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According to Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson, talks regarding a merger or alliance between Volvo and Geely will likely resume in the first quarter of next year.

The reason why these merger talks have been delayed in the first place was Geely’s goal to obtain a listing on Shanghai’s New Star Market, which in turn prohibited them from making any capital structure changes, explained the Volvo boss.

Their history together began when the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group purchased Volvo from Ford back in 2010.

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“Quarter one is more realistic next year. We have said we are looking at a combination and it could be done in different ways. Platform sharing and so on,” said Samuelsson. Also, any type of merger deal would have to have in place a strategy that preserves the identities of both companies, reports Autonews Europe.

Volvo in particular wants to be able to continue on its path of investing in low-emissions vehicles, with Samuelsson stating earlier this week that his company will become an electric-only brand within the next 10 years.

“Volvo is of course very proud… and Geely is very proud of their brand and they of course also don’t want to be part of a more European constellation. It is an opportunity to form some sort of an alliance,” said Samuelsson, before adding that Geely could provide Volvo with access to a lot of efficient suppliers in China. “Let’s see what is the best way forward,” he concluded.

In other global news, Volvo has sold environmental credits to Ford Europe, with both carmakers facing tighter fleet emissions rules this year.

The first pair of Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage Twins by R-Reforged has been revealed as prototypes specified by Andrea and Marella Zagato and reserved for the private Zagato collection.

This Coupe and Speedster are part of a limited edition run of 19 pairs, built to celebrate Zagato’s centenary, and each assembled by hand in R-Reforged’s new facility in Warwick, UK. The two cars will be on display at Aston Martin St. Gallen in Switzerland until New Year’s.

The cars are powered by 5.9-liter V12 engines with approximately 600 HP (80 HP more than standard), featuring new aerodynamic styling and custom interiors.

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“The essence of this project was to create a perfect ‘garage’, comprising two desirable and collectable cars; Coupé and Roadster,” says Andrea Zagato. “Limited to just 19 pairsa significant number, recalling the year Zagato was formed, the Aston Martin V12 Zagato Heritage TWINS by R-Reforged mark a remarkable milestone for the Milanese atelier. Despite having created over 450 models since our formation, we chose Aston Martin, which has surely been our most prestigious partner over the last 50 years, to mark this celebration. The cooperation with R-Reforged ensured that we could create an instant classic.”

The first thing you might notice about the Zagato Heritage Twins by R-Reforged is the aggressive stance, courtesy of a 10 mm (0.4 inches) ride height reduction and 20 mm (0.8 inches) stretched track. The wheels meanwhile measure 19-inches in diameter and are wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber.

The aero improvements consist of a new front splitter and active wing that complement the revised styling, while the interior boasts sensory rich materials, such as Grade A leather that’s available with an almost infinite range of colors, bespoke patterns and textures. Other novelties include the sleeker, longer windshield for the Speedster, and the completely retooled carpet boot moulding.

“Revealing these cars marks an incredibly special moment in both Zagato’s long history and in our own, very short journey of just three years,” said R-Universe CEO, Thomas Mayer. “We have brought together an incredible team of engineers and craftspeople to develop and produce these beautiful, exquisitely detailed cars that amplify the design, craftsmanship, performance and ownership experience of the original.”

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Porsche 純電轎跑 Taycan 在 12 月上市,對於長期關注發展電動車的 U-CAR 來講,Taycan 的確是非 Tesla 陣營中相當重量級的指標性產品。而考量到我個人使用的 BMW 730i 適逢到需換購的時機,再加上為能讓 U-CAR 編輯部同仁更深度理解電動車產業的變化,因此我們下訂購入 1 輛 Taycan 4S。藉由長期且長里程的電動車使用,不僅能深度瞭解 Taycan 的產品魅力,更能體驗並與讀者分享有關 Porsche 電動車在車輛使用、充電網、售後持有等環節的細節。

而在拿到新車規格與選配表的同時,我們發現事實上臺灣市場的 Taycan 全車系目前都標配 93.4kWh 容量、也就是原廠名為 Performance Plus 的高性能升級電池。以 4S 為例原廠的標準版是搭載 79.2kWh 的鋰電池,所以事實上臺灣的 4S 等於海外的 4S Plus 版本,而且 DC 直流充電功率是以最高 270kW、高於海外標準版的 225kW,最大續航力也來到 463 公里!

Porsche 純電轎跑 Taycan 在 12 月上市,為瞭解新世代電動車的發展與使用體驗,U-CAR 將透過購入 Taycan 4S 來對其產品力有更深認識。而國內版本的 Taycan 統一搭載 93.4kWh 容量電池,還擁有最高 270kW 的充電功率!
4S 在海外分為兩種電池,國內統一為容量較大之 93.4kWh 之版本

Porsche 先前最早是在 2019 年 9 月發表眾所矚目的純電車款 Taycan,當時最先公布的動力版本分別為 Turbo、Turbo S。Turbo 與 Turbo S 在全球統一都是搭載 93.4 kWh 的鋰電池,在搭載前後永磁同步馬達下,輸出分別為 Turbo 達 680 匹/86.7 公斤米、Turbo S 為 761 匹/107 公斤米,WLTP 續航力各為 450 公里、412 公里,可支援的最高 DC 直流電充電功率為 270kW。

2019 年 9 月 4 日,德國豪華性能車品牌 Porsche 在德國柏林、加拿大尼加拉瀑布以及中國福建平潭 3 地同步舉辦全新電動車產品 Taycan 的發表會,當時 U-CAR 也特別前往中國福建平潭見證其全球首演。但當時首波僅公布 Turbo、Turbo S 動力車型,中階版的 Taycan 4S 是後續在同年 10 月追加登場。

不過後續在 2019 年 10 月追加的中階車型 Taycan 4S,其在海外共有分為兩種電池版本。標準版本之電池設定,原廠以「Performance」稱之,使用單層電池,電池儲存的容量可以達到 79.2kWh;另一種版本名稱為「Performance Plus」,透過兩層電池設計,396 個鋰電池單元造就 800V 的高電壓,儲存容量則是達到 93.4kWh。等於實際上 Taycan 4S 在海外有分為標準版、以及 Taycan 4S Plus 版本。

不過這兩者的差異可不僅僅是電池容量,不僅 WLTP 的續航里程分別來到 407 公里、463 公里,動力也各自為標準版 530 匹(390kW)、4S Plus 版 571 匹(420kW)。在最高 DC 直流電充電支援功率部分,標準版僅有到 225kW、4S Plus 版則進一步來到 270kW。

Turbo STaycan
TurboTaycan 4S
PlusTaycan 4S標稱最大馬力 (匹)761680571530靜止加速至時速100公里 (秒)2.83.24最高時速每小時260公里每小時250公里WLTP行駛里程 (公里)412450463407可支援最高充電功率 (kW)270225電池容量 (kWh)93.479.2
廣  告
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DC 直流可支援最高達 270kW

而臺灣市場後續在 2020 年 6 月公布預售價與規格配備時,就確認國內的 Taycan 統一搭載 Performance Plus 高性能升級電池、也就是 93.4 kWh 的電池容量。換句話說,臺灣市場販售的 Taycan 4S,實際上等於海外的 Taycan 4S Plus,不僅擁有更大的動力、更佳的電池續航,更重要是可支援更高的 DC 直流電充電功率!

圖為國內 Taycan 規格。

尤其國內建置的 Porsche Turbo Charging 高速充電站,最高可達到 320kW 充電速率,為國內目前效能最高的充電站。即便 Taycan 目前車輛 DC 功率對應僅最高僅支援到 270kW,但能夠擁有如此高速的充電功率,也能大幅節省在外充電的時間,所以實際上國內的 Taycan 4S 在動力與電池規格上,確實是有著不錯的表現。

而接下來我們也將針對我們目前手握的規格與選配資訊,解析 Taycan 該如何選擇車型、並且有哪些選配值得在購車時勾選!


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