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Not long after an all-electric Mini John Cooper Works GP prototype was spied testing, the British car manufacturer has lifted the veil on its John Cooper Works Electric that, for now, is officially referred to as a ‘concept’.

The automaker’s press release on the John Cooper Works Electric is scarce on detail, but does confirm Mini is looking to add all-electric vehicles to the JCW sub-brand.

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“With the MINI Electric, we’ve shown how well brand-typical driving enjoyment and electric mobility can be combined,” head of the Mini brand Bernd Körber said in a statement. “Now it’s time to translate the passion for performance of the John Cooper Works brand to electromobility. That’s why we’re working to develop concepts for electric John Cooper Works models. With this new focus on electric performance, we’re also creating the opportunity to sharpen the distinctive profile of the John Cooper Works brand more than ever before.”

The vehicle pictured is identical to the one our spy photographers snapped near the Nurburgring four weeks ago. It is wrapped in black and red camouflage and has many parts of the ICE-powered JCW GP grafted onto the Mini Electric. As such, it features the same flared wheel arches, chunkier front fascia and large rear wing. Being electric, the rear diffuser is also void of the two centrally-exiting tailpipes of the current JCW GP.

Mini hasn’t specifically said whether or not the car will hit the production line, but it does state that “future Mini vehicle architectures mean that extreme performance and genuine driving enjoyment will also be available with electric drive as well as combustion engines,” suggesting a production model could be on its way.

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DS Automobiles has released the first details about upcoming DS 4.

Set to combine “French luxury expertise” with a “daring design,” the model will ride on a new version of the EMP2 platform.

DS says the architecture can accommodate multiple powertrains and has been designed to allow for a “body/wheel ratio that’s unique for the segment.” The company went on to say the DS 4 will have a silhouette that’s athletic and efficient.

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The platform promises to be lighter as it uses hot-pressed structural components and new parts made from composite materials. The company added the architecture will meet the “latest and strictest regulatory and consumer impact standards, without compromising the overall weight of the structure.”

The DS 4 will benefit from bond-welding as well as redesigned steering and suspension systems. The company said this will guarantee “benchmark driving comfort through optimal body rigidity with exceptional responsiveness for driving enjoyment.”

Since the platform was designed with electrification in mind, there will be a plug-in hybrid variant that doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of interior space. DS says the eco-friendly model will have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 178 hp (132 kW / 180 PS) and an electric motor that develops 108 hp (81 kW / 110 PS). This setup will give the plug-in hybrid a combined output of 222 hp (165 kW / 225 PS).

DS was coy on additional specifications, but confirmed the plug-in hybrid will use a more efficient battery pack. Thanks to the new battery, the model will be able to travel more than 31 miles (50 km) on electricity alone in the WLTP combined cycle.

On the tech side of things, the model will have a massive head-up display that delivers an “avant-garde visual experience.” The display measures 21 inches and will project key vehicle information 13.1 feet (4 meters) in front of the windscreen by means of an optical illusion.

In terms of infotainment, there will be a new Iris system which promises more personalization and smartphone-like operation. It will have voice and gesture recognition technology as well as a personal assistant that can respond to requests.

The model will also benefit from an Audi-like DS Smart Touch pad located on the center console. It features handwriting recognition technology as well as support for zoom movements.

Sticking with the interior, the DS 4 could crib from the Tesla playbook as the company mentioned an innovative ventilation system which has “very compact vents, positioned high up and fitted with invisible vanes.”

Unsurprisingly, the model will offer a semi-autonomous driving system. Dubbed DS Drive Assist 2.0, the system is being described as a “major update” on the Level 2 technology found in the DS 9.

The system features a front radar, radars at the four corners, and a camera at the top of the windscreen. DS says they “record everything that happens in and around the car to help the driver.”

Thanks to the various components, the car can position itself in the center of the desired lane. DS also said we can expect new functions such as “semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment for corners, and anticipated speed recommendations from signposts.”

Getting back to the camera, it helps the DS Active Scan Suspension adjust to the situation at hand. As the company explained, it spots irregularities in the road surface and transmits this information to a computer. The system – which also uses four attitude sensors and three accelerometers – then adjusts the suspension to deal with the upcoming imperfection.

The DS 4 will also have a night vision system which uses an infrared camera mounted in the grille. A live view is shown on the car’s digital instrument cluster and hazards pop-up as warnings on the head-up display. This promises to improve safety as animals and pedestrians can be seen up to 656 feet (200 meters) away in darkness.

Speaking of seeing the dark, the DS 4 will come equipped with a new generation of Matrix LED Vision headlights. They’re narrower and “more modern” than before, and can turn up to 33.5 degrees. The headlights also adjust automatically, so the high beams can stay on continuously without dazzling oncoming drivers. Furthermore, the model will have vertical daytime running lights which are made up of 98 individual LEDs.

The DS 4 will go on sale in the United Kingdom late next year but, in the meantime, check out the latest spy photos snapped earlier today.

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Spy photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

Will the Ford Mustang family welcome a new all-wheel drive derivative? Well, according to a new report, such a model could see the light of day.

Talk about an AWD Mustang is nothing new, and while it may not appeal to all customers, there’s little doubt that it could drum up additional sales in some of the colder parts of North America and Europe where this feature is often favored by drivers.

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Quizzed by Ford Authority about the possibility of an all-wheel drive model, Ford Mustang brand manager Jim Owens said: “Well as you know, the Challenger has AWD. We’re always looking at different kinds of performance, but we have nothing to announce at the moment.”

Of course, that statement alone doesn’t mean all that much, but there’s no doubt Ford is aware of the spike in Challenger sales Dodge reported after introducing an all-wheel drive variant. Admittedly, the Challenger is based on the same platform as the Charger, which made the inclusion of all-wheel drive relatively straightforward for Dodge.

As Fox News notes, the current Mustang is based on a unique platform, but it’s possible the next-generation model could share some of its DNA with Ford’s SUV models. We also know that the Mustang will be sold as a hybrid at some stage, so maybe it would make sense for such a variant to send its power to all four wheels.