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Chevrolet dealerships in California and Washington can no longer order a coupe or convertible 2021 Camaro SS, 2SS, ZL1 and ZL1 1LE.

These variants of the Chevrolet Camaro are equipped with brake pads that exceed the maximum amount of copper allowed in the two states, meaning they do not comply with their legislation. As such, customers cannot order an affected 2021 Camaro model for delivery after January 1, 2021, and dealerships will only be permitted to sell cars they currently have in stock.

“Due to restrictions in California and Washington state related to copper brake pads, customers in those states cannot order a 2021 Camaro SS, ZL1 and 1LE for delivery after January 1, 2021,” Chevrolet spokesman Kevin M. Kelly told GM Authority. “Customers can, however, purchase these models from available dealer stock in those states.”

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It is believed that the issue relates to Camaro SS, ZL1 and 1LE models with the upgraded Brembo brakes, although this hasn’t been confirmed by the car manufacturer. Fortunately, Chevrolet is looking to rectify the issue.

“We will resume allowing customers in California and Washington state to order the Camaro SS, ZL1 and 1LE models in 2022 when we introduce a new brake system that is compliant with the copper requirements,” Kelly added.

As noted by The Drive, California and Washington introduced legislation in 2010 and 2011 respectively to limit the amount of copper that can be used in brake pads. These two bills require that no more than 0.5 per cent of the material used in the brake pads is copper by 2025, and for 2021, the Brembo brake pads are said to exceed the permitted amount.

If the Mercedes-Benz G-Class isn’t high-end enough for you, Hofele Design thinks it has the answer with its latest project.

Dubbed the Ultimate HG, this comprehensively modified G-Class benefits from a comprehensive series of upgrades that give it a unique appeal. Most notably, it has been equipped with a set of suicide doors at the rear. What’s impressive about these new rear-opening doors is that they don’t look like a cheap aftermarket solution and instead something Mercedes-Benz itself has developed.

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Sticking with the exterior, other modifications include the fitment of huge 23-inch turbine-style wheels. The SUV has also been equipped with a distinctive front bumper and a unique chrome grille with vertical uprights. As with Hofele’s recent Mercedes-Benz GLE project, the Ultimate HG also has a fancy black and silver two-tone paint scheme. Completing the exterior upgrades are roof-mounted LED lights and electric running boards.

As for the interior, Hofele Design has applied luscious white leather throughout, in particular on the seats and across both the dashboard and the center console, making the cabin of the Ultimate HG a really nice place to sit. The real highlight are the heated, cooled, and reclining rear captain’s chairs and the bespoke center console in the second row that incorporates a large touchscreen display.

Hofele Design has also worked its magic on the rear cargo area of the G-Class, fitting new carpet and a gloss black floor with aluminum accents.

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▲Audi e-tron Sportback外型實在動感、內裝相當科技,可惜動力略遜於Tesla Model X,因此RS e-tron Sportback成為性能玩家敲碗的對象…

Audi積極佈局電動車陣線,除了現有的e-tron與e-tron Sportback推出外型更動感耀眼的2021年式車款之外,並積極研發RS e-tron Sportback。先前已經說過,Audi對於未來電動車的佈局不只是「2025年以前將推出20款電動車」,更重要的是「每一輛電動車都有獨到的特色」!

因此當e-tron與e-tron Sportback發表之前,原廠就開始強調「無傳統左右後視鏡」這項科技設計,雖然說用雙鏡頭與雙螢幕取代並非創舉,畢竟各車廠多數概念車都是這樣的設計,但是Audi付諸實行率先將此概念市售化勇氣可嘉!不過此配備並非全車系標配,而是要加價選配。

《RS e-tron GT》太帥沒朋友!Audi 主打《特色電動車》戰略

▲圖中帥帥的Q4 e-tron Sportback會先問世?還是拼性能的RS e-tron Sportback會先上?

▲Audi已將全新Digital Matrix Light數位矩陣照明科技,列為2021年式e-tron與e-tron Sportback的選用配備。

▲e-tron與e-tron Sportback的排檔座設計也是一絕,科技、質感、便利性兼具!

至於RS e-tron Sportback則是下一個相當重要的性能休旅電動車款,預期將在2021年問世,至於RS e-tron Sportback會先上?還是Q4 e-tron會先上?目前仍充滿未知數,畢竟目前歐洲新冠病毒疫情依然嚴峻,Audi要在2025年之前,也就是6年的時間開發30輛全新綠色能源車款(20輛純電、10輛油電),絕對不是一件容易的事,且充滿變數。

但隨著RS e-tron Sportback的上市腳步,Audi順勢炒作全新Digital Matrix Light數位矩陣照明科技,有別於昔日的智慧型頭燈,功能性達到「光繪」效果。相信某些讀者會覺得很熟悉,因為甫於今年9月2日發表的Mercedes-Benz S-Class就有相似的設計,也可以說是「建立在相同的架構上」!至少硬體方面大同小異,最大差異在於軟體。

Audi原廠表示Digital Matrix Light的左右燈組,各有一組由130萬個「微型菱鏡」構成的光源導引晶片(Digital Micromirror Device簡稱DMD),透過靜電控制技術,每個微型菱鏡一秒鐘的震盪頻率最高可達五千次,反應可說是非常靈敏,不只可以在車身前方營造出50米的「光毯」,還可以在光毯之上演出「光舞」~ 即各種曼妙繽紛的光繪效果!

無獨有偶…全新M-Benz S-Class的照明科技資訊也是這麼解釋...連晶片的微型菱鏡數量也都一致

▲Audi於2019年底的洛杉磯車展發表Digital Matrix Light數位矩陣照明科技

▲內含130萬個微型菱鏡的光源導引晶片Digital Micromirror Device簡稱DMD


別以為此先進的照明科技乃是Mercedes-Benz S-Class「捷足先登」!事實上Audi早於2019年11月洛杉磯車展就已發表這套新科技,開發主管還「得意的笑」!因此比較可靠的推測乃是~Audi與M-Benz的相關照明科技,協力廠商可能源自同一家DMD晶片製造廠,或是採用規格相似的晶片,其實這也沒有什麼好稀奇的,這種事情在汽車業界經常發生,不過此科技的「軟體」開發更為關鍵。

Audi於今年10月發表的2021年式e-tron與e-tron Sportback,已將Digital Matrix Light列為選用配備,相信未來RS e-tron Sportback上市後將列為標準配備吸引買家。不過Audi與Benz硬體雖然相似,但是和智慧型手機一樣,軟體不同、最終效果絕對大不同。Audi的軟體設計豈止針對行路安全,甚至可以當抬頭顯示器使用!車輛瞬間與熄火瞬間可以「展示」全車安全檢查狀態,宛如…單色投影機!如果軟體支援沒有問題,甚至可以用汽車頭燈播放黑白電影。什麼?您想播放全彩高清電影?這樣會不會太Over!


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