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One of Formula 1’s most promising young talents, George Russell (currently racing for Williams), will get the chance to drive the best car on the grid when he fills in for Lewis Hamilton at this weekend’s Sakhir GP. Hamilton was diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday and has gone into isolation.

In order to compete for Mercedes, Russell had to be released by Williams temporarily.

He will become just the fifth driver to race for Mercedes-AMG Petronas since 2010, and the third Briton to represent the team after Sir Stirling Moss and of course, Hamilton himself.

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Russell has been a member of the Mercedes Junior Program since 2017 and has already tested for the championship-winning outfit on several occasions in the past, so he probably knows what to expect, at least to some extent.

“First and foremost, I wish to thank our loyal partners at Williams for their collaboration and open-mindedness in making it possible for George to race for Mercedes this weekend. The conversations with the team at Williams were positive and pragmatic, and those were the key factors in reaching an agreement,” said team principal and CEO, Toto Wolff.

“It will not be a straightforward task for George to make the transition from the Williams to the W11, but he is race-ready and has detailed understanding of the 2020 tyres and how they perform on this generation of cars. George has shown impressive form this year with Williams, playing an instrumental role in their climb up the grid, and I am optimistic that he will deliver a strong performance alongside Valtteri, who will be a demanding reference for him.”

As for us fans, it will be fascinating to see what someone else can do inside Hamilton’s Mercedes, especially someone who has already performed very well this year, despite the limitations of his current car.

Kia 在總代理台灣森那美起亞重新引進國內市場後,在銷售表現上仍處於篳路藍縷的階段,台灣森那美起亞也持續嘗試並調整戰力配置,當前 Kia 在國內市場的主力銷售作品,當屬都會風格強烈、小型掀背戰力的 Kia Picanto,也正因為其銷售成績的重要性,總代理於 2020 年 12 月 1 日宣布,小改款 Picanto 將於 12 月 15 日舉辦上市記者會。

Kia 總代理台灣森那美起亞近日宣布,小改款 Picanto 將於 12 月 15 日國內上市發表,之所以會提前上市,關鍵在於現號 Picanto 已經邁入出清的階段,而小改款 Picanto 推估應當會在 2021 年 1 月份才開始交車。

事實上,小改款 Picanto 在 12 月中旬就要發表,應當是計畫提前展開,因為在 2020 年 11 月初,Kia 曾經揭示了 2021 年的產品上飾規劃藍圖,當時雖然並未明確透露,但卻表示在 2021 上半年,Kia 總計將會發表 4 款新作,包含了大小改款的車款,例如新世代的 Carnival、小改款的 Stinger、Stonic 與 Picanto 等。

先前 U-CAR 曾經報導過,Picanto 在市場上有著出色表現,而在 2020 年第四季初時,就已經從經銷通路傳出 Picanto 車系,除卻 GT-Line 與 X-Line 之外,其餘車系成員已經完售。圖為小改款後的 X-Line 與 GT-Line。

不過,計畫似乎總趕不上變化,在 2020 年第四季初時,U-CAR 就曾經報導過,從經銷通路端獲知,現行國內販售的第 3 代 Picanto,僅餘下高規的 GT-Line 以及 X-Line 車型,其餘車型則已經全數售完,為了能夠延續 Picanto 在國內市場的優質成果,總代理提前進行了小改款 Picanto 的上市活動,為的就是能夠在 GT-Line 與 X-Line 之外,提供一般車型的銜接販售。

小改款 Picanto 其實早在 2020 年 8 月中旬,就已經有間諜照為 U-CAR 網友捕獲。

小改款 Picanto 其實很早以前就已經在國內留下蹤跡,在 2020 年中時就已經有網友捕獲間諜照,滿覆偽裝貼紙的 Kia Picanto,當時詢問森那美起亞得知,該輛 Picanto 乃是總代理所導入、用以進行上市前各項認證的前置作業,也預告了小改款 Picanto 即將上市的節奏。

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總代理在發表會邀請函中並未提到小改款 Picanto 的內容,僅明確公布 12 月 15 日上市的日程,據悉也只是上市時間提早,真正交車時間應當還是有待 2021 年 1 月份,如此一來也能順利銜接現號 Picanto 的銷售節奏;根據從第一線經銷端探得之消息,小改款 Picanto 主要是外觀內裝上的小幅更動,動力單元並未調整,但配備卻是另一項小改款關鍵所在。

雖然總代理尚未有更多產品資訊公布,但根據從經銷通路傳來的消息指出,小改款 3 代 Picanto 應當會導入更多主被動安全配備,包含了原本就已經配置的自動煞停、盲點警示、車道偏移警示輔助等功能都會列入。

現行 3 代 Picanto 最大產品特色,就在於從中階戰力開始將 AEB 自動緊急煞車輔助系統列為標配,同時被動安全也提升至 7 氣囊 (全車系為 6 氣囊標配),Kia 近期針對小型系列作品所進行的新年式或改款車型,主要的調整就是原先標配未有 ACC 的 DriveWise 系統,改升級為標配全速域 ACC 的 DriveWise 系統,而 Picanto 原先就沒有 DriveWise 的配置,則會比照現行 Stonic 的 DriveWise 系統配置,也就是除了 ACC 之外的系統,包含了原有的 AEB 自動緊急煞車輔助、盲點警示、車道偏移警示輔助等功能,不過,詳盡配備內容與產品設定,仍有待台灣森那美起亞在 12 月 15 日上市時,正式公布為準。


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The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) will study whether the fast-growing EV charging sector has already helped drivers deal with “range anxiety”, or whether people still worry about not being able to find a charge point.

Previous research has shown that range anxiety is a key concern for many consumers, and switching to fully electric vehicles without addressing all of these issues could be problematic, reports Reuters.

The UK’s decision to ban all new gasoline and diesel vehicles in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions will be enforced starting with 2030.

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Right now, there are nearly 20,000 charging points in the UK, up from around 1,500 in 2011, the CMA said. However, that number will surely go up as more will be needed by 2030 seen as how people won’t be able to purchase any new internal combustion models.

“Being able to easily stop off at a petrol station is a standard part of a journey and consumers must trust that electric chargepoints will provide a similarly straight-forward service,” said CMA CEO Andrea Coscelli.

The CMA will look at how to develop a competitive sector while attracting private investors in order to help the sector grow, thus ensuring that drivers get the best service possible. They will also consider “how to ensure the sector works well for people now and in the future, which will help to build trust in the service and address any competition issues.”

The group’s study on the matter will be completed within a year.