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【CC中字&ENG】百變 Carry Magic Kei-Truck!80 年代 Suzuki Carry 變露營車無難度!|拍車男


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With its punchy engine, meaty sound, stiff suspension, bespoke body kit and tartan upholstery, the Volkswagen Up! GTI is perhaps one of the cutest hot city cars out there, but the owner of this example wanted something a bit flashier.

It all started when they saw Milltek’s take on the tiny GTI, so they turned to Vilner Garage for something similar.

In return, the Bulgarian tuner analyzed the original work and reinterpreted it, thus creating a lively pattern for the exterior combining the black, grey and red graphics on the white body, and adorning it with the number ‘21’, which is of significant importance to the owner.

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“It is not uncommon for us to have customers who like a project on the internet to come to us with the idea of making their car one-on-one with the one seen”, said Atanas Vilner. “Of course, this is technically impossible, because the artist could not help but leave a personal imprint on his creation, and yet it is not right to copy. Milltek is a great tuning company, and [the] VW Up! GTI project has done them very well.”

For once, Vilner didn’t go wild on the interior, something that they’re famously known for, so the tartan upholstery is still there, alongside the red stitching, GTI badges and other model-specific stuff that sets the Up GTI! apart from the standard variants.

The engine carries over unchanged too, with the 1.0-liter TSI pumping out 113 HP (115 PS / 85 kW) and 148 lb-ft (200 Nm) of torque. The turbocharged three-cylinder drives the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission, allowing the Up! GTI to hit 62 mph (100 km) in 8.8 seconds and reach a 122 mph (196 km/h) top speed.

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所謂打鐵要趁熱,憑著新一代 Fit 熱潮,Honda 除了將用 Fit 架構推出 ZR-V 休旅外,據傳品牌正籌備一款同樣架構的全新的跨界旅行車,概念就像是 Subaru Outback、Ford Focus Active Wagon 之類的產品。

在現有的小型 Shuttle 旅行車,據傳 Honda 擬再增加跨界產品。

跨界流行風近來準備吹向旅行車級距,各品牌似乎嗅到商機,均有意延伸推出此類型產品,據多方日媒消息指出,Honda 就打算用上新一代 Fit 底盤,開發出全新的跨界旅行車,有可能取代現行 Shuttle 地位。

如同 Focus 車系,除了標準房車、掀背車、旅行車外,另有跨界的 Active 產品,畢竟車身架構相當,加上跨界元素並不會提高太多開發成本,搭上跨界熱潮,增加產品曝光度,品牌何樂不為。

Honda 神秘的跨界旅行車,尺碼定位可能在 HR-V、CR-V 之間,若最快明年上市,對手可能就是鎖定正夯的 Toyota Corolla Cross。



長安福特近來針對 Foucs 車系做更新,換上類似 Kuga 前臉設計與針對內裝系統做升級,並額外追加熱門的 Active Wagon 系列,提供更多元產品選擇。由於台灣市場動向與長安福特息息相關,說不定能提前預覽台灣明年 Focus 改款動向。

標準版房車 Focus 換上「星穹式鍍鉻」水箱護罩。

此次外型改變最多的為四門 Sedan,車頭採用與 Kuga 相似「星穹式鍍鉻」水箱護罩,周圍並搭配黑色鋼琴烤漆飾條,提升視覺層次感與辨識度,此次的新外型加上原本既有 ST-Line 版本,讓 Focus 車系外觀選擇多樣化。


內裝將原本的 4 吋傳統儀錶+8 吋液晶螢幕,升級成 8 吋數位儀錶+12.3 吋多媒體螢幕,並能整合 Apple CarPlay、Android Auto 手機娛樂功能,值得一提的是這套數位儀錶,台灣已有不少車主自行改裝移植,未來相信是台灣原廠考量項目之一。

至於中國市場特有 12.3 吋多媒體螢幕引進機會則不高,因與當地百度 AI 合作,多項軟體功能僅能在中國特定市場使用。

Focus Active Wagon 是結合旅行與休旅車特點的跨界型產品。

除了針對標準款 Focus 做更新外,長安福特首次帶來 Active Wagon 系列,將旅行車融合跨界熱潮,是車系熱門新寵兒。首先在外觀上,中國地區與歐規略有不同,車頭採用類似 Escape 星穹設計,來強調都會時尚氣息。

Focus Active Wagon 添加流行跨界元素,並加高離地高度,帶來與眾不同的視覺新鮮感。車身尺碼來到 4,678×1,841×1,555mm,擁有旅行車向來優美的車身線條,並保有休旅車離地高度實用性。