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According to Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, the Swedish carmaker is aiming to become an electric-only brand within the next 10 years.

Volvo has already stated that one goal is to have half its global sales be fully-electric models by 2025, yet it has still to set a deadline for when it will stop manufacturing new vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, reports Autonews Europe.

“The way forward would be to have clear rules on when we need to exit the combustion engine,” he told the Financial Times Future of the Car Summit. “I would be surprised if we wouldn’t deliver only electric cars from 2030.”

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Even though Volvo wants for 20% of its global sales for this year to be electrified, the majority of them will still only be mild-hybrid and plug-in hybrid models.

“The way forward would be to have clear rules on when we need to exit the combustion engine,” he added. “Once you have realized that the petrol and diesel engine are really not part of the future, it’s rather easy to see you have to move fast into the new world.”

Samuelsson said that his company already came to this realization and is not anxious about countries such as the UK setting end dates for the sale of internal combustion engine models.

“Volvo will be very careful and deliver only electric engines before anybody has legal requirements for this.”

He also stated that by having “clear rules” is how we ended up with cars that feature seat belts, airbags and antilock brakes, systems that were implemented swiftly and not because of “incentives or credit points.”

2020 年 12 月 4 日週五將進行的第 139 集【U-Live 直播】,時間為中午 12 點 30 分。而這週【U-Live 直播】將由 U-CAR 編輯 Toby 與張旭共同主持,除了會與網友們解析 11 月國內的銷售戰況,也會解析 BMW 4 Series、Porsche Taycan 等新車各自的產品魅力,有興趣的網友們千萬別錯過!

【U-Live 直播】第 138 集
Corolla Cross 單月突破 5 千輛!11 月銷售報告分析

Toyota Corolla Cross 成為 11 月份新車銷售最受矚目車款,憑藉驚人的 5,319 輛銷售量,輕鬆蟬聯總市場 11 月份銷售冠軍。Corolla Cross 繳出的 5,319 輛單月銷量,也超越同門的 RAV4 車系,寫下總市場休旅車單月銷售新高紀錄,Corolla Cross 首個完整銷售月氣勢驚人,也應證了新世代銷售神車的誕生。另外值得關注的是,Ford Kuga 也在產能恢復的狀態下以 1,949 輛之姿、超越 Honda CR-V 的 1,785 輛,此外重點國產新車 Nissan Sentra 開賣第 2 個月也繳出 1,360 輛的佳績。直播中我們也會與網友們共同分析 11 月的銷售戰局!

Toyota Corolla Cross 成為 11 月份新車銷售最受矚目車款,憑藉驚人的 5,319 輛銷售量,輕鬆蟬聯總市場 11 月份銷售冠軍。
4 Series 挾超大雙腎而來!48V 等科技入注

BMW 代號 G22 的第 2 代 4 Series Coupé在 12 月 12 日正式上市,新車最重要的特色乃是品牌首搭的超大雙腎,在國內首波導入 420i M Sport、430i M Sport、M440i xDrive 共 3 車型,建議售價分別為 236 萬、285 萬、370 萬,與預售價相同,其中僅 M440i 搭載 48V 輕油電科技,全車系也標配智慧駕駛輔助套件、無線 Apple CarPlay/Android Auto、iPhone 手機數位鑰匙。直播中也會與網友們共同解析其產品實力!

BMW 代號 G22 的第 2 代 4 Series Coupé在本周正式上市,新車在國內首波導入 420i M Sport、430i M Sport、M440i xDrive 共 3 車型,建議售價分別為 236 萬、285 萬、370 萬,與預售價相同。圖為 BMW 品牌大使許瑋甯。
Porsche 重點量產電動車之作,Taycan 將成電動轎跑標竿?

Porsche Taycan 將在 12 月 3 日於國內正式發表,將維持與預售相同的設定,提供包含 4S、Turbo 及 Turbo S 總計 3 種車型,正式售價則預估將不會有所更動,分別為 4S 473 萬、Turbo 660 萬及 Turbo S 800 萬元。而首次推出品牌量產市售的 Porsche,在 Taycan 這樣的產品有何魅力與科技突破,直播中也會與網友們來共同解析!

Porsche Taycan 預計將在 12 月 3 日於國內正式發表,將維持與預售相同的設定,提供包含 4S、Turbo 及 Turbo S 總計 3 種車型。

本週【U-Live 直播】節目,我們會在節目中回答網友於 U-CAR 討論區、以及 Youtube 討論區的即時提問。對上述相關議題有興趣的 U-CAR 網友,可於事前在 U-CAR 討論區、以及 Youtube 討論區提問與我們互動,我們會在直播中回答相關的網友提問。


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One of Formula 1’s most promising young talents, George Russell (currently racing for Williams), will get the chance to drive the best car on the grid when he fills in for Lewis Hamilton at this weekend’s Sakhir GP. Hamilton was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday and has gone into isolation.

In order to compete for Mercedes, Russell had to be released by Williams temporarily.

He will become just the fifth driver to race for Mercedes-AMG Petronas since 2010, and the third Briton to represent the team after Sir Stirling Moss and of course, Hamilton himself.

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Russell has been a member of the Mercedes Junior Program since 2017 and has already tested for the championship-winning outfit on several occasions in the past, so he probably knows what to expect, at least to some extent.

“First and foremost, I wish to thank our loyal partners at Williams for their collaboration and open-mindedness in making it possible for George to race for Mercedes this weekend. The conversations with the team at Williams were positive and pragmatic, and those were the key factors in reaching an agreement,” said team principal and CEO, Toto Wolff.

“It will not be a straightforward task for George to make the transition from the Williams to the W11, but he is race-ready and has detailed understanding of the 2020 tyres and how they perform on this generation of cars. George has shown impressive form this year with Williams, playing an instrumental role in their climb up the grid, and I am optimistic that he will deliver a strong performance alongside Valtteri, who will be a demanding reference for him.”

As for us fans, it will be fascinating to see what someone else can do inside Hamilton’s Mercedes, especially someone who has already performed very well this year, despite the limitations of his current car.