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Good morning and welcome to our daily digest of automotive news from around the globe, starting with…

Genesis Teases Electric Coupe Concept, Could It Be A More Production-Ready Essentia?

Genesis’s gorgeous Essentia concept looked a long way from production ready back in 2018, but the latest teaser video suggests the Korean company might be about to drop the finished car.

The 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS Flagship Electric Sedan Has A Bonkers 56″ Curved Screen Dash

If you thought the dash and touchscreen on the latest S-class looked pretty trick, get a load of the triple-display MBUX Hyperscreen infotainment option on its EQS EV sister.

First Drive: The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Isn’t A One-Trick Pony

One of the biggest takeaways from our time with the Ford’s Mach-E is that everyone has an opinion about whether this electric crossover should be wearing that Mustang badge. Click the title to find out what we think about that, and the car itself.

1963 Corvette Grand Sport Replica From Fast & Furious Is Being Auctioned Off

Mongoose Motorsports built an incredible 12 Grand Sports for 2011’s Fast Five outing for the Fast and Furious franchise, and this is supposedly the nicest of the three not wrecked by the crash-loving production crew.

Watch The $1.25 Million, 1,200 HP Drako GTE Being Put To The Test On A Frozen Lake

Drako’s GTE electric sedan might have been conceived in sunny California but it looks right at home on the frozen icy waters of Georgetown Lake in Colorado in this four-wheel-drift-filled video.

How Much Faster Is The BMW M4 Competition Than The M440i xDrive?

BMW’s latest rear-wheel drive M4 Competition has over 120 hp more than the M440i, but is the all-wheel drive 440’s xDrive traction off the line enough to keep it ahead in a drag race? This video reveals all.

What Else Is Making The News

Boston Dynamics: Inside the workshop where robots of the future are being built

You’ve probably seen some of the incredible (and slightly scary) robots developed by Boston Dynamics, but CBS’s 60 Minutes managed to get a sneak look inside the company’s HQ. It’s even crazier than you imagined.

How Hamilton beat Verstappen with a slower car at the Bahrain Grand Prix

ESPN thinks the nail-biting finish to 2021’s opening race suggests we could be in for the closest season in years – much to the relief for anyone who doesn’t work for Mercedes.

Both Formula 1 and NASCAR had big plans for this weekend, with the former putting on a thriller of a season opener, and the latter supposed to be having its first dirt race since 1970 (although it was since postponed to Monday). Nevertheless, the two motorsport series have announced that their respective cars will be making an appearance in the popular car-soccer video game Rocket League.

The new season arrives on April 7, but the NASCAR and F1 car won’t be here until early May and mid-May respectively. Both cars will come with their own bundles, and a new car, called Tyranno, was made to compete against the likes of the race cars.

See Also: The New Ford F-150 To Come With Rocket Boosters (Because It’s For Rocket League)

Also coming in Season 3 is a newly redesigned DFH Stadium map that’s been given a racing circuit makeover. It now includes a track and “all the pageantry found trackside during a championship Sunday” to really drive the motorsport theme home. The new DFH Stadium (Circuit) will be added to both the game’s Casual and Competitive playlists, and will be available for Private Matches and Freeplay when Season 3 kicks off.

Overall, this crossover seems like a really cool idea, and hopefully it brings some attention to the two motorsports series in places where they don’t typically have much of a following. As mentioned before, the season will begin on April 7, which will come following a game update on April 6 at 11:00 AM UTC. Once it goes live, there will be new Competitive Tournament Rewards and the new Competitive Season will start.


CITIZEN outdoor運動系列PROMASTER以強悍的功能,結合獨特的都會設計風格印象烙印在消費者的心中,從1989年發展至今,開發出許多新穎的技術,而2021年CITIZEN PROMASTER以潛水錶領軍,帶來全新的精彩腕錶。頭號戰將為搭載機械機芯之全新鈦合金錶殼潛水錶,以清晰易讀、經久耐用、抗磁精準、造型霸氣著稱。



全新PROMASTER Marine系列機械潛水錶新力軍~東瀛蛟龍NB6004-08E具備全新開發抗磁的機械機芯9051,使機械潛水錶規格更上一層樓。原廠將抗磁材質運用於全新機芯9051其中的平衡游絲及內部機芯零組,因此能夠達到全面性的抗磁效果,其機芯抗磁效果可在16,000安培的磁場距離1公分的地方仍然能夠不受磁力影響精準運行,CITIZEN對此抗磁機芯的研發理念,是源自現代社會處處充斥著許多行動電子裝置,因此手錶自身對抗受磁的特點格外重要,值得一提此9051機芯甚至能夠抵抗羅盤中的磁鐵,展現優異的抗磁性。此外東瀛蛟龍機械潛水錶NB6004-08E具有強悍的200米的防水深度。


錶殼了採用CITIZEN獨家的優異材質超級鈦,因此即使腕錶錶徑達到46mm的霸氣尺寸仍然能夠保持輕盈舒適的配戴感,另外錶殼上使用上CITIZEN獨家硬化技術MRK,錶圈則是使用Duratect DLC,使之產生碳灰色的內斂光澤,多層次零組件的錶殼,分毫不差的完美組裝成型,針對安全性及實用性,三個指針除了維持PROMASTER一貫的寬軸便於辨識時間,從內而外進行全面的強化,喜愛潛水錶的CITIZEN粉絲絕對是必要收藏的品牌逸品。

▲BJ2167-03E(紅)BJ2168-01E(綠)BJ2169-08E(藍)光動能潛水錶/定價2.98萬/50.4mm不鏽鋼錶殼/藍寶石玻璃/200米防水/光動能 滿電狀態可連續運作2個月/水深測量50米/50分鐘碼錶/上升速度過快警告/2021年5月上市

Aqualand潛水錶 光動能爆發

CITIZEN全新發布的Marine系列中的Aqualand潛水腕錶具備強悍200米的防水性以及可以記錄50米的潛水深度。PROMASTER系列腕錶經過歷年的發展證明其可信賴感以及功能性,無論在多嚴峻的條件之下,皆能陪伴消費者征服及超越。CITIZEN 首款Aqualand潛水腕錶在1985年上市,而1989年更名為PROMASTER Aqualand,此後的30年Aqualand名稱之腕錶皆代表具備電子感應器來計測深度的潛水錶的代名詞。

2021年全新Aqualand 光動能潛水錶以維持鮮明的前衛色彩,共推出珊瑚紅,浪淘藍以及礁岩綠三款,霸氣50.4 mm不鏽鋼錶殼尺寸,錶殼側面採用創新三層結構設計,呈現獨特的腕錶輪廓,面盤上的大三針之中的消光黑針在非潛水模式下可以顯示手錶目前的電量,當感應器偵測到水,消光黑的指針前端的橘紅色配色將會指出目前潛水深度,細窄的指針與時針、分針寬軸設計產生鮮明的差異,並且提高指針的視覺判讀性。六點鐘的秒針盤造型是參考潛水艇中的聲納顯示螢幕所創,使此腕錶更具潛水意象。


▲BN0220-16E(復古黑)BN0227-09E(藍)BN0228-06E(綠)光動能潛水錶/定價1.88萬/46.5mm鈦合金錶殼/200米防水/光動能 滿電狀態可連續運作6個月/2021年7月上市




BN0220-16E採用超級鈦錶殼和Duratect MRK維持鈦灰色的色澤及錶盤和配色使人立即聯想到1982年的原始設計,而另外兩款受到街頭文化的啟發,為光動能潛水腕錶注入年輕活力氣襲,如藍色迷彩BN0227-09L和綠色迷彩BN0228-06W,兩款的超級鈦錶殼結合CITIZEN專屬的Duratect MRK和Duratect DLC表面硬化技術將錶殼色澤呈現更潮流風格的配色。


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