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Starting with the 2020 model year and the three-row XT6 crossover, Cadillac introduced a new engine badging scheme based on torque output expressed in Newton-Meters (nm) rounded to the nearest 50.

This might sound like a rather odd decision from the 118-year-old automaker that can’t even get customers to remember their current model names, but it isn’t. The logic behind it is sound: to help customers understand the level of power and performance from its different models, even with varying types of propulsion.

The controversial nomenclature

XT4 models wear a “350T” to let you know the engine produces 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque with the help of a turbocharger. Naturally aspirated models like the XT5 Sport have “400” stamped on the back to signify an output of 367 Nm (270 lb-ft) – which ignores Cadillac’s “nearest 50” rule. Upcoming models like the diesel-powered XT4 for Europe and electric Lyriq will see their torque figures affixed with “D” and “E” respectively, for diesel and electric.

The CT4 debacle

Last year, the CT4 took over from the ATS as Cadillac’s smallest sedan. At launch, the CT4 came with two turbocharged four-cylinder engines, a standard 2.0-liter making 237 hp (177 kW) and 258 lb-ft (349 Nm) of torque and an optional 2.7-liter producing 309 hp (230 kW) and 348 lb-ft (471 Nm) of torque.

The standard CT4 wears a “350T” badge, like every other Cadillac model equipped with the 2.0L LSY engine. Premium Luxury models equipped with the 2.7L L3B engine have “450T” stamped on the decklid. Well, they used to – until now.

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For the 2021 model year, brand new CT4s have arrived at Cadillac dealers with a subtle change: the L3B equipped Premium Luxury models now show “500T” on the rear end. I recently spotted this on a fresh unit still wearing its bright red transport wheels, and wondered why the change? All official specifications now list torque output at 350 lb-ft (475 Nm). Was this enough to justify rounding up?

The 500T is the new 450T for Cadillac. Image credits: David Desilet

The old switcheroo

It would appear so, given that GM released a technical service bulletin (TSB) for the issue on November 23. The TSB claims that the 1,155 affected vehicles had the “incorrect badge” installed and is advising dealers to replace all 450T badges with the new 500T one. I seriously doubt this was a manufacturing mistake; every press car and even vehicles used in their official photos went out with the 450T badge, and nobody noticed it?

Image credits: David Desilet

A possible explanation is that they wanted the bigger number. Sales of the CT4 (and the larger CT5) have been disappointing, to say the least. To be more competitive and appealing, they need to play up the performance angle. The CT4, despite being closer to a compact sedan is dimensions, is marketed as the only RWD sedan in the subcompact luxury segment, and performance is probably its best attribute. The L3B equipped CT4 is quite the pocket rocket, as Cadillac says you need just 4.8 seconds to reach sixty miles per hour.

Do they even understand their own plan?

For the most part, it appears they aren’t too strict about following their own guidelines. Rounding up creates a more appealing number to the consumer. So slap a 400 on your V6 XT5 and call it a day – not that the average crossover buyer will notice. As for CT4 buyers, they will love showing off all the impressive new features in the office parking garage. Every car built for the young executive these days has some homologation of numbers attached to impress their colleagues. Greg from accounting may have a flashy new Audi A3 45 TFSI, but your new CT4 has a 500T badge on it.

You: 1 Greg: 0

However, if you have one of the 2.7-liter CT4s with a 450T badge, get that taken care of before Greg sees you out in public.

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Cruise has started to test fully-autonomous vehicles in San Francisco without a human safety driver behind the wheel.

The company has been granted permission to test five of its autonomous prototypes on select streets throughout the bustling city. These vehicles cannot exceed 30 mph (48 km/h) and are not permitted to operate in heavy rain or heavy fog.

“Getting to driverless in SF took more than five years of rigorous testing, over 2 million miles of driving in one of the craziest driving environments, together with hard work from a huge team of dedicated engineers and others across Cruise, as well as at GM,” Cruise chief executive Dan Ammann said. “And not to mention several billion dollars of investment along the way.”

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The Verge reports that the driverless test vehicles must have a Cruise employee in the passenger seat and are equipped with an emergency switch in the center console in the event of something going wrong. Additionally, the autonomous prototypes are monitored remotely by Cruise employees.

Cruise continues to use all-electric Chevrolet Bolt models in its fleet of prototypes, but in January, it unveiled the Cruise Origin, a self-driving vehicle that lacks any traditional controls like a steering wheel and pedals. General Motors intends on building the Origin at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant, but it remains uncertain if prototypes of it will replace the Bolts currently testing through the streets of San Francisco.


日前Taiwan Suzuki才正式對外宣佈國內消費者期盼多時搭載Mild Hybrid 輕油電動力與ACC、DSBS、BSM、ESS、HBA、LDWS、RCTA等安全科技的小改款《 Suzuki Swift》即日起新台幣72萬元起的預售價開始接單,預計2020年12月25日將正式發表。

在此同時,與國內同樣仍在等待小改款《Suzuki Swift》導入販售的泰國市場日前在2020 Thailand International Motor Expo車展也由Suzuki Motor Thailand帶來了多部別具巧思與特色的改裝展示車輛,不僅在車展中博得了不少的目光或許也能讓身處臺灣的《Suzuki》粉絲們獲得不少的改裝靈感。

Swift GL Max Edition改裝車 Swift GL Max Edition改裝車 Swift GL Max Edition改裝車 Swift GL Max Edition改裝車

雖然嚴格來說Suzuki Motor Thailand在日前所舉辦的2020 Thailand International Motor Expo車展並沒有帶來任何改款新車甚至特別仕樣車,但是先前於2020年8月在泰國當地推出主打運動風格的《Suzuki Swift GL Max Edition》特別仕樣車在經過巧手改裝後也成為了Suzuki Motor Thailand在這次車展的主角。

Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節Swift GL Max Edition改裝細節

先前《Suzuki Swift GL Max Edition》在泰國市場推出時便主打包括空力套件、黑色樣式輪拱、鯊魚鰭天線、左右四出排氣尾飾管等散發運動氣息的裝扮,而在2020 Thailand International Motor Expo車展上Suzuki Motor Thailand更發揮巧思在頭燈、輪圈、懸吊等處進一步改裝,搭配更為高調的彩繪飾貼讓《Suzuki Swift GL Max Edition》所訴求的性能形象更加深植人心。

Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車Suzuki Swift改裝車

至於另外一步同樣出現在2020 Thailand International Motor Expo車展上的《Suzuki Swift》改裝展示車輛雖然並不是以《Suzuki Swift GL Max Edition》做為基礎,但是Suzuki Motor Thailand仍然替其換上了同樣充滿運動氣息的空力套件、黑色樣式輪圈,而在白色車身上妝點了對比感強烈的Swift Style主題彩繪飾貼相信依舊也能獲得不少《Suzuki Swift》粉絲的關注。

Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車Suzuki Celerio改裝車

同場加映,除了做為主秀的《Suzuki Swift》之外,《Suzuki》品牌在泰國市場入門成員的《Suzuki Celerio》當然也沒有在2020 Thailand International Motor Expo車展上缺席。發表於2014年的《Suzuki Celerio》其實正是曾導入國內的《Suzuki Alto》在泰國當地後繼產品,寬敞空間與出色油耗是《Suzuki Celerio》在市場上最主要的產品賣點。雖然在入門定位下《Suzuki Celerio》整體風格仍屬平實,但是在Suzuki Motor Thailand進行了包括彩繪飾貼、輪圈等改裝後,依舊發出原本少有的運動氣息。

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