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Volkswagen will be expanding its crossover family in Europe by introducing the Taigo this summer.

Based on South America’s Nivus, it will launch at the end of the year and will be put together at the Pamplona factory in Spain alongside the Polo hatchback and T-Cross small crossover, both of which share many components with the Nivus.

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“The wait is finally over for those who have been looking for a crossover utility vehicle that combines an elevated seating position with a sporty coupe silhouette”, Volkswagen says. “The new Taigo will be launched on the market with economical TSI engines, LED headlights as standard, a modern operating concept, a fully digital cockpit and a multitude of assist systems.”

The South American Nivus has a dashboard panel that’s almost identical to the Polo and hosts a 10-inch touchscreen infotainment system in the middle that can be complemented by a 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster. The multi-function steering wheel looks a bit different, but the center console and door cards appear to have been lifted from the Polo as well.

Driver assist systems include autonomous emergency braking, electronic stability control, hill-start assist, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera and fatigue detector. Volkswagen hasn’t announced the Taigo’s engine lineup, but the Nivus is offered with a turbocharged 1.0-liter TSI three-cylinder that produces 114 HP on petrol and 126 HP on ethanol and is coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive, while all-wheel drive isn’t available even as an option.

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This is the Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concept which the automaker says incorporates driving performance, styling, and advanced technology set to be realized by 2025.

Underpinning the concept is a battery-electric vehicle-dedicated platform that uses the company’s DIRECT4 four-wheel driving force control technology, making the most of the instant responsiveness of an electric motor’s force to freely control the concept’s wheels. Lexus adds that this technology controls the distribution of power across the wheels and can operate in front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive configurations.

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Lexus hasn’t provided all that many details about the car’s key hardware components, other than the fact that it features a steer-by-wire system.

A Preview Of Things To Come

The Lexus LF-Z Electrified Concep previews the evolution of the automaker’s design language. With a silhouette that reminds of coupe-crossovers, the front of the concept features an iteration of the brand’s spindle grille which, since this is an all-electric vehicle and has no internal combustion engine at the front, is closed off.

Viewed from the side, the vehicle’s short front and rear overhangs immediately catch the eye, as do the large wheels, fitting of a concept car like this. The rear of the LF-Z Electrified Concept is especially intriguing and includes a complex LED lighting array and a third brake light positioned vertically in the bumper.

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Lexus says it designed the interior of the vehicle around the concept of ‘Tazuna’, Japanese for ‘rein’. As such, it takes inspiration from the relationship between a horse and its rider, and therefore features a yoke-style steering wheel, various steering wheel-mounted switches, and a complex head-up display.

25 New Lexus Models Coming By 2025, Including 10 Electrified

Beyond premiering the LF-Z Electrified Concept itself, Lexus has announced a plan to introduce 20 new or improved models by 2025. More than 10 of them will be electrified, including battery-electrics, plug-in hybrids, and traditional hybrids, depending on the needs of specific countries and regions around the world.

Lexus has committed to expanding its sedan and SUV lineup and will also “pursue the possibility of rolling out models such as sports models that continue to provide the fun of driving.” It will also launch a new model that “redefines the concept of having a chauffeur” and will launch models into new “genres that have never before existed.”

The Japanese car manufacturer aims to offer electric variants of all its models by 2025 and wants sales of EVs to exceed those of gasoline-powered models by that date. By 2050, Lexus also aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model lineup, including the manufacturing of materials, parts and vehicles, vehicle logistics, and the final disposal and recycling of older vehicles.


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綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

就在2021年度首場F1一級方程式大賽,才剛剛在周日下午(2021/03/28)於中東地區的Bahrain巴林站落幕,並由Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team廠隊的當家1號車手Lewis Hamilton勇奪分站冠軍(2號車手Valtteri Bottas則是贏得第3名)!

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

沒想到Mercedes-Benz品牌旗下的性能副品牌Mercedes-AMG,也恰巧選擇在F1首站賽程兩天過後的今日(2021/03/31),公開旗下最新E Performance兩款高性能插電式油電複合動力的相關訊息!

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

簡單來說,Mercedes-AMG此次所公開的E Performance兩款高性能插電式油電複合動力技術,高階版本是從現有4.0升V8汽油直噴雙渦輪引擎所延伸(引擎型號M177,預估綜效馬力可望超過804 hp / 102 kgm以上,零百加速可望少於3秒)!預計首款搭載車型將可能是今年稍晚推出的GT 73e 4Matic 4門版,以及後續其他73e 4Matic相關型號車款。

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

另一款則是更改為縱置安裝(大多數L4引擎則採用橫置安裝)的2.0升L4汽油直噴渦輪引擎(引擎型號M139)!預計2022年初可望亮相的C63 e 4Matic車型將首度搭載,並具備源自F1且已應用在Mercedes-AMG Project ONE hypercar頂級超跑的MGU-H(Motor Generator Unit Heat)電子渦輪技術,與高階版相同的高性能插電式油電複合動力系統,有可能具備超過500匹以上、達到503匹綜效馬力的強悍性能。

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

至於最高輸出可達201 hp/ 32.6 kgm動力規格的E Performance高性能插電式油電系統,其EDU(Electric Drive Unit)電能驅動單元(包含大約在140 km/h時速可自動切換至2檔的2段自動變速功能E-Motor電動馬達/最高轉速約13500 rpm,以及限滑差速器),則是安裝在後軸位置來直接驅動後輪(因無需透過AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT-9G的9速手自排變速箱傳輸/耗損,因此效率更加直接且優異!若後輪打滑、後軸電動馬達也可透過碳纖維材質傳動軸,短暫傳輸動力至前輪來強化抓地力),藉此提供更均衡的車身前後配重。

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

所搭載的是自家研發且源自F1科技、原廠宣稱擁有比傳統電池還要高出兩倍能量密度、具備400V / 6.1 kWh輸出且重僅89 kg的HPB(High Performance Battery)高性能鋰離子電池模組(原廠命名為HPB80,提供70 kW/ 93.9hp恆定輸出,與可維持10秒的150 kW / 201 hp最大輸出)。並透過全新研發的高性能電動馬達將非導電性質且多達14公升的高科技冷卻液,直接且獨立冷卻多達560 cells(顆)的電池模組。

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電


綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

另外,還搭配具備10 kW(14hp)輸出的皮帶啟動馬達/發電機(RSG)、AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT-9G的9速手自排變速箱、AMG Performance 4MATIC+全時4驅系統,以及6種駕駛模式的AMG DYNAMIC SELECT(Electric電動、Comfort舒適、Sport運動、Sport+進階運動、RACE賽道、Individual個人化)。至於動能回收系統也提供Level 0~3的4段強度切換選項,其中最高層級的Level 3更可提供如同EV純電車款般的「One-Pedal」單踏板功能,帶來最高達90 kW、也就是大約120.7 hp的能量回收功效!

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

至於該套E Performance高性能插電式油電系統的主要重點,雖然著重在強悍動力性能的發揮,但原廠也表示,E Performance高性能插電式油電系統也同樣能依靠自身的電動馬達與電池模組,在車輛啟動時(儀表板顯示Ready)以預設Comfort舒適模式當中的Silent Mode靜音模式,提供輕踩油門時的EV純電短距離行駛能力(原廠並未提供相關數據)。

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電

目前原廠雖已公開許多資訊,但其實仍有許多例如電池的充電時間、EV純電續航距離、加速與極速數據…等相關細節,仍未全部公布。隨著預計在今年稍晚推出、搭載首款E Performance高性能插電式油電系統的GT 73e 4Matic 4門版的後續即將推出,相信也會陸續公開更多詳細內容,且讓我們拭目以待吧…

綜效馬力超過804與503匹的4.0升V8、2.0升L4!《Mercedes-AMG E Performance》高性能插電式油電


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