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Ferrari, of all automakers, is developing an SUV dubbed the Purosangue and Top Gear’s Chris Harris isn’t particularly fond of the idea.

The veteran journalist has been an outspoken critic of the world’s current fascination with SUVs, particularly premium SUVs from the likes of Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Lamborghini. He doesn’t think history will look back on the current SUV trend with fondness and says there’s nothing that Ferrari can do to make an SUV that would appeal to him.

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However, Harris does mention that it was only a matter of time before Ferrari launched an SUV, stating that the automaker simply couldn’t sit back and watch Lamborghini raking in profits from the Urus without making a rival of its own. He adds that if Enzo Ferrari were still alive, he might be rather fond of an SUV as it will generate more money for the company that it will be able to reinvest into its various racing programs.

Technical specifications about the Ferrari Purosangue aren’t known at this stage, although we know that it will replace the GTC4Lusso. In all likelihood, it will come as standard with a 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that could be tuned to produce approximately 650 hp, matching up well with the Urus. Moreover, there’s a possibility that the twin-turbocharged V6 hybrid being developed by will be an option. What about a screaming, naturally-aspirated V12? While we’d love to see it, in all likelihood it’s not going to happen.


Rendering courtesy of Daniel Crossman on Behance

An original 1967 Ford Mustang Eleanor from the famous Nicholas Cage movie Gone In 60 Seconds is currently up for sale in Germany.

‘Eleanor’ Mustangs have become hugely desirable and there are lots of knock-offs out there, even though the company that owns the rights to the Eleanor name has clamped down on recreations. This example, though, is the real deal.

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A total of 11 Eleanor Mustangs were produced by Cinema Vehicle Services for the film and three of them served as hero cars. This is one of them and it is listed for sale through Chrome Cars at an undisclosed sum.

According to the dealer, this example was purchased from the United States and exported to Europe. All 11 examples constructed for the film were based on normal 1967/1968 Ford Mustang Fastbacks, but the three hero cars were upgraded with coilovers, a 9-inch Lincoln rear axle, new wishbones, and a 351 cubic-inch V8 engine from Ford. Most of the cars used in the film were destroyed, including the one-off ‘high-speed’ example that had a 390 cubic-inch V8 and was used for various driving scenes.

It remains to be seen how much this rare Mustang will sell for, but in January, one of the eight non-hero cars from the film sold for $852,500 at an auction.

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英國獨立車廠 Morgan 以現代造車科技結合復古設計出名,其中以復古螺旋獎飛機為靈感在 2011 年於日內瓦車展首度亮相的 3 Wheeler,極為搶眼的外觀是一大特色。不過 3 Wheeler 車系即向邁入終結,為了劃下完美句點,Morgan 推出僅 30 輛的 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 限定車型。

由於引擎無法通過法規,因此 Morgan 必須停產 3 Wheeler,在此之前推出了僅 30 輛的 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 限定車型。

3 Wheeler 外觀設計有許多亮點,除了車頭引擎外露,彷彿機槍般的車側直通排氣管同樣引人注意。而車身側面與過去戰鬥機相同的凶悍眼神彩繪,還有仿飛機造型的座艙,都讓 3 Wheeler 猶如一輛在地面奔馳的古老戰鬥機。

限量版 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 是從當初原始廠內代號 Project 101 而來,和一般車型不同的之處在於換上了不少手工訂製元素。比如說覆蓋於原本副駕駛座位上的金色復合樹脂材質外蓋,這個設計來自於 2016 年 Morgan 以 3 Wheeler 為基礎所打造的 EV3 Concept 概念車。車頭下方兩側 Hella 的 9 吋投射燈不僅再增加了一些粗獷剽悍的運動風格,同時也能減少經過前雙 A 臂懸吊的擾動氣流。

在一般車型已經十分經典的外觀上,Morgan 添加了一些訂製元素,讓 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 絕對能成為路上最引人注目的焦點。

車身塗裝亦使用專屬銀、黑搭配花樣,不過買家仍然可以在 4 種客製化選項當中自由更換自己喜歡的圖樣。包括 Belly Tank、Aviator、Race Car ,以及原廠宣稱最為大膽,使用黑白軍事主題的 Dazzleship。


3 Wheeler P101 Edition 動力則沒有什麼改變,仍然使用 S&S 的 2.0 升 V 型雙缸引擎,在 5,250rpm 時可輸出 82 匹最大馬力。雖然動力看起來十分貧弱,然而 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 車重僅約 500 公斤,因此 0~100km/h 加速表現十分優異,僅需 6 秒左右便可完成。由於這具引擎到了 2021 年便無法通過法規審查,因此造成 3 Wheeler 必須停產的局面。

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雖說 Morgan 推出 3 Wheeler P101 Edition 以紀念 3 Wheeler 車系停產,不過先別急著掬一把時代眼淚,因為 Morgan 已經確認未來還會繼續推出新一代 3 Wheeler,但相關時程與計畫則尚未公布。