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Following the debut of the fully-electric Enyaq iV crossover, Skoda will focus on producing a zero-emission small city car, as well as a family saloon, according to chairman Thomas Schafer.

The Enyaq is Skoda’s first model built on the VW Group’s MEB EV architecture, and next year, we can expect to see a Coupe variant joining the range as well, reports Autocar.

After stating that his company will focus its electric efforts on a city car and a saloon in the next two years, Schafer was asked whether the Czech brand is planning an electric equivalent for every combustion engine model in the range.

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“First of all you’ve got to pay for all of it. I could wish for another 10 cars but the total investment won’t happen. We’re not going to double the portfolio,” he said.

“On the electric side, with the Enyaq and the Enyaq derivative that’s coming, that’s fine for now, but we need something smaller, maybe city-sized, and we need something in the flat [saloon] range, maybe an Octavia of the future, in a sense. For our brand, those are the most important electric vehicles we will see in this decade developing.”

As for a timeline with regards to an ID.3-like model, positioned below the Enyaq, Schafer wouldn’t expect it to arrive before sometime mid-decade.

“Starting vehicle concepts usually takes at least two or three years, so probably [the] middle of the decade, to be safe.”

“We still believe the Enyaq has a lot of potential to bridge quite a range of demand, going almost from a sleek SUV into estate terrain. We’re balancing and trying to find out when our factories have to changeover to electric vehicle production as well. It’s a tremendous investment to change a factory around so you don’t do that for fun.”

Regarding VW’s upcoming ID Lite platform, Skoda will definitely look to build something using that architecture, although “it will definitely look completely different [to the VW model],” concluded the Skoda boss.

受到新冠肺炎疫情影響,2020 上半年全球車市呈現低迷銷售狀態。不過,隨著下半年趨於穩定,國內車市熱度也逐步升溫,不僅車廠也不忌諱民俗月等狀況,加緊腳步將 Delay 的新車上市,甚至到第四季有著比起往年更多的新車發表。

因此,對於許多汽車業代,無不抓緊腳步衝刺,把握新車上市蜜月期的同時,也期望能在 2021 農曆年前繳出漂亮的成績單好過年。而 U-CAR《汽車好業代》服務將成為各路好業代的最佳幫手!

許多汽車業代,無不抓緊腳步衝刺,把握新車上市蜜月期的同時,也期望能在 2021 農曆年前繳出漂亮的成績單好過年。

U-CAR 自 2018 年底推出《汽車好業代》服務(網頁連結:https:https://sales.u-car.com.tw/sales),召募全臺灣各地的好業代匯集,透過〈真實評價〉系統,由 U-CAR 為消費者擔負起稽核的工作,只要是《汽車好業代》平臺上的業代所服務的客戶,即可對該名業代進行評價。

評價人除了評價及給分之外,U-CAR 會進一步確認評價人是否為真實客戶,以避免「抹黑」或「洗評價」的情事發生。

U-CAR 自 2018 年底推出《汽車好業代》服務,召募全臺灣各地的好業代匯集,透過〈真實評價〉系統,以避免「抹黑」或「洗評價」的情事發生。
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所以 U-CAR 的把關,會確保每一位給予評價的客人的購車證明屬實,如果看見某位業代有過多少位網友給評價,也代表確實有那麼多位客人向該位業代買車!面對銷售旺季,《汽車好業代》服務將成為各路好業代建立個人形象的最佳幫手,歡迎各方好業代加入,讓更多消費者能享用您提供的好服務!


EV sales in Germany will surpass California’s for the first time this year, as government incentives push Europe’s largest car market ahead of Tesla’s home state.

Buyers in Germany landed 98,370 fully electric cars in the first nine months of 2020, about a third more than those living in California, according to a report by Schmidt Automotive Research. Germany outgrowing California is a good thing for the likes of VW, Daimler and BMW.

Last month, EV sales in Germany went up by 523% to 28,965 units, with Tesla sales spiking 500% to 1,680 units for a 0.6% market share.

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Thanks to state-funded subsidies rising to as much as 9,000 euros ($10,900) per BEV (battery electric vehicle), Germany’s electric car fleet now spans twice the size of Norway’s, although the latter is still the country with the highest per-capita EV penetration, as reported by Autonews Europe.

Taking the fight to Tesla is vital for the German car industry, especially since VW, Daimler and BMW together aren’t even valued at half of what Tesla is now worth. The disparity is almost comical. On top of that, Tesla is also building a factory near Berlin, bringing the fight to its rivals on their home turf.

All that aside, Europe is now focused on phasing out gasoline and diesel-powered cars, with the UK set to ban such new models before the end of this decade. California meanwhile will phase out sales of new gasoline-powered cars by 2035, according to Governor Gavin Newsom.