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To say the front grille of the BMW 4-Series has split opinions would be an understatement and despite the controversial looks, the automaker is sticking with it. However, BMW head of exterior design Christopher Weil has revealed that he doesn’t mind if customers decided to change the looks of the car, including the oversized kidney grille.

During a recent interview with members of the Australian media prior to the local launch of the new 4-Series, Weil revealed that BMW wanted to differentiate it further from the 3-Series and give it its own unique look.

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“We wanted to divide the 4 Series more from the 3 Series… they were very much the same – let’s say in design expression, and now we wanted to split up the characters,” he told Cars Guide. “The 4 Series, in our aim, should be more expressive, more progressive and also more elegant than the 3 Series. They are two different cars addressing two different sorts of customers, that was the aim whilst designing the car.”

According to Weil, pictures of the car and its enlarged kidney grille don’t do it justice and customers prefer it when viewed in the flesh. Nevertheless, he did offer his support for those looking to customize their cars.

“I like the idea of customizing – we see it in the motorcycle world, there’s a lot of customizing – and if people think ‘we can tune a car, we can make it different’ or they’re kind of styling the car to their own personality even more, of course they should do it,” he said. “We have certain offerings at BMW – they are very expressive pieces – or you can even put on aftermarket (parts), and great wheels and stuff like this, but even if people go somewhere else and customize the car, it’s fine with me, I think it’s cool.”

A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Enforcement Division has revealed the full scope of aftermarket emission defeat devices used by diesel vehicle owners across the country.

In the report, the AED estimates that emissions controls have been removed from more than 550,000 diesel pickups in the last decade. The removal of these systems will produce more than 570,000 tons of excess oxides of nitrogen and 5,000 tons of excess particulate matter over the lifetime of these vehicles.

It’s important to note that the report relates specifically to class 2b and class 3 diesel pickups (those weighing between 8,501 lbs – 14,000 lbs) and not those that weigh less or more. All up, the AED says the 550,000 tampered trucks constitute approximately 15 per cent of the national population of diesel trucks that were originally certified with emissions controls systems. The excess nitrogen oxide produced by these trucks is the equivalent of adding more than 9 million additional diesel pickups to the U.S.’s roads.

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While the Clean Air Act prohibits tampering with emissions controls, the EPA has found numerous companies and individuals manufacturing, selling, and installing hardware and software designed to defeat these controls. The most common way to defeat the controls are through simple software tunes that alter the engine’s software functions and calibrations. Many owners also fit straight-through exhaust systems, therefore removing the standard exhausts that feature aftertreatment systems.

The AED report also reveals that states without regular vehicle inspections have a higher percentage of diesel trucks with defeat devices. For example, as many as 18.6 per cent of North Dakota’s pickup truck fleet in 2016 is estimated to have defeat devices. Other states high up in the list include Idaho with 15 per cent, Wyoming with 14.2 per cent, Maine with 13.5 per cent, and Michigan with 13 per cent. At the bottom of the list is California with 1.8 per cent, hardly a surprise given its strict enforcement of emissions standards.

為了持續深化來自英國的品牌形象,Aston Martin 特別和成立於 1779 年的蘇格蘭單一純麥威士忌酒廠 Bowmore (波爾) 合作,由旗下客製化部門 Q by Aston Martin (簡稱 Q 部門) 操刀、推出全球僅限定生產 18 輛的 DBX Bowmore Edition 特式車,預計 2021 年第四季交車。

為了持續深化來自英國的品牌形象,Aston Martin 特別和成立於 1779 年的蘇格蘭單一純麥威士忌酒廠 Bowmore (波爾) 合作,推出全球僅限定生產 18 輛的 DBX Bowmore Edition (圖為選擇波爾藍車色的 DBX Bowmore Edition)。

Aston Martin 執行副總裁兼設計總監 Marek Reichman 表示:由於 Aston Martin 和 Bowmore (波爾) 兩個品牌都繼承了延續永恆與維護傳統的願景,所以 Q 部門完美地呈現 DBX Bowmore Edition,讓它既保有自己的傳統,又能擁抱全新工藝。

除了獨特的波爾藍車色外,DBX Bowmore Edition 也可選擇科技灰的車色。

首先,在外觀車色選擇上,由於 Bowmore (波爾) 是蘇格蘭 Islay 島上最古老的威士忌酒廠,廠址緊鄰 Indaal 海灣、擁有美麗的海景,所以 Q 部門提供了波爾藍 (Bowmore Blue) 與科技灰 (Xenon Grey)共兩種選擇,並換上黑色的廠徽、黑色的「Q by Aston Martin」銘牌,並於前葉子鈑鑲上一片取材至 Bowmore (波爾) 酒廠壺式蒸餾器、刻著「BOWMORE」字樣的黃銅鑲飾,並可選配黑色的煞車卡鉗和燻黑色的 22 吋輪圈。

DBX Bowmore Edition 換上黑色的廠徽、黑色的「Q by Aston Martin」銘牌,並於前葉子鈑鑲有刻著「BOWMORE」字樣的黃銅鑲飾,並可選配黑色的煞車卡鉗和燻黑色的 22 吋輪圈。

座艙內,DBX Bowmore Edition 則提供曜石黑 (Obsidian Monotone) 純色或銅棕金屬色搭配曜石黑 (Copper Tan Metallic/Obsidian) 雙色的兩種搭配,且在中央鞍座細節處點綴有黃銅鑲飾,並於車門門檻上嵌有刻著「ASTON MARTIN/ BOWMORE」字樣的黃銅銘牌,並在中央扶手內、中控臺下方的置物空間與門飾板內鋪上蘇格蘭特有格紋呢,並採用黃銅色的皮革縫線。

DBX Bowmore Edition 的內裝提供曜石黑(圖上) 純色或銅棕金屬色搭配曜石黑 (圖下) 雙色兩種搭配。
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至於性能表現方面,DBX Bowmore Edition 則依舊搭載由 Mercedes-AMG 所提供的 4.0 升 V8 雙渦輪增壓汽油引擎,搭配 9 速 ZF 手自排變速箱與輪驅動系統,可提供 550 匹 (PS)馬力與 71.4 公斤米扭力,由靜止加速至時速 100 公里可在 4.5 秒完成、極速則可達時速 291 公里。

DBX Bowmore Edition 中央鞍座點綴有黃銅鑲飾,並於門檻嵌有刻著「ASTON MARTIN/ BOWMORE」字樣的黃銅銘牌,並在中央扶手內、中控臺下方的置物空間與門飾板內鋪上蘇格蘭特有格紋呢。

此外,每一輛 DBX Bowmore Edition 都還會附上一塊蘇格蘭格紋呢的野餐墊,以及刻著酒廠所在地:Islay 島地圖的皮件,車主還會受邀前往蘇格蘭交車,並駕駛 DBX Bowmore Edition 前往 Bowmore (波爾) 酒廠參觀,體驗由 Aston Martin 所精心規劃的 Aston Martin Art of Living 難忘行程。


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