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【CC中字&ENG】百變 Carry Magic Kei-Truck!80 年代 Suzuki Carry 變露營車無難度!|拍車男


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《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

JLR(JAGUAR LAND ROVER)積極佈局迎接電動車新時代,提供電動車主一年免費使用Noodoe全台環島充電網,賦予無虞的純電移動生活。既有與未來I-Pace車主皆享一年免費使用Noodoe全台環島充電網,先進的Noodoe EV OS雲端充電營運系統,提供電動車主智慧便利的充電服務。

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

為實踐Destination Zero「零排放、零事故、零壅塞」的品牌願景,Jaguar Land Rover Taiwan台灣捷豹路虎宣佈與台灣充電設備品牌Noodoe (拓連科技) 合作,提供既有與未來Jaguar I-Pace車主免費享有一年Noodoe全台環島充電網之會員資格,讓車主除了家用、經銷據點與公共充電外,只需一張會員充電卡,即可擁有一年免費使用Noodoe全台超過一百座的充電設施新選項,藉由Noodoe成熟的軟硬體設備挹注,為台灣捷豹路虎多元的充電網絡佈局開創全新里程碑。

此次台灣捷豹路虎與Noodoe合作,汲取Noodoe在美國市場運營的成功經驗,以及在台與日俱增的充電據點,加上旗下Noodoe EV OS系統,完美整合負載平衡技術與雲端控管技術,讓車主從打開手機APP找尋充電據點至抵達充電樁完成充電設定,皆可愜意規劃行程輕鬆完成操作,不僅大幅消弭既有車主對於長途旅行的里程焦慮,對於熱愛英倫工藝與嚮往前衛純電運動跑旅Jaguar I-Pace的潛在買家,勢將提升他們對於電動車的信心。而Noodoe充電設施涵蓋全台,針對飯店、知名景點縝密的充電樁佈局,將帶給車主更豐富的愉悅旅程和便利性。

在未來電動車世界,車廠與充電設施有著密不可分的相互依存關係。台灣捷豹路虎除了提供Jaguar I-Pace車主享有Noodoe全台充電設施一年免費充電外,亦提供行前預約即可免費使用全台經銷據點的DC直流 / AC交流充電設備,以及購車即贈送家用壁掛式充電器。未來也將積極與第三方合作,提供車主更多便利的充電設施解決方案。

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

《電動車》環島是基本《Jaguar I-Pace》享一年免費《Noodoe環島充電網》

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Volvo expects SUVs to account for a massive percentage of its global sales after it adds yet another model to the range, below the XC40 compact crossover.

“With the addition of a smaller SUV it will probably be higher [SUV share],” said Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson in an interview with Autonews Europe. “Maybe it will be three-quarters SUVs in the future.”

While he didn’t specify any time frame for when SUV shares would hit 75%, we can already tell you that through the first 11 months of 2020, SUVs accounted for 71% of all Volvo sales – up from 63% during the same period last year.

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The carmaker’s best-selling model this year has been the XC60 crossover, with 169,445 units making their way into the hands of new customers.

“There is a clear trend toward small premium SUVs. It is a very successful segment,” said the Volvo chief executive.

The new model, which according to Samuelsson will wear the XC-badge, will be fully electric and will ride on the Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) developed alongside Geely.

“To really have the right cost structure on that we have to share the architecture,” he said. “We have a possibility to have a really competitive car in that size, also when it comes to profitability.”

Even though the Swedish brand has yet to specify when this new SUV will go on sale, we know that Lynk & CO will launch its own SEA-based model (a production version of the Zero Concept), sometime next year.

Volvo is aiming to launch one electric vehicle each year, starting with the XC40 Recharge – the latter will actually share its underpinnings with the next-year’s fully electric debut.

“For Volvo to be profitable we need to focus on higher price, more premium car segments. For customers who want lower priced cars we will recommend that they have a look at Lynk & CO. They will position their cars slightly under us.”

As for the possibility of adding a larger SUV than the XC90, the Volvo boss had this to say: “If we do that, we need to do it in a sustainable way. We need to make sure such a vehicle will be optimized for electrification. I think what will happen in the future is that SUVs will need to be more aerodynamic.”

Ford’s 2021 F-150 full size pickup is set to arrive in dealerships nationwide this week, with initial sales having already occurred in the Midwest. According to Ford, the number of retail orders placed is at an all-time high.

The F-150, part of Ford’s F-Series pickups, has been America’s best-selling vehicle 38 years in a row, while the F-Series stands as the nation’s best-selling pickup for the 43rd straight year.

Novelties for 2021 include best-in-class available towing and available payload capacity, as well as the only full hybrid powertrain available in a pickup – with 430 HP plus the ability to function as a mobile generator with Pro Power Onboard (up to 7.2 kW of electrical output available).

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“Customer sold orders are up over 210 percent from a year ago November, and dealer orders for stock are more than double the current production schedule,” said Ford marketing and sales VP, Mark LaNeve. “It’s apparent that this F-150 is something that our customers both want and need.”

The all-new F-150 also comes with an available Interior Work Surface and an available Tailgate Work Surface. Furthermore, every model in the range is equipped with Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking as standard, while the available Active Drive Assist Prep Kit for hands-free highway driving is expected to arrive next fall.

Dealers are thrilled about the new model too, with Tim Hovic, owner own San Tan Ford in Phoenix stating: “I’ve been selling Fords for 28 years, and I’ve never seen my staff this excited about a vehicle launch. The F-150 is the gold standard of trucks.”

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