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DS Automobiles has released the first details about upcoming DS 4.

Set to combine “French luxury expertise” with a “daring design,” the model will ride on a new version of the EMP2 platform.

DS says the architecture can accommodate multiple powertrains and has been designed to allow for a “body/wheel ratio that’s unique for the segment.” The company went on to say the DS 4 will have a silhouette that’s athletic and efficient.

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The platform promises to be lighter as it uses hot-pressed structural components and new parts made from composite materials. The company added the architecture will meet the “latest and strictest regulatory and consumer impact standards, without compromising the overall weight of the structure.”

The DS 4 will benefit from bond-welding as well as redesigned steering and suspension systems. The company said this will guarantee “benchmark driving comfort through optimal body rigidity with exceptional responsiveness for driving enjoyment.”

Since the platform was designed with electrification in mind, there will be a plug-in hybrid variant that doesn’t make any sacrifices in terms of interior space. DS says the eco-friendly model will have a turbocharged four-cylinder engine that produces 178 hp (132 kW / 180 PS) and an electric motor that develops 108 hp (81 kW / 110 PS). This setup will give the plug-in hybrid a combined output of 222 hp (165 kW / 225 PS).

DS was coy on additional specifications, but confirmed the plug-in hybrid will use a more efficient battery pack. Thanks to the new battery, the model will be able to travel more than 31 miles (50 km) on electricity alone in the WLTP combined cycle.

On the tech side of things, the model will have a massive head-up display that delivers an “avant-garde visual experience.” The display measures 21 inches and will project key vehicle information 13.1 feet (4 meters) in front of the windscreen by means of an optical illusion.

In terms of infotainment, there will be a new Iris system which promises more personalization and smartphone-like operation. It will have voice and gesture recognition technology as well as a personal assistant that can respond to requests.

The model will also benefit from an Audi-like DS Smart Touch pad located on the center console. It features handwriting recognition technology as well as support for zoom movements.

Sticking with the interior, the DS 4 could crib from the Tesla playbook as the company mentioned an innovative ventilation system which has “very compact vents, positioned high up and fitted with invisible vanes.”

Unsurprisingly, the model will offer a semi-autonomous driving system. Dubbed DS Drive Assist 2.0, the system is being described as a “major update” on the Level 2 technology found in the DS 9.

The system features a front radar, radars at the four corners, and a camera at the top of the windscreen. DS says they “record everything that happens in and around the car to help the driver.”

Thanks to the various components, the car can position itself in the center of the desired lane. DS also said we can expect new functions such as “semi-automatic overtaking, speed adjustment for corners, and anticipated speed recommendations from signposts.”

Getting back to the camera, it helps the DS Active Scan Suspension adjust to the situation at hand. As the company explained, it spots irregularities in the road surface and transmits this information to a computer. The system – which also uses four attitude sensors and three accelerometers – then adjusts the suspension to deal with the upcoming imperfection.

The DS 4 will also have a night vision system which uses an infrared camera mounted in the grille. A live view is shown on the car’s digital instrument cluster and hazards pop-up as warnings on the head-up display. This promises to improve safety as animals and pedestrians can be seen up to 656 feet (200 meters) away in darkness.

Speaking of seeing the dark, the DS 4 will come equipped with a new generation of Matrix LED Vision headlights. They’re narrower and “more modern” than before, and can turn up to 33.5 degrees. The headlights also adjust automatically, so the high beams can stay on continuously without dazzling oncoming drivers. Furthermore, the model will have vertical daytime running lights which are made up of 98 individual LEDs.

The DS 4 will go on sale in the United Kingdom late next year but, in the meantime, check out the latest spy photos snapped earlier today.

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Spy photo credits: S. Baldauf/SB-Medien for Carscoops

Will the Ford Mustang family welcome a new all-wheel drive derivative? Well, according to a new report, such a model could see the light of day.

Talk about an AWD Mustang is nothing new, and while it may not appeal to all customers, there’s little doubt that it could drum up additional sales in some of the colder parts of North America and Europe where this feature is often favored by drivers.

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Quizzed by Ford Authority about the possibility of an all-wheel drive model, Ford Mustang brand manager Jim Owens said: “Well as you know, the Challenger has AWD. We’re always looking at different kinds of performance, but we have nothing to announce at the moment.”

Of course, that statement alone doesn’t mean all that much, but there’s no doubt Ford is aware of the spike in Challenger sales Dodge reported after introducing an all-wheel drive variant. Admittedly, the Challenger is based on the same platform as the Charger, which made the inclusion of all-wheel drive relatively straightforward for Dodge.

As Fox News notes, the current Mustang is based on a unique platform, but it’s possible the next-generation model could share some of its DNA with Ford’s SUV models. We also know that the Mustang will be sold as a hybrid at some stage, so maybe it would make sense for such a variant to send its power to all four wheels.

挾著不久前《Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series》才風光登上了Nürburgring Nordschleife紐柏林北賽道最速量產車寶座的氣勢,台灣賓士在2020年12月3 日正式宣佈小改款《Mercedes-AMG GT》、《Mercedes-AMG GT R》分別以 697 萬元起、1,081 萬元起的建議售價正式在台上市,即日起開放接單,預計最快可於2021 年 3 月開始陸續交車。

採用前中置引擎和後置變速箱的設定,使車輛前後重量更為平衡,體現純種跑車的造車理念,而其搭載的「One man, one enigne」精神所打造、代號為 M178 的 V8雙渦輪增壓引擎,更是令人血脈噴張的核心動力。整具引擎採鋁合金,並以砂模鑄造搭配封閉式水道設計,足以承受引擎高速運轉時的衝擊力,亦可有效降低引擎本體重量,採用乾式油槽設計則可讓車身重心降低,而以鋯合金打造的活塞更能承受高溫及維持良好導熱係數,完整取自 AMG 賽道經驗,讓駕駛能完整體驗到源自賽車的科技帶來直觀感受。此外,此具引擎搭載於Mercedes-AMG GT可輸出達 530 匹馬力,超越改款前GT S的最大動力,而在Mercedes-AMG GT R 上,動力輸出更高達 585 匹馬力,0到100加速分別僅需3.8和 3.6 秒,充分展現Mercedes-AMG 獨具的賽道性能。

Mercedes-AMG GT Mercedes-AMG GT Mercedes-AMG GT

而其搭配的AMG SPEEDSHIFT DCT 七速自手排變速箱,更可將來自 V8 的強勁動力順暢地輸出至後軸,且擁有多種操駕模式「Slippery」、「Sport」、「Sport+」以及「Individual」可供駕駛攻克各種路況,而更為熱血賽道取向的「Race」模式則能徹底解放 AMG 深厚且狂暴的動力。此外,Mercedes-AMG GT R 標配的後軸轉向系統亦能提供駕駛更為驚艷且精準到位的操駕感受,搭配長比例的車身設定,讓駕駛人擁有視線上和車輛回饋的交錯感受,駕馭樂趣再行提升。掌握完美的操控駕馭樂趣,方向盤絕對是不可或缺的核心,Mercedes-AMG GT搭配Nappa真皮的AMG 高性能平底跑車方向盤,GT R 則是DINAMICA包覆的AMG 高性能平底跑車方向盤,均搭配AMG 專屬方向盤操控按鈕,讓駕駛快速一鍵召喚熱血的性能靈魂,讓駕駛僅需專注於賽道上的操駕,徹底展現 AMG 的精神。

取自賽道經驗,Mercedes-AMG GT、GT R車身設計導入空氣力學應用,車頭兩側加大的下氣壩,強化車輛散熱效率,向外延伸的雙前側導流不僅可優化車身氣流,亦可有效降低極限操駕下的煞車熱能;車側的鍍鉻側裙飾條更為視覺上帶來畫龍點睛的效果,更顯車身緊湊流暢的線條,而在 GT 上加大的390mm碟盤和紅色卡鉗,以及 GT R 上採用的AMG 陶瓷複合材質高性能煞車系統搭配金色煞車卡鉗,更為其增添上十足的跑格氛圍;車尾更為一大亮點,採用雙邊四出圓形尾管的 GT 已有不凡賽車格調,而 GT R 則是採用中置尾管,搭配左右兩側大型的擾流鰭片,象徵其最為純粹的賽道風格。

Mercedes-AMG GT RMercedes-AMG GT RMercedes-AMG GT R

Mercedes-AMG GT可選配專屬夜魅套件,換上亮黑色 AMG 直瀑式水箱護罩、AMG 專屬 Y 輻式輪圈及黑色煞車卡鉗,車頂則採碳纖維和部分燻黑塗裝,使其更顯幾分暗夜霸氣;Mercedes-AMG GT R 可選碳纖維外觀套件,將車身大量飾條和空力套件換成碳纖維材質,大幅增添車輛跑格,而GT R 專屬的 AMG 賽道套件則為心中有賽車魂的駕駛設計,四點式安全帶(僅供賽道使用)、防翻滾護桿、AMG 賽車桶型座椅以及滅火器完全針對賽道取向,完美展現 AMG 的賽道精神。

內裝配備同樣搶眼,升級全新數位座艙,儀表採用 12.3 吋寬螢幕數位儀表,影音系統則採用 10.25 吋螢幕搭配 COMAND Online 多媒體系統,具備沉浸式的直覺操作,而 Mercedes-AMG GT 選擇夜魅套件,內裝亦能獨具風格,採用碳纖維混搭亮黑色鋼琴烤漆飾板鋪陳,並附上「AMG Night Edition」專屬字樣,方向盤亦採用DINAMICA包覆方向盤且換檔撥片改採亮黑色漆面呈現,搭配AMG 高性能賽車座椅,更彰顯Mercedes-AMG GT幾分不凡姿態。此外,享受爆發力之餘,不離安全表現,Mercedes-AMG GT、GT R同樣配備停車輔助套件及輔助前後鏡頭、車道維持輔助系統及 DISTRONIC 定速測距輔助,成為一輛安全與動力兼具的智能跑車。


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