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Having given us the first photos and preliminary details of the new 2022 GV70  back in October, Genesis will perform the global launch of its first luxury compact SUV in Korea during a live stream at 8pm ET.

Slotting in the company’s lineup under the GV80, the new GV70 will challenge the likes of the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC and Audi Q5, and is instantly recognizable as a Genesis model thanks to its dual head- and taillight design and the signature crest grille at the front.

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Its sporty looks are complemented by the slightly arched roofline, muscular shoulders and rounded lines. The chrome trim contrasts the exterior paint finish, and the range-topping Sport variant features an exclusive front bumper design, round exhaust pipes at the back and 21-inch wheels with a unique pattern.

The overall look of the cockpit has few things in common with the platform-sharing G70 and the GV80 SUV, as it features its own, distinctive styling.

We are about to find out the first details concerning the powertrain range, yet we could be looking at the 300 HP 2.5-liter four pot in the base, rear-wheel drive version, while the upper grades are expected with all-wheel drive and a twin-turbocharged V6, with either the 365 HP 3.3-liter or the 375 HP 3.5-liter units being the best candidates.


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The Audi R8 V10 Plus and Acura NSX might be similarly-sized mid-engined supercars but under the skin, they are quite different.

You see, whereas the Audi could be considered as more of a traditional supercar due to its high-revving, naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine, the NSX has a much more complex hybrid powertrain that consists of a twin-turbocharged V6 engine that operates alongside no less than three electric motors.

On paper, the Audi has the advantage over the more complex NSX, pumping out 602 hp compared to the 573 hp of the Acura. Eager to see how the two compare in a straight line, YouTube channel Track Day took them to an empty runway for a series of drag races.

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In the first race, held from a standing start, the two all-wheel drive supercars accelerated off the line exceptionally well, but it was the Audi that was able to open up a strong lead as the speeds increased. For the second, the two started off at 30 mph (48 km/h) before the two drivers stamped on the throttle pedals. Once again, it was the Audi that proved to be too much for its rival.

The third drag race, this time from a standing start, was perhaps the most interesting. Thanks to the instant torque provided by its electric motors, the NSX quickly jumped out to an early lead. So, did it manage to beat the R8?


▲KIA豪華旗艦休旅All-new Sorento,接單反應熱烈!在上市第一個月,11月單月接單突破150張、累計訂單更已突破210張!

截至2020年11月為止,KIA全車系創下同期年成長率達15%,2020下半年7至11月,更相較去年同期成長達26%!除了時尚都會小車KIA Picanto再次榮登同級進口小車7-11月銷售總冠軍(註1),甫於11月上市的全新大改款KIA豪華旗艦休旅Sorento接單反應熱烈!11月單月接單突破150張、累計訂單突破210張!


KIA豪華旗艦休旅Sorento以三大產品DNA為訴求:NEW CHANGE革新蛻變、PREMIUM QUALITY尊榮質感、PIONEER TECHNOLOGY前瞻科技,加上同級唯一尊榮六座設計的豪華氛圍(註2),讓Sorento上市累計接單總數突破210張。

Sorento的霸氣外型,展現豪華休旅的大器風範;搭配全新第三代歐化車身平台、以及新世代Smart stream 2.2升鋁合金柴油渦輪引擎與8速雙離合器自手排,讓All-new Sorento擁有暢快敏捷的操控樂趣與沉穩舒適的行路質感。

在全車七具SRS輔助氣囊含同級唯一的駕駛前座椅中央輔助氣囊(註2),與DRIVE WiSE智慧安全輔助系統的幫助下,更讓Sorento展現全面的頂尖安全防護。出色的產品實力,讓Sorento擊敗Aston Martin DBX和BMW X6等豪華車款,獲得2020 Golden Steering Wheel金舵獎大型SUV級距冠軍。(註3)


▲KIA Picanto 11月交出114台的優異成績單,累積總銷量達693台,成為7月至11月同級進口小車銷售總冠軍。

備受市場肯定的時尚都會小車KIA Picanto,繼7-10月寫下銷售佳績之後,在11月也交出114台的優異成績單,成為7月至11月同級進口小車銷售總冠軍(註1)。累計7-11月下半年總銷量達693台,相較去年同期成長更達36%!

榮獲國際設計大獎肯定、擁有歐風時尚外型的KIA Picanto,不僅展現讓人過目不忘的帥氣風格,更擁有傲視同級的7具SRS輔助氣囊,並搭載AEB自動緊急煞車輔助系統,成為小資族與小家庭,面子裡子雙贏的最佳選擇。

▲KIA Stonic,全車系標配DRIVE WiSE智慧安全輔助系統及6具SRS輔助氣囊,僅需低頭款2.2萬並享低月付,即可輕鬆入主。

同樣榮獲國際設計大獎肯定的跨界休旅KIA Stonic,全車系標配DRIVE WiSE智慧安全輔助系統及6具SRS輔助氣囊,滿足消費者對行車安全科技的需求,而運動化調校的底盤設定,同時賦予Stonic擁有歐系掀背車的犀利操控與駕馭樂趣,讓原裝進口Stonic自上市以來持續深受市場肯定。

在眾多競爭車款環伺下,KIA Stonic累計7-11月總銷量,依然較去年同期成長9%。Picanto與Stonic強強聯手,讓KIA在台銷售表現屢創新高。本月KIA總代理森那美起亞汽車,也特為Picanto與Stonic推出專屬財務方案,僅需低頭款2.2萬並享低月付,即可輕鬆入主時尚都會小車Picanto與跨界休旅Stonic。

百萬內同級唯一柴油MPV ,KIA Carens最後倒數

自KIA Carens上市以來,柴油引擎獨有的37.4 kg-m低速大扭力、七速雙離合器變速系統、17.4km/L能源局1級油耗與稅金優勢,搭配靈活彈性的座椅配置與寬廣車室空間,讓Carens屢屢成為家庭客層的摯愛選擇。今年7-11月,Carens不僅交出287台的成績,相較去年成長率更達41%成長率。

12月KIA總代理森那美起亞汽車,為KIA Carens推出高達總價值20萬的最終限量優惠,即刻入主KIA Carens除可享全車系升級首年乙式車體險,另享5萬購車金、5萬配件金、50萬0利率、5萬元政府貨物稅舊換新補助,與5年不限里程原廠保固,熱銷完售最後倒數中,機會錯過不再!

註1:以2020年7-11月監理所累計領牌數字為準,並排除豪華進口品牌;同級距進口小車級距,限定為車長4,100mm內、5門掀背車型、純汽油動力;同級距車款限定為以下車款:Suzuki Ignis, Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Baleno, Mazda 2, Skoda Fabia, VW Polo。

註2:同級車款係指以下車款,Skoda Kodiaq, VW Tiguan All Space, Mazda CX-9, Hyundai Santa Fe。


註4:於2020年12月31日前,下訂KIA All-new Sorento享【升等尊榮六人座】或【潮旅配件】限量早鳥禮遇擇一:

【升等尊榮六人座早鳥禮遇】:僅限定入主All-new Sorento豪華版七人座,與All-new Sorento旗艦版七人座車型。升等尊榮六人專屬早鳥禮遇,包含以下配備:第二排尊榮獨立座椅、E-SHIFT電子旋鈕排檔、方向盤換檔撥片、金屬迎賓踏板、3D花紋金屬質感飾板、7色可調式氣氛燈、4門One Touch電動窗。

【All-new Sorento潮旅配件】:包含以下配件內容:原廠車側踏板、16色氣氛燈、防水踏墊組、後艙摺疊防汙墊、後廂遮物簾與前後行車紀錄器。

車型建議售價(新台幣/萬元)優惠內容Picanto 1.2汽油

經典 / 時尚 / GT-Line / x-line49.9 / 55.9 / 59.9 / 59.9低頭款2.2萬,月付7,288元起

五年不限里程全車原廠保固STONIC 1.4汽油

經典 / 時尚69.9 / 74.9低頭款2.2萬,月付10,288元起

五年不限里程全車原廠保固STONIC 1.0T汽油

時尚 / 驚艷79.9 / 84.9STONIC 1.0T汽油

驚艷雙色85.9Carens CRDi 1.7柴油

科技 / 旗艦 / 旗艦七人座87.9/ 97.9/ 108.9首年乙式車體險




五年不限里程原廠保固New Sportage 2.0柴油

御尊 / GT Line 2WD /

GT Line 4WD113.9/ 127.9/ 136.95萬元專屬配件




領牌零負擔Stinger汽油 2.0T EX / 2.0T GT-Line / 3.3 GT145.9/ 175.9/ 225.960萬高額0利率

五年不限里程全車原廠保固Sorento 2.2柴油 (2020年式)

2WD豪華 / AWD GT-Line141.9/ 164.95萬元專屬配件





領牌零負擔CARNIVAL 2.2柴油

經典 / 豪華138.9/159.9限量升級影音配件(限指定車型)



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