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Rugged pickups are a hot commodity and Shelby American is responding by introducing their 2021 F-250 Super Baja.

According to Shelby American President Gary Patterson, “The astounding capabilities of the Ford Shelby F-150 … led to requests for a three-quarter ton truck that delivered maximum towing capacity and serious off-road capabilities.”

The company has delivered as the F-250 Super Baja features a 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbodiesel engine that produces 475 hp (354 kW / 482 PS) and 1,050 lb-ft (1,424 Nm) of torque. It’s connected to a ten-speed automatic transmission and a standard four-wheel drive system.

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Shelby says the truck has best-in-class towing, but they declined to elaborate. However, the Ford F-Series Super Duty has a maximum conventional towing capacity of 24,200 lbs (10,977 kg) and a maximum fifth-wheel towing capacity of 32,500 lbs (14,742 kg).

On the styling front, the truck has been equipped with a ventilated ram air hood, heavy duty bumpers and a chase rack that can hold two spare tires. The model also sports LED auxiliary lights, power retractable side steps and additional body color accents. Rounding out the highlights are a spray-in bed liner and 18-inch wheels wrapped in 37-inch BFG KM3 tires.

That’s just scratching the surface as the model has a Fox suspension which gives the truck a “higher ride height, more travel and improved off-road handling.” It features adjustable upper control arms, custom front radius arms and a Fox 2.0 dual steering stabilizer. There are also front coilovers with Fox 2.5 adjustable reservoirs and 2.5 Fox Factory Race adjustable rear shocks with piggyback reservoirs.

Last but not least, there’s a sportier interior with Shelby branded leather seats and faux carbon fiber trim. Customers will also find billet pedals, special gauges, embroidered floor mats and a serialized dash plaque.

Production will be limited to 250 units for the 2021 model year and pricing starts at $125,805 including the base F-250 Lariat 4×4.

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McLaren’s new Artura, the car that’s meant to herald a new age for the British automaker, has finally arrived, and along with it comes a list of firsts for the company. The supercar has only been out for less than a week but we were able to get a look at not only the first one in the United States, but also one of the first in a setting other than a professional studio.

The car was at McLaren North Jersey at the time of our visit last week, but right now it’s currently visiting another dealership in Connecticut. It’s worth noting that finding adequate space to take photos of the car was somewhat of a challenge, but we tried to capture it as best as we could.

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Image credits Andrew Gutman / CarScoops

The first thing that immediately stood out was the stunning Flux Green launch color. The paintwork was incredibly rich and deep, and it had a very nice color-shifting quality to it, appearing as different mix of yellow and green tones depending on the lighting. The interior was also in the same color scheme as the launch car, with a black dashboard, white seats and door cards, and green accents throughout.

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The overall exterior design, while all-new, is quite familiar for a McLaren. It’s certainly more evolutionary than revolutionary, but you can definitely tell what’s new, especially in person. Things like the recessed headlights and new side intake design are a welcome addition to some of the cues that we’ve become accustomed to on other McLaren models. Some other interesting things to note are the lack of cut lines on top of the rear end and the surprisingly decent amount of trunk space.

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Unfortunately, this was a demo car, so we couldn’t get to hear it fire up or see it drive, but the Artura’s specs speak for themselves. It boasts 671 hp (680 PS / 500 kW) and 531 lb-ft (720 Nm) of torque, a 0-60 mph (0-100 km/h) time of 3 seconds, and a top speed of 205 mph (330 km/h). Combine all of that with the striking design, the all-new platform it rides on, and the fact that it’s both Woking’s first V6 and plug-in hybrid car, and you begin to understand why the company touts the Artura as “the full force of McLaren”.

Special thanks to Venetia Katsihtis and the rest of McLaren North Jersey for making this happen

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Images copyright Andrew Gutman / Carscoops.com

在高球界擁有崇高地位的前世界球王老虎伍茲(Tiger Woods),昨日發生嚴重車禍,儘管雙腿骨折,但並無生命危險,第一個抵達伍茲車禍現場的洛杉磯副警長指出,「伍茲能在這場車禍中倖存,真的非常幸運,車內乘客空間完好無損,車內氣囊也都有做動保護伍茲」。而他駕駛的韓國豪華品牌 Genesis GV80,在這場車禍中,保護了伍茲,因此備受各界注目。

Genesis GV80,是 Genesis 最頂級休旅。

這裡看 Genesis GV80 相片集(function(){var album_arr = {};album_arr.no = '1941';album_arr.path = '/Upload/auto/bphoto/thumb/2021/02/24/';album_arr.photos = [['24801','20210224-24801-1.png'],['24802','20210224-24802-2.png'],['24803','20210224-24803-3.png'],['24804','20210224-24804-4.png'],['24805','20210224-24805-5.png'],['24806','20210224-24806-6.png'],['24807','20210224-24807-7.png'],['24808','20210224-24808-8.png']];album_show(album_arr);})();

Genesis 其實是韓國車廠 Hyundai 推出的豪華品牌,在 2015 年正式從 Hyundai 品牌中獨立出來,目的就是要展現韓國車廠也有與德國日本豪華車廠一較高下的實力。以北美、韓國市場為重心,目前擁有豪華房車 G70、G80 等,豪華休旅部分,則有 GV70 及這次主角 GV80,其中的「V」,就是 SUV 休旅的意思。

GV80 是去年(2020)年初所發表的車款,也是目前 Genesis 最頂級豪華休旅,有著很難不注意到的超大水箱護罩,猶如盾牌一樣,搭配兩側延伸至車側的雙頭 LED 頭燈,展現出獨特設計風格,輪圈部分,最大可以升級到 22 吋。 

GV80 為 2020 年初發表,以北美市場為主要銷售地區。


在軸距長達 2,954mm 的情況下,車內以「少即是多」為設計主軸,有著頂級乘坐舒適感體驗的 Nappa 皮革座椅,第二排座椅更擁有加熱、通風以及電動靠背調整的設計,另外也提供 7 人座乘坐配置。12.3 吋 3D 數位儀表板搭配 14.5 吋的中控觸碰螢幕、Lexicon 頂級音響附 21 支揚聲器、停車輔助,都是 GV80 的配備之一。

12.3 吋數位儀表板搭配 14.5 吋中控螢幕,極為氣派。

為旋鈕式排檔,提供 8 速變速。

這次能讓伍茲脫險的關鍵,就在於 GV80 的 10 顆氣囊,而目前當今汽車顯學的輔助駕駛系統,GV80 也都一應俱全,包括 FCA、RCTA 等都包含在內。 

在動力方面,有著 2.5T 四缸渦輪及 3.5T 六缸渦輪引擎,均搭配 8 速變速箱,2.5T 渦輪可爆發出最大 300 匹馬力,3.5T 渦輪更可來到 375 匹馬力。

GV80 的對手,正是德系的豪華品牌休旅,包括 Mercedes-Benz GLE、BMW X5、Audi Q7 等對手,GV80 在美國的售價約 190 萬元台幣左右。

Genesis 曾在 2009 年及 2015 年時,以 Hyundai 旗下頂級車款身份進入台灣。此為 2015 年時發表的第二代車款。

Hyundai 曾經在 2015 年底時,將當時還是在 Hyundai 旗下的第二代 Genesis 房車導入台灣,對手鎖定 BMW 5 系列等德系豪華品牌房車,當時是採 3.8 升 V6 自然進氣引擎,提供最大 311 匹馬力,採用當時的 Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 設計理念打造,當時開出 288 萬元單一車型的售價。

不過隨著 Genesis 自 Hyundai 品牌中獨立出來之後,台灣方面至今都無任何將 Genesis 帶入台灣的規劃。