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Two-time Academy Award Winner Christoph Waltz got the chance to film a promotional video for the BMW iX alongside BMW chairman Oliver Zipse.

The Hollywood actor, who won Oscars for his performance in Inglorious Basterds (2009) and Django Unchained (2012), has taken on the position of “Co-Creator” at BMW, a partnership that kicks off with him playing a central role in the design world premiere of the all-electric iX crossover.

Zipse invited Waltz to participate in dialogues with designers, tech developers and strategy experts within the BMW Group, with a focus on the design of the iX.

“The discussions we had with Christoph Waltz in the run-up to #NEXTGen 2020 about future technologies, social change and the future significance of driving pleasure were very inspiring. He gave us new perspectives with his openness, pragmatism and a certain degree of impatience. I am delighted to have won a Co-Creator in Christoph Waltz, who will challenge us again and again with his thoughts and ideas,” said Zipse.

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Waltz is a fan of premium quality, technological precision and attention to detail, and is also interested in the ecological aspect of sustainable drive technology, which is why he keeps up with advancements in the field of electric mobility.

“I am delighted about every new technological impulse that comes not from Silicon Valley but from Europe, and I would like to see more of it,” stated the actor.

“What I was able to learn at BMW in this area impressed me very much. BMW is a very steeped-in-tradition, but at the same time extremely future-oriented company.”

Does this mean we finally know who to blame for the looks of the BMW iX? Joking aside, we look forward to seeing what future projects Waltz and the German carmaker might collaborate on.


The Canadian province of Quebec has announced that it will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars from 2035.

Quebec is the country’s second-most populous province and announced the ban as part of a $5.1 billion plan to lower the province’s greenhouse gasses by 37.5 per cent by 2030 compared with 1990 levels. The move comes just a couple of months after California announced it will ban the sale of gasoline passenger vehicles by 2035.

Quebec isn’t the only Canadian province looking to phase out ICE vehicles. In fact, British Columbia is moving to phase out the sale and lease of fuel-powered cars and trucks by 2040.

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As part of Quebec’s move, it will renew rebates on the purchase or rental of EVs and charging stations for citizens. As it stands, the government offers individuals, businesses and organizations a rebate of up to $6,100 for the purchase of lease of a new electric vehicle. The provincial government has also committed to electrifying its fleet of light vehicles and wants 100 per cent of its cars, vans and SUVs to be electric by 2030, while 25 per cent of its pickups will be electric by 2030.

According to Reuters, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised sweeping measures to fight climate change in the country and will look to make zero-emission vehicles more affordable.

Word of Quebec’s ban on gasoline-powered vehicles comes just after a report suggesting that the UK will ban the sales of all new ICE vehicles in 2030 and only allow the sale of hybrid vehicles until 2035.

Lamborghini 於臺北時間昨晚 (11/18) 11 點整,不僅依約正式發表了目前「小牛」Huracán 車系的最強公路競技版本:Huracán STO,還為「牠」穿上幾乎與 Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 及 Huracán GT3 EVO 相同的空力賽車服,並將 5.2 升 V10 自然進氣汽油引擎的馬力輸出提升至 640 匹 (PS),且採用後輪驅動的設定,藉以向連續 3 年 (2018~2020 年) 拿下 Daytona 24 小時耐久賽桂冠與 2 屆 Sebring 12 小時耐久賽的冠軍之 Huracán GT3 EVO 致敬。

Lamborghini 於臺北時間昨晚 (11/18) 11 點整,依約發表目前「小牛」Huracán 車系的最強公路競技版本:Huracán STO,向連續 3 年 (2018~2020 年) 拿下 Daytona 24 小時耐久賽桂冠與 2 屆 Sebring 12 小時耐久賽的冠軍之 Huracán GT3 EVO 致敬。

Huracán STO 車名中的「STO」,是 Super Trofeo Omologato 的縮寫,除了很清楚地與車迷溝通它「可合法掛牌上路之賽車」的車型定位,也解釋了為什麼這款車型為什麼完整地搭載了幾乎與 Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 及 Huracán GT3 EVO 相同的空力套件。

Huracán STO 完整地搭載了幾乎與 Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 及 Huracán GT3 EVO (圖下綠車) 相同的空力套件。

而且在 Huracán STO 上,Lamborghini 為其採用了名為「Cofango」、設計靈感來自 Miura 和 Sesto Elemento 的前掀式一體式前蓋,將整個前蓋、前保險桿、下擾流與與前葉子鈑合為一體,並在前蓋上方開鑿與 Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 及 Huracán GT3 EVO 相似的進氣孔道,用以提升車頭下壓力與散熱效率。

Lamborghini 為 Huracán STO 採用了名為「Cofango」、設計靈感來自 Miura 和 Sesto Elemento 的前掀式一體式前蓋,將整個前蓋、前保險桿、下擾流與與前葉子鈑合為一體。

車側與車尾部分,Huracán STO 則是換上較 Huracán EVO 更寬的側裙,以及流量更高的車側進氣口,並修改後葉子鈑的設計、加裝車頂引擎室進氣孔道與類似鯊魚鰭的垂直翼片,且重新設計了車尾的引擎蓋、搭載導入 ALA (Aereodinamica Lamborghini Attiva) 主動式空氣力學系統之大型固定式尾翼和誇張的底盤分流器,可在時速 200 公里時,產生 440 公斤的下壓力,整體下壓力較 Huracán Performante 提升了 53%。

Huracán STO 車側換上了更寬的側裙,以及流量更高的車側進氣口,並加裝車頂引擎室進氣孔道與類似鯊魚鰭的垂直翼片,且搭載導入 ALA 主動式空氣力學系統之大型固定式尾翼。

此外,由於 Huracán STO 有超過 75%的車身鈑件,採用的是輕量化高剛性的碳纖維製作,且配置由 Brembo 的 CCM-R 碳纖陶瓷煞車系統,以及比 Huracán Performante 減輕 20%重量的前擋風玻璃等,所以 Huracán STO 的車重只有 1,339 公斤而以,不但較 Huracán EVO Coupé (1,422 公斤) 少了 83 公斤,也比 Huracán Performante 又少了 43 公斤。

Huracán STO 有超過 75%的車身鈑件,採用的是輕量化高剛性的碳纖維製作,所以車重只有 1,339 公斤,不但較 Huracán EVO Coupé (1,422 公斤) 少了 83 公斤,也比 Huracán Performante 又少了 43 公斤。
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充滿競技氛圍的雙座空間內,Huracán STO 則是大量的以 Alcantara 類麂皮來包覆,並搭配碳纖維的飾板,且配置了兩張碳纖維底座的可調式賽車座椅與 4 點式安全帶,座椅後方還有半套防滾籠。

Huracán STO 車內大量以 Alcantara 類麂皮包覆,並搭配碳纖維的飾板,且配置了兩張碳纖維底座的可調式賽車座椅與 4 點式安全帶。

而且 Lamborghini 還為 Huracán STO 重新設定了包括 STO、TROFEO 與 PIOGGIA 的駕駛模式 (標準版 HuracánEVO 的駕駛模式則為 STRADA 街道、SPORT 運動與 CORSA 賽道),其中 STO 模式適合日常行駛,TROFEO 模式則是為賽道駕駛所設定,擁有激進的動態表現和性能輸出,而 PIOGGIA 則是雨天駕駛的模式,可將車身穩定系統設定在最安全的狀態。

Lamborghini 還為 Huracán STO 重新設定了包括 STO、TROFEO 與 PIOGGIA 的駕駛模式,且不同模式下儀表板的顯示顏色也不相同。

性能表現與傳動配置方面,Huracán STO 則是搭載與 Huracán EVO 車系共用的 5.2 升 V10 自然進氣汽油引擎,並將最大馬力輸出調校至 640 匹 (PS),且有 57.6 公斤米之最大扭力,搭配 7 速雙離合器自手排變速箱和後輪驅動的設定後,不僅只需 3.0 秒就能由靜止加速至時速 100 公里 (四驅設定的 Huracán EVO Coupé僅需 2.9 秒),由靜止衝刺至時速 200 公里則與 Huracán EVO Coupé一樣只需 9 秒,極速則受到空力套件的影響而為時速 310 公里 (Huracán EVO Coupé的極速為 325 公里)。

Huracán STO 引擎蓋下搭載的是與 Huracán EVO 車系共用的 5.2 升 V10 自然進氣汽油引擎,最大馬力輸出為 640 匹 (PS),且有 57.6 公斤米之最大扭力。

至於新車的導入時程方面,以目前總代理嘉鎷興業導入新車的速度來看,這款性能強悍、外型乖張的公路競技小牛,最快應該 2021 年 1 月就會抵臺;而在售價部分,目前原廠針對北美、歐洲與日本市場所報出的 Huracán STO 不含稅價格,分別為 327,828 美元、249,412 歐元與 37,500,000 日圓,中國市場的含稅價則為人民幣 390 萬元起。


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