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After years of second-tier status, Genesis is finally turning into a fully fledged luxury automaker.

That process started with the G70 and GV80, and it continues today with the unveiling of the 2022 GV70.

Set to become one brand’s most important models, the GV70 is an entry-level crossover that features a bold and upscale design. The front end is dominated by a large crest grille which is flanked by sporty air intakes and Genesis’ trademark quad lighting units.

Moving further back, there’s a sloping hood and curvaceous bodywork. The model also features a so-called “parabolic line” which starts at the headlights and continues all the way back to taillights. We can also see muscular rear fenders and a distinctive greenhouse which broken up by an angular C-pillar.

Continuing to the rear, the GV70 has a rakish window and a stylish liftgate with an integrated spoiler. The model also sports quad taillights, a faux ventilated bumper and a sizable dual exhaust system.

The upscale styling continues in the cabin as there are high quality materials and elliptical elements, which are “inspired by the aerodynamic sections of aircraft wings.”

Genesis didn’t say much about the interior, but we can see a digital instrument cluster and a widescreen infotainment system. The model has also been outfitted with stylish climate controls and a thin chrome line which wraps around the cabin. Silver accents are abound and they’re joined by a rotary shifter which is “akin to a meticulously refined jewel.”

While the standard model looks pretty good, customers can opt for a Sport Package. It adds a dark chrome grille, black accents and a more aggressive front bumper. The package also includes larger exhaust tips, a body-color diffuser, and a revised interior with a sport steering wheel as well as carbon fiber trim.

Genesis was tight-lipped on specifics, but the GV70 rides on a rear-wheel drive architecture and will be available with two different engines in the United States. The entry-level unit is a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder and it will likely produce 300 hp (224 kW / 304 PS) and 311 lb-ft (422 Nm) of torque.

The crossover will also be offered with a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6. Genesis was coy on numbers but in the GV80, it develops 375 hp (280 kW / 380 PS) and 391 lb-ft (530 Nm) of torque.

The engines will presumably be connected to be an eight-speed automatic transmission. That remains unconfirmed but, Genesis told us the GV70 will be offered with rear- and all-wheel drive in the United States. In Canada, all-wheel drive will come standard.

Buyers will also find four different driving modes known as eco, comfort, sport and custom. Models equipped with the Sport Package will have a fifth driving mode called sport plus.

Since the GV70 is a luxury crossover, it will be offered with an assortment of driver assistance systems. Besides forward collision-avoidance and blind-spot collision-avoidance systems, there’s Highway Driving Assist II.

It’s a semi-autonomous driving system which combines adaptive cruise control with a lane centering function. Highway Driving Assist II also features a lane change assist function that allows drivers to use the turn signal to tell the car to switch lanes.

Other notable assistance systems include navigation-based Smart Cruise Control, which automatically slows down for curves, and an Intelligent Speed Limit Assist system. The latter ensures the vehicle doesn’t exceed the speed limit and this comes in handy when you’re traveling in an area known for speed traps.

Speaking of technology, the GV70 will have a fingerprint authentication system and an Advanced Rear Occupant Alert system which uses radar sensors that are “much more sophisticated than traditional ultrasonic sensors.” Genesis says they are so sensitive they can “detect small respiratory movements … enabling [the] GV70 to alert drivers in cases when a child or sleeping infant has been left in their seat.”

The 2022 Genesis GV70 will arrive in the United States next year and more details will be announced closer to launch.

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我們認識的露營車,多半都是車身龐大,車內有完善生活機能。不過韓國露營公司,將一款 Kia 小車改裝成露營車,不到 4 米的車長,居然配備有床墊、廚房等。

透過改裝,讓這款 Kia 小車也能變成露營車,並配有迷你廚房。

韓國的露營公司 Daon TNT,將一款 Kia 的 Ray 小型車改裝,並改名為 Ravy,車長只有 3 米 6 的它,比 Kia 旗下的小車 Soul 及 Mini Cooper 的雙門掀背更短。



然而 Daon TNT 卻透過良好的空間規劃,讓車內可以擺放進一組床墊,一套迷你廚房、電源供應,車頂部分也設計成為彈出式屋頂並擺放床墊,讓這輛小車可以提供 4 人同時入睡。這款車本身配置側滑門,可以提升進出車輛的便利性。 


這款車的動力不大,僅有 75 匹最大馬力,儘管動力不出色,卻是少數能在如此狹小空間裡,達成露營車夢想的小車代表。



Authorities in San Francisco have arrested an individual for the 13th time in just 18 months over a vehicle theft.

According to the San Francisco Police Department Tenderlion Station’s Twitter account, the individual is a prolific vehicle/motorcycle thief and was most recently spotted riding a classic bike. He was promptly stopped and apprehended.

Over the past 18 months, the man has been arrested on average once every 41 days.

Watch Also: Thief Steals 6×6 Pickup, Leads California Police On A Lengthy Chase

“On 12/1/2020, at approximately 11:52AM, Tenderloin Station officers conducted a traffic stop on an adult male riding a motorcycle,” the SFPD Media Relations Unit said in a statement. “Through the course of their investigation, the officers determined the motorcycle was reported stolen. Officers arrested 31-year-old Eric Sheridan,” and hit him with charges including vehicle theft, receiving stolen property, a license plate display violation, and possession of a controlled substance.

Details about the latest theft are unclear, but an image shared online shows that the latest vehicle stolen by Sheridan was a black Triumph. Despite being in trouble with the law for vehicle theft so often in such a small period of time, clearly the man hasn’t learned his lesson…

Yesterday we booked a prolific vehicle/motorcycle thief after TL cops spotted him on this motorcycle near Hyde/GG. The MC was reported stolen earlier in the @SFPDCentral District. This is the suspects 13th arrest in our City for MV theft in just 18 months. SFPD case 200723785. pic.twitter.com/rWMIGg6C8c

— SFPD Tenderloin (@SFPDTenderloin) December 2, 2020