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【CC中字&ENG】百變 Carry Magic Kei-Truck!80 年代 Suzuki Carry 變露營車無難度!|拍車男


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Ford車主另享獨家優惠!《Ford Kuga》進駐IWS租車行列

Ford車主另享獨家優惠!《Ford Kuga》進駐IWS租車行列

福特六和為了回應來自租賃市場的需求,IWS租車自即日起導入首批Ford全新世代Kuga,讓更多消費者能有機會透過不同管道,感受到新世代Kuga運動跑旅所帶來的絕佳體驗。而IWS租車所提供的Ford Kuga車型,分別為擁有強悍動力性能的EcoBoost 250 AWD ST-Line車型,以及擁有豪華大氣外觀的EcoBoost 180旗艦型。

IWS租車自即日起至2021年1月31日止,推出「The All-New Ford Kuga全方位智駕暢行專案」!凡於Ford及IWS租車官方臉書粉絲團按讚,並臨櫃向IWS租車服務專員出示證明,租用Ford Kuga可享有平日9折優惠。另外,Ford車主出示Ford車輛行照租用Ford Kuga,則可享定價平日6.5折/假日9折的優惠,讓消費者享有單日最低3,250元起的優惠租金。

駕乘Ford Kuga還可體驗到高科技與豐富的內裝配備饗宴,包含:丹麥皇室御用B&O重低音環艙音響系統、車系標配的8吋懸浮式全彩LCD觸控螢幕,支援Apple CarPlay及Android Auto系統,EcoBoost 250車型更搭載百萬級距車型首見的全新12.3吋寬螢幕全數位儀錶板。

Ford車主另享獨家優惠!《Ford Kuga》進駐IWS租車行列

IWS租車還提供廣受消費者歡迎,且同樣配備Ford Co-Pilot360全方位智駕科技輔助系統的第四代Ford Focus,讓消費者可透過IWS租車享受Ford車款所帶來的全方位安全守護與駕馭樂趣,為旅途帶來額外的愉悅體驗。


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There was never really a question of whether or not yesterday’s Outlander leak was legit. However, getting an official teaser that pretty much depicts the same shapes and creases as the leaked images is certainly comforting.

Speaking of official news, the Japanese carmaker says that the all-new Outlander will debut first in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico in February 2021, followed soon by other international markets.

The all-new Outlander has been developed under the ideal of the Japanese term “I-Fu-Do-Do”, which means authentic and majestic. Its exterior design is said to be refined, featuring a “powerful and proud” front end with a new generation Dynamic Shield design concept.

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This design language will make its way onto future Mitsubishi products as well, so whether you like it or not, it’s best you make your peace with it as soon as possible.

We even increased the brightness on the teaser image for you, but you’re probably still better off looking at yesterday’s leak for additional styling details. To be fair though, this teaser does give us a good view of the 2022 Outlander’s LED light signature, especially at the rear.

“The Outlander is an iconic SUV for the company, so when we developed the next generation model, we took inspirations from our rich SUV heritage to realize a bold and confident styling with a solid stance that excites our customers,” said Seiji Watanabe, Division General Manager of Design (head of design) at MMC. “The all-new Outlander is the first model epitomizing the new generation of Mitsubishi design and the frontrunner of our design strategy.”

Mitsubishi will reveal more information after the new year, with the launch in February to be streamed online.

日前新一代 Mitsubishi Outlander 無偽裝實車曝光,預計明年就會發表亮相,而日本原廠近日在官網上也透露,現行 Outlander 汽油動力停產,僅剩下 PHEV 混合動力車型,明顯是在為即將到來的大改款做準備。

日本三菱官網上,透露汽油版 Outlander 已經停產消息。

從日本 Mitsubishi 官網上,在新車介紹下方有一排註記,直接翻譯後的內容是「Outlander 不再生產,車身顏色與配件可能無法滿足您所有需求」,透露出日規 Outlander 汽油已經停產的事實,目前已經在清空庫存。

現行日規 Outlander PHEV 推出新年式。

至於 PHEV 車型仍繼續販售,主要是根據先前傳出的消息,大改款 Outlander 明年登場的僅有燃油動力,PHEV 插電式混合動力則需等到 2022 年才會問世,因此現行 PHEV 車型尚未停產,同時官方也推出新年式。

日規 Outlander PHEV 將 RCTA 後方來車警示系統列為標準配備。

新年式 Outlander PHEV,保留獨特外觀的 Black Edition 車型,同時還有 G、G Plus Package、G Premium Package、S Edition 等車型,並在中高階加入盲點警示與車道變換輔助系統,還將 RCTA 後方來車警示系統列為標準配備。

至於大改款 Outlander,將採用和 Engelberg Tourer 概念車幾乎相同的外觀樣貌。燃油動力將搭載與大改款 X-Trail 相同的 2.5 升四缸汽油引擎,能輸出 188 匹最大馬力,淘汰掉原本的 2.4 升引擎,整體輸出功率提升 13% 之多。