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In the not too distant future, the vast majority of new vehicles sold will be electric, hybrids, or hydrogen-powered. However, Porsche is investigating ways to keep ICE-powered cars on the road by using advanced synthetic fuels.

The German car manufacturer first announced its plans to research synthetic fuels back in September and has since revealed that it already has a pilot program involving various classic Porsche models that are using synthetic fuels.

During a recent interview with Hagerty, Porsche chief executive Oliver Blume said that ICE vehicles will continue to be driven in the future.

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“We believe that synthetic fuels produced with 100% renewable energy have the potential to be an important element [in the future],” Blume explained. “For this reason, we are conducting research and development activities. 70% of the cars we have ever built are still on the road, and for many years to come there will be cars powered by combustion engines.”

The synthetic fuel being developed by Porsche is made by producing hydrogen and combining it with carbon captured from the air to create methanol, which is then transformed into a gasoline substitute to power cars. Porsche is looking to make this synthetic fuel in factories powered by wind and solar energy.

The main problem that needs to be overcome is price.

“The only problem we still have is price, which is still higher than 10 dollars per liter,” Blume revealed. Porsche is working to bring this down to less than $2 per liter to ensure it’s not much more expensive than petrol or diesel.

“We already have a pilot [program] running historic 911s, from the 993 series, with very good results. We’re also looking for partners. They’ll take care of the technology, and at the end they’ll produce the fuel. Our task will be to find the right specifications so that these fuels will be able to run in our combustion engines,” Porsche’s boss added.

Blume admits that there is still a long way to go to perfect synthetic fuels but believes it could be available to the public in about 10 years.

臺灣福斯汽車舉辦 Arteon、Arteon Shooting Brake 實車媒體預賞活動,新車質感與科技配備大幅提升,目前仍舉辦預售活動,Arteon 預售價 149.8 萬元起、Arteon Shooting Brake 預售價 175.8 萬元起,預計於 2021 年 1 月份上市。

臺灣福斯汽車舉辦 Arteon、Arteon Shooting Brake 實車媒體預賞活動。

2017 年日內瓦車展中,Volkswagen 帶來全新跑房車 Arteon,其車款與先前停產的 CC 屬於同樣定位,但德國車廠設定更高的目標,定位與 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé及 Audi A5 相同,不過考慮到品牌定位,實際對應的同級距則為 Kia Stinger。

架構在 MQB 底盤的 Arteon 擁有 Volkswagen 新世代面貌的車頭,從水箱罩延伸出的兩道鍍鉻飾條,延伸進 LED 頭燈當中,讓水箱罩與新式頭燈巧妙的融合在一起,於大燈內上斜的鍍鉻飾條讓大燈位置略高,為新車帶來更寬廣的視覺感受,而寬扁的大面積引擎蓋設計則清晰的展現出其運動化的特質。無框側窗的整體設計,搭配斜背的精細的動感線條與最大 20 吋輪框讓這輛中大型轎車帶來鮮明的運動感受。

架構在 MQB 底盤的 Arteon 擁有 Volkswagen 新世代面貌的車頭,搭配斜背的精細的動感線條讓這輛中大型轎車帶來鮮明的運動感受。
頭尾燈皆標配 LED 燈組,後方向燈擁有動態指示功能。

在 2020 年 6 月 Volkswagen 為 Arteon 車系推出小改款新車,同時帶來了全新的 Arteon Shooting Brake,車頭至 B 柱完全相同, B 柱之後沒有如 Arteon 較斜的線條下削,而是延伸到 C 柱之後增加車內空間,較斜的 D 柱仍呈現出跑格的樣貌。

Arteon Shooting Brake B 柱之後沒有如 Arteon 較斜的線條下削,而是延伸到 C 柱之後增加車內空間,較斜的 D 柱仍呈現出跑格的樣貌。

內裝的部分擁有 Volkswagen 新世代方向盤,其中多功能按鈕改為觸控式,但如同 Audi 觸控螢幕一樣提供按鈕回饋效果。前方新世代的 Digital Cockpit Pro 10.25 吋全邏輯數位化儀表擁有 3 種不同顯示方式的變化,提供更多元的呈現方式。中央娛樂系統則是標配 MIB Gen.3 Discover Pro 多媒體鏡面觸控主機,並搭配原廠中文導航與 MapCare 圖資更新,下方冷氣面板也改為全觸控與液晶顯示。

內裝的部分擁有 Volkswagen 新世代方向盤,前方新世代的 Digital Cockpit Pro 10.25 吋全邏輯數位化儀表、中央娛樂系統則是標配 MIB Gen.3 Discover Pro 多媒體鏡面觸控主機,下方冷氣面板也改為全觸控與液晶顯示。
前方新世代的 Digital Cockpit Pro 10.25 吋全邏輯數位化儀表擁有 3 種不同顯示方式的變化,提供更多元的呈現方式。

空間的部分,在 2,835 mm 軸距提供的室內空間下,兩款車後座皆擁有相當寬廣的膝部空間,同時並未因為車頂造型而完全犧牲頭部空間。而後廂空間雖然預售規配表並未提供資訊,但兩款車皆擁有 563 公升的標準容量,透過後座椅背分離傾倒功能,Arteon 擁有最大 1,557 公升的容積、Arteon Shooting Brake 則擁有 1,632 公升,而透過前座椅背往前倒平可置放最長 2,090 mm 的物體。

兩款車皆擁有 563 公升的標準容量,透過後座椅背分離傾倒功能,Arteon 擁有最大 1,557 公升的容積、Arteon Shooting Brake 則擁有 1,632 公升。
廣  告
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安全配備部分則是全車系標配 9 氣囊,並搭載 IQ.Drive 智能駕駛輔助系統,不過依據等級有不同配備增減,從入門的 Arteon 330 TSI Elegance 開始全面標配 ACC 主動式固定車距巡航系統與車側盲點系統,Elegance Premium 車型以上則配備包括主動式乘員防護、主動式車道修正輔助、車道維持及偏移警示系統、Area View 360 度環景顯影、Park Assist 自動停車輔助系統等。

從入門的 Arteon 330 TSI Elegance 開始全面標配 ACC 主動式固定車距巡航系統與車側盲點系統。

本次導入的 Arteon 車系皆採 2.0 TSI 直列 4 缸渦輪汽油引擎,並依據車型設定擁有 190 匹馬力與 272 匹馬力,全數搭載 7 速 DSG 雙離合器自手排變速箱,但 330 TSI R-Line 以下配置前輪驅動系統、380 TSI R-Line Performance 則是配備四輪驅動系統與 DCC 主動式底盤控制系統。

本次導入的 Arteon 車系皆採 2.0 TSI 直列 4 缸渦輪汽油引擎,全數搭載 7 速 DSG 雙離合器自手排變速箱。

Arteon 車系目前仍在預售階段,其中 Arteon 共提供 4 車型,預售價分別為 330 TSI Elegance 149.8 萬元、330 TSI Elegance Premium 167.8 萬元、330 TSI R-Line 177.8 萬元、380 TSI R-Line Performance 201.8 萬元;Arteon Shooting Brake 則是少了入門的 Elegance,其餘車型配備皆相同,預售價分別為 175.8 萬元、185.8 萬元、209.8 萬元。


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Fisker, the American start-up led by engineer and entrepreneur Henrik Fisker, has announced that it plans to enter the UK market in 2023.

The car manufacturer intends on opening a consumer experience center in London in 2022 to allow potential buyers to check out the Ocean electric SUV up close. Fisker has also announced a partnership with Cox Automotive and Rivus Fleet Solutions to provide vehicle servicing, maintenance, deliveries, fleet management, valuations and reselling in the UK.

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“In creating Fisker as a company focused on both product and owner experience breakthroughs, partnerships with the world’s leading service providers are an essential element to deliver that vision,” Henrik Fisker said. “With recent UK government announcements related to electric vehicles, we believe Fisker will be well placed and well-timed to make significant progress in this important market.”

The Ocean will be built by Magna Automotive in Europe and the British market will be “one of the first” outside the U.S. where it will be sold, shortly after its launch in Q4 2022. In October, the car manufacturer announced its European headquarters will be located in Munich, Germany and will also open a consumer experience center in Munich in Q4 2021.

Fisker has managed to keep key technical specifications about the Ocean under wraps, but has confirmed it will be offered in rear- and four-wheel drive configurations. The standard four-wheel drive model should pump out over 302 hp while a flagship variant with even more grunt will sprint to 60 mph (96 km/h) in less than three seconds.

U.S. pricing for the Fisker Ocean will start at $37,499 before incentives.